New Author Announcement: Jaine Fenn

AR Author Jaine Fenn, photo by James Cooke
AR Author Jaine Fenn, photo by James Cooke

WHOOT!!! Break out the champagne and get ready to get down with a great book, because we’ve just signed Jaine Fenn!

You might recognise the name of Jaine, and that’s probably because she has previous works under her belt, namely the acclaimed Gollancz series, Hidden Empire.

And now, this September we’ll be publishing Jaine’s science-fantasy novel Hidden Sun, the first novel in the Shadowlands duology.

Want to hear more (umm, of course!)? Well then, enough from us, head on over to our pals at the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog for more details of the novel, plus a blog from Jaine on the five science-fantasy novels that inspired her to write Hidden Sun.

If you’d like to connect with Jaine, you can catch her on Twitter here, or over on her blog.

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