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Dan Abnett

  • Triumff (UK: November 2009 | US: September 2010)
  • Embedded (UK: April 2011 | US: April 2011)

Guy Adams

Jo Anderton

    The Veiled Worlds

  • Debris (UK: October 2011 | US: October 2011)
  • Suited (World: July 2012)

Madeline Ashby

    The Machine Dynasty

  • vN (World: August 2012)
  • iD (World: June 2013)

Lee Battersby

Lauren Beukes

  • Moxyland (UK: July 2009 | US: September 2010)
  • Zoo City (UK: September 2010 | US: January 2011)

Thomas Blackthorne (John Meaney)

  • Edge (UK: February 2010 | US: October 2010)
  • Point (UK: February 2011 | US: March 2011)

Michael Boatman

Maurice Broaddus

Adam Christopher

Wesley Chu

Cassandra Rose Clarke

Lee Collins

Craig Cormick

Peter Crowther

Joseph D’Lacey

Aliette de Bodard

Marianne de Pierres

    The Peacemaker Series

  • Peacemaker (World: May 2014)

Rod Duncan

Matt Forbeck

Justin Gustainis

Guy Haley

Colin Harvey

Chris F Holm

Matthew Hughes

Kameron Hurley

Trent Jamieson

    The Nightbound Land

  • Roil (UK: September 2011 | US: September 2011)
  • Night’s Engines (World: June 2012)

K. W. Jeter

Anna Kashina

Paul S. Kemp

J. Robert King

Anne Lyle

Gary McMahon

James A Moore

Susan Murray

Ramez Naam

    The Nexus Trilogy

  • Nexus (World: January 2013)
  • Crux (World: January 2013)
  • Apex – (World: November 2014)

Emma Newman

Carrie Patel

Jay Posey

Andy Remic

Chris Roberson

Freya Robertson

Mike Shevdon

Ferrett Steinmetz

  • Flex (World: October 2014)

David Tallerman

Gav Thorpe

Lavie Tidhar

Tim Waggoner

Kaaron Warren

Chuck Wendig

Ian Whates