Gav Thorpe

“Thorpe writes strong, uncluttered narrative, and his characters
actually sound like real people.”

– Tom Holt, SFX

“The battle scenes are truly epic and Thorpe doesn’t give anything away
until the final sword stroke has fallen.”

– Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

The Crown of the Blood– September 2010 (UK/Aus), October 2010 (US/Rest of world)
The Crown of the Conqueror – August 2011 (UK/RoW), September (US/Can)
The Crown of the Usurper – August 2012 (worldwide)
The Empire of The Blood (ebook-only omnibus) – July 2013 (worldwide)

Gav Torpe getting to the point. A ha haa.Gav Thorpe works from Nottingham, England and has written more than a dozen novels and even more short stories. Growing up in a tedious town just north of London, he originally intended to be an illustrator but after acknowledging an inability to draw or paint he turned his hand to writing.

Gav spent 14 years as a developer for Games Workshop on the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 before going freelance in 2008. It is claimed (albeit solely by our Gav, frankly) that he is merely a puppet of a mechanical hamster called Dennis that intends to take over the world via the global communications network. When not writing, Gav enjoys playing games, cooking, pro-wrestling and smiling wryly.

Gav’s blog

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