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Twitter competition results

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On Friday of last week, we had a mini competition to celebrate the inclusion of Zoo City on the Arthur C Clarke Award shortlist. All we asked was for you to tell us your favourite animal joke, in a single tweet.

The winner gets a signed, limited edition hardback copy of Zoo City. Only 100 of these were ever sold.

Here are some of the runners-up:

Q: Knock knock.
A: Who’s there?
Q: The Interrupting Cow.
A. The Interrupting Cow wh–
(from @AnnLarimer)

Why don’t ducks fly upside down?
Because they’d quack up.
(from @keithpyeatt)

Why is the desert lion everyone’s favorite at Christmas?
Because he has sandy claws!
(from @starmetaloak)

Why do elephants drink so much?
A: To try to forget!
(from @Crusaderofchaos)

What has four legs and flies? . . A dead dog.
(from @djelibeybi_meg)

A mathematical one: “What is a polar bear? A cartesian bear after a coordinate transform”
(from @odo)

“Doctor Doctor! I think I’m a dog!”
“Sit on the couch & tell me about it”
“I can’t, I’m not allowed up on the couch”
(from @MacDibble)

What did the octopus say to the loan shark?
Here’s the sick squid I owe you.
(from @annelyle)

And the winner – because it managed to contain 3 gags in one:

What disease can you get from kissing birds?
Chirpes (It’s a canareal disease, but it’s tweetable)
(from @stillisnthere)

Congratulations – your book should be with you, shortly.

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Zoo City eBook – Special Offer

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To celebrate Zoo City making the shortlist of the Arthur C Clarke Award (and don’t forget – it’s still on the shortlist for the British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel) we’re dropping the price of the eBook – for 3 days, only!

From now (that’s midday GMT, March 4th) until the same time Monday 7th, you can buy Zoo City as an eBook for just £1 (that’s about US$1.60), instead of the usual price of £4.49.

You can buy this as an ePub file from

Got a Kindle? You can convert the ePub free of charge using Calibre (a free download), or a whole host of other free conversion tools (Google is your friend).

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Heaps of reviews you might have missed

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Greetings everyone!

This is technically my first ever post on the Angry Robot website, so I am a little bit overexcited. But it is not just the first blog rush which has me bouncing round the office with a bit of a manic grin on my face. You see over the last few weeks we have received so many fabulous reviews and so much great news about our books that there is a bit of a party atmosphere in the office – and we thought it was about time to start sharing the fun!

A bunch of our books have been included in i09’s Books for Spring – so take a bow Dan Abnett (with Embedded), Guy Adams (with The World House), Matt Forbeck (with Vegas Knights) and Thomas Blackthorne (with Point).

Lauren Beukes and Lavie Tidhar are listed in the 2010 Recommended Reading list that Locus have put together, for their books Zoo City and The Bookman.

Matt Forbeck

Matt could have had a whole blog dedicated to his exploits this month – from interviews to articles, to reviews. Here is a quick snapshot of what people have been saying:

From Flames Rising Horror and Dark Fantasy Webzine

Amortals is a fast and engrossing read, highly original, and with more than its fair share of surprises. If you like thrillers with a science-fiction edge, check out Matt Forbeck’s Amortals, and strap yourself in; it’s a wicked ride.

From The SF Site

Amortals has a lot going for it. It’s a political thriller with science fiction elements, conspiracy theory flavoring, and a hardboiled edge. It may start off as a guy investigating his own death while contemplating his own mortality (or lack thereof) but things inexorably spiral out of control as layer after layer is removed. The end result is a much deeper, more complex story than I was expecting, with a thought-provoking ending. What you get, thusly, is an action-filled, tense piece with plenty of cinematic moments and a heck of a payoff.

But it is not just Amortals getting all the attention. Vegas Knights has been gathering a lot of great press too!

From The Eloquent Page

If Hollywood is listening, someone needs to snap up the rights to the movie version of this sharpish. It’s a sure fire winner. I’ve never been to Las Vegas but if I did go there I would be heartily disappointed if it wasn’t exactly the way it’s described in Vegas Knights.

From The Ranting Dragon

If you’re craving a fast-paced action adventure, skip a movie and grab a copy of Vegas Knights instead.  If you don’t mind characters that never break their archetypal molds, you’ll savor the magic rocket ride that is Vegas Knights and its action in spades.  This is popcorn fantasy at its best.

And last but not least from SF Book

Vegas Knights is like one of those adventures that you have always dreamed of taking as a kid / young adult. It’s fantastic entertainment and I loved every minute of it, Viva Las Vegas (Knights)!

It is also worth checking out this interview with Matt from Flames Rising, and the article by Matt on Whatever.

Aliette de Bodard

Aliette has been doing a bit of a blog tour, with a series of interviews and articles appearing across the interweb. Check it out at Suite 101, Nancy FuldaLawrence M Schoen,  and The Other Side of the Story.

Cybermage also had this to say about Harbinger of the Storm:

Aliette de Bodard has done it again. Harbinger of the Storm is an action packed Aztec mystery opera with magic, interventions from the gods and more twists and turns than the first book. It even has a love story with amusing snippets here and there, I love formidable women. The story is self contained and can be enjoyed standalone, but you will not want to miss out on the first. I wish it was 2012 already even if the world is going under while I read the final Obsidian and Blood.

Tim Waggoner

Some lovely reviews this for Nekropolis:

From Infini-Tropolis

If you dig your noir and mystery with a heavy dose of horror and fantasy (as well as a tongue-in-cheek zombie private eye that may be dead but still has a heart), Matthew Richter’s first pulp adventure through the streets of Nekropolis will not disappoint.

From Michelles Ramblins

Nekropolis is a wondrous place, populated with extraordinary beings that come alive on the page.  I was immediately hooked by Matt Richter and can’t wait to read more.

I give Nekropolis 5 out of 5 stars.

Maurice Broaddus

Fresh from winning the Golden Tentacle Award for King Maker, Maurice has been reeling in some great feedback for the sequel, King’s Justice.

From SF Book

It’s almost like Maurice Broaddus is reliving real memories rather than creating a fictional story, the suspension of disbelief is both immediate and faultless… King’s Justice performs the impossible feat of improving on it’s predecessor, it’s simply an incredible work of compelling fiction… pure genius.

Lauren Beukes

Another tentacle winner (picking up the Red Tentacle award) Lauren is still garnering up rave reviews for her awesome Zoo City.

From Ranting Dragon

Zoo City is one of the most original and captivating books I have read; I was hooked in five pages. Zinzi is also one of my all-time favorite heroines—she’s spunky, difficult, articulate, emotional, tough, intelligent, and repentant. If you don’t read Zoo City, you’re missing out on one of the best modern books in and outside the fantasy genre.

You can read some great interviews with Lauren here…and here.

Best of the rest

Point by Thomas Blackthorne reviewed at The Eloquent Page and Bibliobuffet

Slights by Kaaron Warren reviewed by Shroud.

Deaths Disciples by J Robert King reviewed by SF Book Reviews.

The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar reviewed by SF Book Reviews.

Phew! See what I mean – so much love!!

Till next time everyone…

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