Announcing the upcoming release and cover for ‘SPACE BROOMS!’ by A. G. Rodriguez!

Are you a fan of all things sci-fi?

Do you love a classic underdog tale?

The Angry Robot team is thrilled to be announcing the upcoming release and cover design for Space Brooms! by A. G. Rodriguez! This fun, sci-fi romp follows Johnny Gomez, a custodian – or space broom – as he teams up with smugglers and is subsequently thrust into an unforgettable adventure.

For fans of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and Ready Player One by Ernest Kline, Space Brooms! is a tongue-in-cheek homage to all things sci-fi, complete with found family elements and high speed space chases.

Publication Date: 25th March 2025


Read on for the full blurb and to find out more about new and exciting author A. G. Rodriguez!


Everyone aboard Kilgore Station is living their best life. Everyone except for Johnny Gomez.
While humans, the augmented, and aliens of all shapes and sizes enjoy exotic cuisine on the dining deck, or gamble away their credits on the entertainment deck, Johnny is elbow-deep in oily, black, alien excrement. A ‘space broom’ custodian for the entire station.
This was obviously not the life Johnny dreamt of. Ten years ago, he travelled to Kilgore, the farthest space station in our solar system, in search of fortune like everyone else. Some people are just luckier than others.
Yet his meaningless, uneventful existence is immediately turned upside down when he happens upon a tiny glass data-chit, hidden amongst the alien poop he must clean up. Unbeknownst to him, every nefarious creature in the solar system will soon be after him to claim it for their own.
With the help of his augmented roommate, a pair of smugglers and a mysterious and beautiful stranger, Johnny fights off thugs and sails as fast as possible to earth’s moon, Luna, in effort to sell the chit to the Obinna Crime Syndicate. But with assassins and mobsters on their tail, the trip is anything but a cakewalk. And Luna itself proves to be nothing like a safe haven, when Johnny’s painful past finally catches up to him…
A.G. Rodriguez has been a story teller since he could form sentences. He was born in Chicago, Illinois to Puerto Rican emigrants, and raised in several different cities throughout the United States. He spent most of his youth reading science fiction and fantasy and writing short stories, poetry, and even comic strips. He currently lives in southwest New Mexico where he spends his days creating new worlds, consuming all the tacos, beer, and bourbon he can get his hands on, and loving on every dog he sees. You can find him on X, Facebook, and Instagram (@agrwrites).


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