Step into the Light with Bookbub and A Man of Shadows

A Man of Shadows by Jeff NoonGet your mind bent and twisted with Jeff Noon’s kaleidoscopic noir novel of dizzying dream logic A Man of Shadows, available on Bookbub today for just £0.99 or $1.99 CAN! Sad you can’t get it in the US and elsewhere at that price? Don’t be – you can get it right here for the 99p equivalent! In a city divided into zones of perpetual Day, Night and Dusk, a lowly private eye attempts to save a teenage girl from the evil forces that seek to destroy her. “[Noon’s] prose takes you to weird and scary places other novelists don’t go – a reminder why he’s so revered.” – SFX magazine “It’s a stylish and distinctive vision of a world that remains morally grey and foggy, even when under Dayzone’s bright artificial lights. Weirdly compelling.” – The Spectator “This is a beguiling introduction to a strange new world, and a trip worth taking.” – Sci-Fi Now magazine
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