The Coward by Stephen Aryan, out now!

The happiest of book birthday wishes to Stephen Aryan, whose new novel The Coward is finally out in the world today! Available to order now from your favourite bookish retailers or direct from your friendly Angry Robot right here on our own website as a DRM-free eBook The Coward is ‘a journey full of colour and interest’ (James Barclay, author of The Chronicles of the Raven) and ‘a knockout’ (Publishers Weekly, Starred Review)

Kell Kressia is a legend, a celebrity, a hero. Aged just seventeen, he set out on an epic quest with a band of wizened fighters to slay the Ice Lich and save the world. He returned victorious, but alone.

Ten years have passed and Kell lives a quiet life, while stories of his heroism are told in taverns all across the land. But now a new terror has arisen in the north – something has taken up residence in the Lich’s abandoned castle beyond the Frozen Circle, and the ice is beginning to creep south once more.

For the second time, Kell is called upon to take up his famous sword, Slayer, and battle the forces of darkness. But he has a terrible secret. Kell was never a hero – he was just lucky. Everyone puts their faith in Kell the Legend, but he’s just a coward who has no intention of risking his life for anyone…

If you’re yet to order your own shiny copy, we can sweeten the deal for you – this Wednesday night London’s Forbidden Planet are hosting an exclusive event featuring Stephen in conversation with Edward Cox, author of The Wood Bee Queen, with tickets free to anyone who orders either book! Click here for details!


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