Lavie Tidhar

Praise for Lavie’s short fiction:
“Tidhar beautifully evokes the power of technology ”
The Fix, reviewing The Dying World (Clarkesworld Magazine)

“richly detailed characters in a well paced and well thought out story”
Tangent reviewing The Pattern Makers of Zanzibar (Murky Depths)

“Tidhar’s story reads like a drug-infused John Le CarrĂ© novel,
if Le CarrĂ© wrote science fiction and dropped LSD as he pounded on the typewriter…
an amazing accomplishment, and highly recommended.”
The Fix, reviewing The Shangri-La Affair (Strange Horizons)

The Bookman – 7 Jan 2010 (UK/Aus), October 2010 (US/Row)
Camera Obscura – April 2011 (UK/Aus), May 2011 (US/Row)
The Great Game – February 2012 (worldwide)
The Bookman Histories (omnibus) – January 2013 (worldwide)

Ooh, I'd kill for one of those right nowIsraeli-born writer Lavie Tidhar has been called an “emerging master” by Locus magazine, and has quickly established a name for himself as a short fiction writer of some note. He has travelled widely, living variously in South Africa, the UK, Asia and the remote island-nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific, and his work exhibits a strong sense of place and an engagement with the literary Other in all its forms.

Lavie’s novella An Occupation of Angels was published in 2005, a Cold War fantasy thriller described by Michael Marshall Smith as “stunningly imaginative” and “the most compelling thing I have read in a long time”. In linked-story collection HebrewPunk (2007) Tidhar set out to re-imagine traditional fantasy tropes with a distinctly Jewish slant and rich historical settings, including a tale of the little-known Zionist expedition to British East Africa in search of a possible Jewish homeland in “Uganda”, effortlessly mixing fact and fiction. The collection was described by Adam Roberts as containing “intensified supernatural action-surrealism” full of “conceptual surprise” and “saturated with a sense of exotic roundedness, an eerie solidity and reality.” His extraordinary 2012 novel Osama won the World Fantasy Award.

Lavie’s first work of non-fiction Art and War: Poetry, Pulp and Politics in Israeli Fiction, co-authored with Shimon Adaf, will be released through Repeater in March 2016.

This is Lavie’s website. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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