Under the Pendulum Sun Reading Group Discussion Notes

Well, after a busy Nine Worlds and a fancy new award, or should we say the Subjective Chaos *Kind of Award*, to her name it’s great to see that Jeannette Ng and Under the Pendulum Sun are still riding high in your hearts. In fact we’re delighted to announce that, due to popular demand, we’ve created an Under the Pendulum Sun reading group discussion guide. Including questions such as ‘how would you categorise the book in terms of genre’ and ‘in what way does Arcadia reflect our own society?’ the guide is a wonderful accompaniment for any reading group that wishes to take on a superbly nuanced and fascinating novel which has been nominated for the John W Campbell, British Fantasy and Not the Booker awards, and delve a little deeper into its inner-workings. You can see the notes below, or pop over to the Under the Pendulum Sun book page for a downloadable PDF. If you like the idea of reading notes and would like us to do them for any other novel – a Jeff Noon, perhaps, or how about Fury From the Tomb? – then just let us know.

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