Announcing ‘THE ELLYRIAN CODE’ by B. F. Peterson!

Acquisition Announcement! The Ellyrian Code by B. F. Peterson




We are very excited to announce the acquisition of ‘The Ellyrian Code’ by B. F. Peterson. This second world fantasy explores the beloved dark academia aesthetic within the setting of an elite, dragon-riding college. With themes of found family, political intrigue and rivals-to-friends, The Ellyrian Code is told through the perspectives of four students attending the prestigious Eshtem University, all of whom have clashing personalities and backgrounds.


Publication date: 24th June 2025




Author B. F. Peterson had the following to say about the acquisition of her debut novel: “I have always wanted to be an author, and I’ve been dreaming up the world of The Ellyrian Code since middle school. I can hardly believe I’m finally getting it published–and with Angry Robot, no less!! It’s a dream come true.”

Head of Angry Robot imprint Eleanor Teasdale also had the following comment: “I loved The Ellyrian Code straight away – dark academia, political intrigue, students learning to get along with a huge fantasy world behind them. This is such a fun escapism book written by a wonderful author, and we at AR are very excited to have this one on the list!”


Read on for the full blurb of this sharply written, epic fantasy!


Any youth may apply to Eshtem University and gain the chance to join an elite Order of dragon-riding, magic-wielding peacekeepers.

Jadon, a privileged and reckless prince, looks forward only to the brief escape from his father’s political machinations that his studies offer.

Christina, a princess from a rival House, believes the Order is the greatest force for good

the world knows and can imagine no higher honor.

Jenne hates nobles and relishes the opportunity to compete as their equal.

Diar, who is smitten with Jenne, roommates with Jadon, and sworn to Christina’s House, finds himself

increasingly torn between the other three as they train, study, and jockey for position among their


But as evidence of the Order’s corruption begins to emerge, the students will have to re-examine their assumptions about themselves, each other, and the role they hope to play in the Order’s future—if they aren’t expelled first.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: B. F. Peterson is a poet, philosopher, and personality junkie with a B.A. in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University and a day job in sleep research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She lives in Madison with her beloved husband and dedicated spikeball partner, Junior Peterson, and their two adorable half-pugs, Landon and Cici.

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