New Angry Robot eBook Prices!

As mechanical beings with computers for brains, we here at Angry Robot have long been fans of eBooks.

We know that many of our readers are too.

So, it gives us great pleasure to announce an overhaul of our eBook prices, making this handy dandy format even handier and dander!

All our frontlist titles are now only £4.99*, so you can buy even more of our brilliant brand new books.

Our huge backlist of the best in SF, F, and WTF?! is only £3.99!*

And as an extra-special incentive, we’ve made the first book in every multi-book series we’ve published only £2.99*, so it’s even easier to take a chance on a new book, and hopefully find a new series to devour.

These changes are effective immediately on our website, where you can buy all your favourite Angry Robot titles completely DRM-free and download them as many times as you like, and they’ll filter through to other retailers in coming weeks and months.

Thanks again for your support for independent, genrefluid publishing – we hope these changes help you read more great books, support more great authors, and discover something new!

*For our lovely US readers, these prices work out** to about $US6.50, $US5.20 and $US4.00 for frontlist, backlist and first-book-in-a-series titles respectively.

**As of mid-December 2019.

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