Angry Robot at GenCon!

Americans, rejoice! For Angry Robot are, as we speak, piling into our titanium-armored tanks – you know – the ones with the death r… uh, fancy little radio aerials and brand new definitely-not-thermo-imaging-devices and heading to GenCon! Over the four day event, which starts tomorrow, we’ll have an array of wonderful writers taking part in panels, seminars and signing sessions. Take a look below to see who’s going to be around and make sure to catch up with any / all of them. Fret not, us Robots are very friendly we promise! Especially if you love our books. For more information on the con and to purchase tickets visit the GenCon website. See you there!

Angry Robot Author Bruce R CordellBruce R Cordell

Friday 2PM Sunless Citadel – SOLD OUT Brave the dark halls of a dungeon swallowed up by the earth in ages past. Deal with warring tribes of monsters inside. Learn the secret in the citadel’s heart & break (or embrace) the curse within. This classic dungeon crawl by Bruce R. Cordell was originally published to be the 1st official adventure for the 3rd edition. It’s widely regarded as an excellent introduction to the Dungeons & Dragons game. JW: 103: 2 Saturday 1PM From Rations to Feasts Elizabeth Bear, Bruce Cordell, Daniel Myer, and Aaron Rosenberg discuss food in times of feast and famine in science fiction and fantasy. Marriott: Ballroom 1

Angry Robot author Shanna GermainShanna Germain

Thursday 3PM Writing for a Themed Anthology Congrats, you’ve been invited to write for a themed anthology! Now what? How far can you stretch a theme? James Lowder, Jason Sizemore, Jody Lynn Nye, and Shanna Germain can help! Marriott: Boston Thursday 5PM Gen Con Insights A premiere speaking experience in the gaming industry. Join us for this inaugural event where Presenters share their unique experience as Change Makers. Each will give a half hour presentation w/ Q&A. ICC: 500 Ballroom/Reception Friday 11AM How Can Authors Use Instagram? Instagram is more popular than ever. How can authors use it effectively and naturally to engage with readers? Anton Strout, Shanna Germain, Keith Law, and Karen Bovenmyer have some ideas. Marriott: Atlanta Friday 12PM Playing in Someone Else’s Sandbox Writing tie in fiction in a shared world can be fun and challenging. David Mack, Shana Germain, Tom Hoeler, and Gregory Wilson discuss how to break in and how to navigate the unique landscape. Marriott : Marriott Ballroom 3-4 Saturday 11AM Be Different, But Not Too Different – SOLD OUT You need to separate your work from the pack, but being too different can make it tough to find an audience. Gregory Wilson, Max Gladstone, Richard Lee Byers, Shanna Germain can help! Marriott: Austin Saturday 1PM The Fantasy Adventurer’s Survival Pack What should characters bring on their journeys—and what should they not? Terry Brooks, Scott Lynch, Dana Cameron, and Shanna Germain weigh in! Marriott : Marriott Ballroom 3-4 Saturday 4PM Writer Talk: Creative Resilience Author/game designer Shanna Germain talks about why creativity matters in hard times and how you can continue to do it, despite everything. Marriott : Marriott Ballroom 3-4

Angry Robot author Carrie PatelCarrie Patel

Thursday 11AM Signing ICC: EX Hall Friday 2PM When Fantasy Jumps the Shark: How Far is Too Far – SOLD OUT Are there bounds to the realm of fantasy? Keith Baker, Carrie Patel, and Lisa Rodgers discuss the nebulous line between too much and not enough, and how to know when you’ve gone too far. Marriott: Austin Friday 4PM Action! Don’t just describe the action in your book. Make your readers live it via dialogue and details! David Mack, Carrie Patel, Elizabeth Bear, Erik Scott de Bie Marriott: Ballroom 1 Saturday 10AM Fundamentals of Branching Dialogue Branching dialogue is featured in narrative-focused video games and allows players to forge their own paths through the story. Carrie Patel gives writers a high-level overview of how to implement it. Marriott: Ballroom 1 Saturday 4PM Signing ICC: EX Hall Saturday 5PM Too Many Heroes? – SOLD OUT Do old heroes need to die for new ones to emerge? How many protagonists can a story sustain? Chris Morgan, Jerry Gordon, Bill Fawcett, and Carrie Patel discuss Han Solo, Dumbledore, and more. Marriott: Atlanta

Angry Robot author Patrick S TomlinsonPatrick S Tomlinson

Thursday 1PM Signing ICC: EX Hall Friday 12PM What’s Hot and What’s Not – SOLD OUT Jim Minz, Patrick Tomlinson, Chris Morgan, and Lisa Rodgers discuss recent trends in science fiction, as well as past trends authors might want to avoid. Marriott: Austin Friday 1PM Interstellar Travel – SOLD OUT What finally spurs us to reach for the stars? How will we do it? How realistic should books be about space travel? Patrick Tomlinson, Cat Rambo, Aaron Rosenberg, Bill Fawcett discuss. Marriott: Atlanta Friday 2PM Mad Science: Technology and Character Conscience – SOLD OUT Science is cool, but where is the line between helping mankind and megalomania? How much sacrifice for science is too much? Patrick Tomlinson, Robyn Bennis, and Toiya Finley discuss. Marriott: Atlanta Saturday 12PM What Makes a Story Science Fiction How do you know if the story you’re writing is really science fiction? Jim Minz, David Mack, Patrick Tomlinson, Jody Lynn Nye, and Cat Rambo can help you find the answer. Marriott: Austin

Angry Robot author Tim WaggonerTim Waggoner

Thursday 11AM Writing Convincing Monsters – SOLD OUT What exactly is a monster vs. another fantastical beast? How can authors capture what makes us truly afraid? Debbie Lynn Smith, Anne Bishop, Tim Waggoner, and Lucy A. Snyder give us tips. Marriott: Atlanta Friday 10AM Ask Me Anything with Tim Waggoner Tim Waggoner is the author of horror, fantasy, young adult, and media tie-in fiction. He’s here to answer YOUR questions! Marriott: Boston Friday 11AM Signing (with AR alumni Maurice Broaddus) ICC: EX Hall: Book signing Saturday 12PM Dealing with Professional Envy Your best friend just got a three-book deal with a New York publisher. Now what? You’re jealous, that’s what. Eugene Fischer, Kelly McCullough, and Tim Waggoner discuss how to deal with it. Marriott: Boston *NB – times and venues are subject to change. Please consult your programme before attending events.

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