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Morningside Fall


“Jay Posey creates a vivid and mesmerizing world whose characters are so real and so flawed that you’ll recognize them immediately. An unforgettable read.”
– Peter Telep, Co-author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Against All Enemies

The first of the Awakened has appeared, and there is hope for humanity once more. But the road has never been, and never will be easy. Wren is betrayed from within his retinue, so he must leave Morningside Fall until he can root out the traitor. The journey leads them to the biggest nest of the Weir anyone’s ever seen, with implications that could change the already-dangerous world.

File Under: Science Fiction [ Small Chances | Three Nil | Future Tense | Ninestory Woes ]

The Second Book in the Legends of the Duskwalker Series

The lone gunman Three is gone, and Wren is the new governor of the devastated settlement of Morningside, but there is turmoil in the city. When his life is put in danger, Wren is forced to flee Morningside until he and his retinue can determine who can be trusted. They arrive at the border outpost, Ninestory, only to find it has been infested with Weir in greater numbers than anyone has ever seen. These lost, dangerous creatures are harbouring a terrible secret – one that will have consequences not just for Wren and his comrades, but for the future of what remains of the world.