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Hidden Sun

by: Jaine Fenn


“A fascinating and finely written exploration of the human and the alien.”
– Adrian Tchaikovsky, Arthur C Clarke Award-winning author of Children of Time

An eccentric noblewoman scientist’s journey into a strange new land will change her world forever, in this enthralling science fantasy novel.

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Rhia Harlyn is a noble in Shen, one of the dozens of shadowlands which separate the bright, alien skyland. She has a missing brother, an unwanted marriage proposal and an interest in science considered unbecoming in her gender. Her brother’s disappearance coincided with a violent unsolved murder, and Rhia impulsively joins the search party headed into the skyland – a place whose dangers and wonders have long enthralled her. The dangerous journey brings her into conflict with a young rebel stuck between the worlds of shadow and light, and a charismatic cult leader who believes he can defeat death itself.
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Hidden Sun

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Jaine Fenn studied linguistics and astronomy before becoming a full time writer. Her first book, Principles of Angels, started the Hidden Empire series of character-driven space opera novels. She won the BSFA Shorter Fiction Award, and now divides her time between original fiction, teaching creative writing, and writing for tabletop and video games. She lives in Devon.

“A fascinating and finely written exploration of the human and the alien.”
Adrian Tchaikovsky, Arthur C Clarke Award-winning author of Children of Time

“Intriguing world building and complex cultures are a Jaine Fenn specialty, and Hidden Sun takes these elements to the next level. Fenn fans will enjoy this one!”
Patrice Sarath, author of The Sisters Mederos

“Brilliantly written; an excellent book that I struggled to put down. Hidden Sun draws you into a strange and evocative world, both alien and oddly familiar. Compelling characters, intrigue and weird science there are few authors capable of writing science fantasy this well.”
Gavin G Smith, author of Age of Scorpio and the Bastard Legion series

“Extraordinary world-building, with a hardcore, violent poetry to the writing. Jaine Fenn continues to be a star of new fantasy.”
– Paul Cornell, author of the Lychford novellas

“An exciting tale of adventure set in a complex and unusual world, filled with strong characters and strange phenomena.”
– Liz Williams

“An entertaining story with fascinating worldbuilding.”
Liz Bourke for

Hidden Sun is a book which offers a believable and intriguing world in which to journey with the characters.”
Strange Alliances

“A welcome return to novel writing by a talented author.”
SF Brum Group

“Highly recommended.”
Jacey Bedford

“An intriguing introduction to an interesting world.”
Purple Owl Reviews

Hidden Sun is worth reading. It’s interesting and is a good start to what I hope will be a great series. There are so many great possibilities.”
Vampire Book Club

Praise for Jaine Fenn

“Fenn is at her best when describing the lives of strong women up against it, and excels at fast action thrillers.”
The Guardian

“A vivid and unusual world, populated by an interesting array of characters”
The Times

“Jaine Fenn opens a window on a fascinating and vivid science fictional world… It’s an energetic space opera, an interesting and entertaining entry in an old genre.”
Strange Horizons

“Fenn manages to put her own stamp on some familiar genre elements, enough to make this a genuinely promising debut”

“Both plotting and characterisation are handled deftly, while Fenn’s world-building of exotic locales is equally impressive… you should read Jaine Fenn – she’s bloody ace.”
– SFX Magazine

“Tense and fast-paced.”
The Telegraph

“Highly recommended, they’re beautiful in emotion along with the action-fueled pace you’d expect from someone like Chuck Wendig.”
British Fantasy Society

“A blur of excitement and action.”

“I love Jaine Fenn. Her characters and intriguing world building is superb.”

“Thought provoking science fiction with a memorable cast of characters.”
The Eloquent Page

“If you like spacey space adventures, this book will not disappoint. If you like a bit of preindustrial fantasy blended in, you will definitely love Bringer of Light.”
New York Journal of Books

“This really is Science Fiction at its best.”
Falcata Times

“Fenn pitches us right into the middle of the action from the beginning of the book, with the tension pinging off the page.”
SF Reader

“An entertaining work rendered with artistic flourish”
SciFi Dimensions

“A rollicking ride from start to finish that leaves you wanting more… highly, highly recommended.”
Fantasy Book Critic

“The story is well paced, with a satisfying number of twists and turns to hold your interest, and characters are well-drawn, ensuring that you care enough about them to keep reading.”
– Deathray Magazine

“A fast-paced, well imagined sci-fi read.”
– Myslexia

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