Lost Gods Sequel, plus Translation

Lost Gods by Micah YongoThat’s right you’re hearing us correctly, Micah Yongo‘s superb epic fantasy, Lost Gods, has a sequel! Pale Kings will continue the incredible story of the Five Realms as the gods return to claim their world. The novel will be available for downloading to your ocular nerve endings in April 2019. If that news wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve got translation news too! Lost Gods is right now being translated into Czech by Fantom Print, and Czech fans can expect to see their favourite new epic fantasy novel on shelves within the next 24 months. Our thanks as always to our Watkins Media team, who brokered the deal. Check below for the official synopsis for Pale Kings, and then click that mouse on the pre-order button, quick sharp! For centuries the Five Realms have been at peace, but now a nameless enemy is tearing apart their borders. When a young assassin, Josef, is summoned to Súnam, he expects to help uncover the enemy, but instead, the priestess who invited him is arrested and shockingly executed. When he investigates, secrets are revealed – including his own forgotten past – all somehow linked to the ancient scroll he has always carried. As the invasion continues, and the supernatural creatures responsible are unveiled, Josef must learn the truth about the power that lies in his blood… before it’s too late.

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