The Robot Commanders

Marc Gascoigne

Publisher & MD; the strategies and slogans, the words and plots and characters and themes, the ethos, the packaging and cover designs and typography. Previously known for The Black Library, Solaris Books, and even a clutch of delightful Sonic the Hedgehog tie-in books, some of them not even written under a pseudonym. Has “opinions”. Track him down on Twitter or LinkedIn. Catch up with his top pop selections on Nusiki or hear him DJing at an after-party at an SF convention near you soon enough. Our Marco won the World Fantasy Special Award (Professional) in 2011 for his work with Angry Robot; he’s been insufferable ever since.


Mike Underwood

Mike Underwood looks like this. For now...North American Sales and Marketing Manager. Mike is ideally suited to the task of getting Angry Robot books into the hands of the genre-fiction-loving masses of that area. He has a background in bookselling and publisher sales and has previously worked for the Wybel Marketing Group, representing publishers such as Dark Horse Comics, Night Shade Books, Felony & Mayhem Press, and more to trade and wholesale accounts across the Midwest.  But that’s not all: Mike is also a published genre author. His debut novel, Geekomancy is published by Pocket Star/S&S. Check it out, folks. Badger him on Twitter at @MikeRUnderwood.


Caroline Lambe

IMG_0013_2Publicity Manager. From the stony grey soil of Monaghan, Caroline spent the last 10 years in Galway and Dublin, during which time she gained an MA in Literature & Publishing, and became Publicity Manager for Liberties Press. Having worked with a variety of non-fiction and fiction authors (including leading the campaign of the CrimeFest Last Laugh Award winning title in 2012), now she’s only ‘excira and delira’ to be working in the weird and wonderful world of fiction full-time. When not handling/stalking the media, Caroline can be found playing GAA (google it), relaxing with a book, or watching many, many boxsets. Tweet her here or reach her at caroline [dot] lambe [at] angryrobotbooks [dot] com – but be aware that’s she’s currently away from the Robot Orbital Presence on maternity leave.


Phil Jourdan

AR pictureConsulting Editor. Phil is co-founder of LitReactor – a creative writing workshop and literary magazine where professional novelists, graphic novelists and agents host regular classes – and ran the small fiction press, Perfect Edge Books. A Portuguese author and translator, based in the UK, Phil has also fronted the rock band, Paris and the Hiltons, winners of an Independent Music Award, since 2007. His books include Praise of Motherhood, published by Zero Books, and John Gardner: A Tiny Eulogy released by Punctum Books. His book What Precision, Such Restraint is (so he is told) an unreadable mess. He tries to tweet at @philjourdan.


Penny Reeve

Penny1Publicity Manager, Maternity Leave. Penny started her working life dealing with criminals but quickly realised that the novels of Tom Robbins suited her tastes, rather than those of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, so she left to spend the next few years roaming the world teaching children and Tibetan monks the English language. On returning to the UK, Penny took up a public relations job and worked for used cooking oil, potatoes and retail. However the lure of the Robot Overlords was too much for her and, pulled in by their gravitational force Penny took up an internship. The rest, as they say, is history. Reach her through Twitter here.