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by: Christopher Hinz


A loner cursed with a psychic power learns he was part of an illicit experiment as a baby and embarks on a perilous hunt to find those responsible.

File Under: Fantasy [ Strangest Things | Manifest Destiny | X-Kids | Chunkie ]


If Aiden Manchester had to have a superpower, why couldn’t it be something useful? Like predicting the future? Or Jedi mind tricks? Instead, Aiden is afflicted with ‘manifestations’, mysterious balls of goo which materialise mid-air while he sleeps. But then, Aiden learns he was a ‘Quiver Kid’, one of seven orphaned children drafted for an illicit experiment at Tau Nine-One. Setting out to find the perpetrators and his fellow victims, Aiden’s quest quickly turns lethal when he’s kidnapped by a maniacal Quiver Kid with a dark agenda. As he uncovers the dangerous truth about his past, Aiden’s very essence is called into question. Will a hellish confrontation at Tau Nine-One reveal the ultimate purpose of the Quiver Kids?
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Christopher Hinz is the author of five science fiction books. Liege-Killer won the Compton Crook Award for best first novel and was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer. He has written screenplays and a graphic novel, scripted comics for DC and Marvel, and has worked as a newspaper reporter and technical administrator of a small TV station.

“Hinz packs this twisty story with action and mystery while striking a fascinating balance between modern reality and science fictional innovations. Readers will be hooked.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Beautifully paced, crisply written…It’s just begging to be made into a movie.”
– Amazing Stories

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