Night Terrors


In a world where dreams can cross into reality what would it take for you to team up with your childhood nightmare?

File Under: Urban Fantasy [ Lords of Misrule | Living the Dream | Breaking In | I Make These Look Good ]

The first book in the Shadow Watch series

Meet Detective Audra and her partner Mr Jinx, the clown who haunted her childhood dreams. Together they are working to protect the real world from Maelstrom, the world of dreams, but then things start to go sideways and they find themselves in disgrace.

It doesn’t take long for Audra and Jinx to realise that there is something sinister afoot, more dreams are escaping to the real world than ever before and it’s up to them to save both worlds before it’s too late.

The first book in the Shadow Watch series. Re-released 13th October 2020.