Waterborne Exile by Susan Murray

Waterborne Exile by Susan MurrayA nameless priestess will stop at nothing to get revenge on the killers of her lover. In a world of turmoil, following the king’s death, the traitor Vasic is struggling to secure his rule over the combined Peninsular Kingdoms whilst the exiled queen, Alwenna, has taken refuge with a freemerchant community whose elders fear her dark power. Mistrust rules the day with bribery, drugs, trafficking of children, and murder rife throughout the kingdom. As the priestess’ plot for revenge continues, Alwenna leaves to seek the outcast group of loyal kinsman. Marten attempts to restore Alwenna to the throne but as the priestess closes in, will he succeed? File Under: Fantasy [ Unholy Office / Blood Ties / Dark Visions / Betrayals & Betrothals ]
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UK Print Date: 6th August 2015 ISBN: 9780857664389 Format: Medium (B-Format) Paperback R.R.P.: £8.99 North American Print Date: 4th August 2015 ISBN: 9780857664396 Format: Small (Mass-Market) Paperback R.R.P.: US$7.99 / CAN$9.99 Ebook Date: 4th August 2015 ISBN: 9780857664402 Format: Epub & Mobi R.R.P.: £5.49 / US$6.99 More Books in This Series: 1. The Waterborne Blade (May 2015)
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Susan Murray: trackingthechanges.wordpress.com | @pulpthorn on Twitter
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Praise and Reviews for The Waterborne Blade:
The Waterborne Blade is an intriguing and compelling fantasy woven from a fascinating story set in a vibrant world inhabited by vivid characters. Susan Murray is a consummate storyteller who fulfills everything you could desire of a book and leaves you wanting more.” – Graeme K. Talboys, author of Stealing into Winter “This is a wonderful thing, a sweeping fantasy which somehow manages to pull off the trick of being intimate and very human at the same time. It begins with a realm in peril, and then puts its shoulders back and strides confidently towards a horizon packed with magic and love and abandoned palaces and a huge and very real evil. Susan Murray has written a debut novel of great skill and depth, and I loved it.” – Dave Hutchinson, author of Europe in Autumn “This thrilling tale of sword and sorcery thrusts us right into the action. When we meet the protagonists, we are given no background on them, or on the situation they find themselves in. We are told they need to flee, now, and we follow.” – Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Corner “This is an exciting story full of twists and turns. The writing is sharp and the characters fully fleshed out. . Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, another unexpected twist throws everyone into chaos. Fans of epic fantasy will thoroughly enjoy this action-packed novel.” – Two Ends of the Pen “It kept me reading and made me want more after I was done. Looking forward to the next one! Wait. There’s going to be a next one right? Tell me there’s a next one!” – Roberta’s Literary Ramblings “When I reviewed the first book in the Waterborne series, by midway an eerie tone set in, a kind of moral greyness that it never shook. Now the Waterborne Exile continues that horror vibe with unsettling and unpredictable magic and mystery.” – Galactic Tides “For fantasy readers who like a lower magic setting, this is a great choice. It is a very visually descriptive book. It has strong and weak characters of both sexes and includes a diverse cast of people from different classes of society.” – Bull Spec back to top