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Richards and Klein


From Warhammer 40,000 author Guy Haley, his first original series remastered and collected together in this new omnibus edition!

File Under: Science Fiction [ Detectives Rebooted | Ghost in the Machine | Remurder | Take Two ]

Meet Richards & Klein – the Holmes and Watson of the 22nd century. Well, if Holmes were an advanced AI obsessed with pulp fiction, and Watson a gun-toting cyborg.

When AI rights activist Zhang Qifang winds up murdered, Richards has to get involved – the man set his kind free after all. What should be a simple case turns out to be anything but, because Qifang has been killed more than once. Someone really wanted him dead.

A deadly trail leads the duo across a warming globe, from New London to Colorado, Sinosiberia and beyond, for the ultimate answers lie in the virtual world of Reality…