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As mechanical beings with computers for brains, we here at Angry Robot have long been fans of eBooks. We know that many of our readers are too. So, it gives us great pleasure to announce an overhaul of our eBook prices, making this handy dandy format even handier and dander! All our frontlist titles are […]

New Angry Robot eBook Prices!

Published December 09, 2019
A rare job opportunity has popped up in the rights team at Angry Robot HQ in London! Our parent company Watkins Media is seeking a full-time Rights Executive to help bring the fantastic books produced by its four distinct imprints (including Angry Robot) to all corners of the globe. This role has a salary range […]
Angry Robot is delighted to announce a new internship program, run by our parent company Watkins Media, for anyone looking for genuine, well-paid experience in publishing! The Watkins Internships Scheme will be a six-week long programme in which participants will have the opportunity to work across Watkins’ three imprints (Watkins Publishing, Repeater Books, and, of […]

We Want YOU To Be Our Robot Intern!

Published November 28, 2019
Keren Landsman has won the 2019 Geffen Award for Best Original Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel for The Heart of the Circle! The Geffen is Israel’s most prestigious genre fiction award, given annually by the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy since 1999, and recognising the very best science fiction and fantasy writing in […]