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Fog Season

by: Patrice Sarath


“Patrice Sarath takes readers on a fine, twisty adventure with two determined young women who abandon their dutiful, well mannered upbringing for drawing room gambling, dark alleys, and magic.”
Carol Berg, author of The Sanctuary Duet and the Collegia Magica Series

A web of secrets and hidden identities ensnare two sisters and their family, in this delightful historical fantasy sequel to The Sisters Mederos

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After the shocking events of last summer, the high society of Port Saint Frey has plenty to gossip about. Who was the Gentleman Bandit? Why hasn’t he been captured? And what really happened that night when the Guildmaster disappeared? When the Guild hires Abel Fresnel, a detective with special powers of his own, to find the answers, Tesara and Yvienne Mederos have to avoid his probing questions and keep mum about their role in the events of that dark night. Everything’s more or less under control until a dead man turns up in the dumbwaiter…
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Tales of Port Saint Frey

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Paul Young ;

Fog Season

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Patrice Sarath is an author and editor living in Austin, Texas. Her novels include the fantasy series Books of the Gordath (Gordath Wood, Red Gold Bridge, and The Crow God’s Girl) and the romance The Unexpected Miss Bennet. She is the author of numerous short stories that have appeared in several magazines and anthologies, including Weird Tales, Black Gate, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Realms of Fantasy, and many others. Her short story “A Prayer for Captain La Hire” was included in Year’s Best Fantasy of 2003. Her story “Pigs and Feaches,” originally published in Apex Digest, was reprinted in 2013 in Best Tales of the Apocalypse by Permuted Press.

“The Victorian trappings and feisty protagonists—Tesara’s sharp mind, and hidden magic, Yvinne’s sharper tongue—propel this mystery story merrily, murderously along.”
– B&N Sci Fi & Fantasy Blog

Praise for The Sisters Mederos

“Patrice Sarath gives us a colorful Dickensian fantasy that leads the reader on an unpredictable path of murder, intrigue, and mystery, served up with her customary lively characterizations and pitch-perfect dialogue. It’s a tale of magic lost and recovered, fortunes made and squandered, and broken lives healed, all of it engineered by Yvienne and Tesara, two resourceful and delightful protagonists, in the company of some charming and often dangerous sidekicks.”
Louisa Morgan, author of A Secret History of Witches

“Patrice Sarath takes readers on a fine, twisty adventure with two determined young women who abandon their dutiful, well mannered upbringing for drawing room gambling, dark alleys, and magic.”
Carol Berg, author of The Sanctuary Duet and the Collegia Magica Series

“Delightful and compulsively readable account of the escapades of two strong willed sisters determined to restore their rightful place though disreputable means.”
Tina Connolly, Nebula-nominated author of Ironskin

“I loved the determination of the Sisters Mederos! Despite myriad setbacks, they return to the city that crushed their family a decade before, take on the corrupt guild, and bring their enemies to justice. The first chapter in a thrilling new series!”
J Kathleen Cheney, author of The Golden City series and Nebula Award finalist

The Sisters Mederos is a deliciously fun, immersive fantasy about magic, complicated family loyalties, guilt and adventure, jam-packed with wonderful women characters. A delight!”
Stephanie Burgis, author of Masks and Shadows and Snowspelled

“The novel moves at a quick pace, and, coupled with the exciting adventures of the two daredevil sisters, the reader can’t help but want to read on.”
British Fantasy Society

“The author is a very good writer and the book was well written.”
The Misadventures of a Reader

“There was much to be enjoyed in this book. The girls’ adventures and boldness in taking things into their own hands was quite fun to read about and I’d happily read more about the two of them.”
Way Too Fantasy

“The plot and characterization were competent and well handled, and the tension was maintained well.”
The Review Curmudgeon

“Yvienne and Tesara’s capers are so zany and fun, and the added element of thumbing their noses at the Guild makes them even sweeter. If you’re looking for a fantasy of manners with lots of madcap action, then The Sisters Mederos is a good place to begin!”
Fine Print

“If you enjoy character-driven historical fantasy with strong female leads and a touch of magic, this could definitely be a book for you!”
Nana’s Fantastical Reads

“While the sisterhood relationship was my favorite, I was also really impressed with the plot – especially the ending third of the book. There are all these threads that we don’t even really pick up on until then that are revealed in this sort of bewitching dance. Many other people and elements come together to deliver a thoroughly entertaining plot.”
Utopia State of Mind

“Sarath does an excellent job of characterization, giving people wants, needs, and goals that are offset by their own foibles, weaknesses, and strengths.”
Surreal Tavi

“Enjoyable picaresque fantasy.”
Publishers Weekly

“This was one which worked for me, completely… Unique and rather enjoyable.”
Dreaming mt Thoughts

“A game of cat-and-mouse with a shadowy enemy, wild parties, double lives and a good old-fashioned dose of revenge. ”
Earl Grey Editing

“A fun read and one that will break the monotony of some of the heavier tomes out there. Cracking.”
Totally Pawsome

The Sisters Mederos is an enjoyable fantasy of manners with interesting characters at its heart.”
All Things Urban Fantasy

“A tale gripping enough to keep you reading at night, and hoping for exposure of the villain, but a story that takes place in a familiar and nostalgic setting, even if it is an imaginary one.”
New Books Network

“Do you enjoy the timeless fiction of Jane Austen or Charles Dickens? Are you a fan of rogues and bandits disrupting high society? Did you like Frozen? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I may have just the book for you… I would like to come back to this world and these characters again in the future.”
Speculative Chic

“From the outset that I had fun reading The Sisters Mederos… and I would definitely be interested in reading more to see how the sisters develop and what adventures they get tied into next.”
The Speculative Herald

“An entertaining read.”
Lynn’s Books

“A cute read, and the premise is fantastic.”
KJ Harrowick

“I did really enjoy The Sisters Mederos, I read it in big chunks, and was never reluctant about picking it back up. It’s pretty fast-paced, with lots going on with plenty of parties deception and family squabbles.”
Foxes & Fairytales

The Sisters Mederos is a worthy summer beach-read.”
Vampire Book Club

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