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Walking the Tree – now with free novella!

Angry Robot set its stall out from the very start as an imprint that would be trying different approaches to delivering stories. Over the last year we’ve been fortunate to be in a prime position to take advantage of the surge in eBook editions. Now here’s another idea we’d like to run past you.

Kaaron6-webWhile writing Walking the Tree, ace AR author Kaaron Warren naturally concentrated on her central character, Lillah. But as she explored that woman’s incredible journey around Botanica’s

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Forbidden Planet, tonight at 6.00pm

Don’t forget – at London’s Forbidden Planet Megastore tonight, form 6.00pm-7.00pm, your opportunity to meet (and get books signed by):

Wesley Chu
The Lives of Tao, The Deaths of Tao

Anne Lyle
The Alchemist of Souls, The Merchant of Dreams, The Prince of Lies

Joseph D’Lacey
Black Feathers

James A Moore
Seven Forges

Emma Newman
Between Two Thorns, Any Other Name, All Is Fair

David Tallerman
Giant Thief, Crown Thief, Prince Thief

Mike Shevdon
Sixty-One Nails, The Road to Bedlam, Strangeness & Charm, The Eighth Court

Adam Christopher
Empire State,

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Discover some great SF by women writers

In the last week we’ve had two major award shortlists announced – the Hugo Awards (announced last Saturday) and the Arthur C Clarke award (announced this morning). Both sets of lists have some excellent titles, and while the Hugo shortlist had more female writers than male this year, the Clarke had none at all (though with a jury made up of 80% women, we know there was no male bias from the judges).

We’d like to help promote some great science fiction by our own female writers, to show the incredible quality of SF that can

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Robot Round-Up, 09.03.12

Greetings, little robotlings. Are your primary limbs arranged comfortably and your comprehension-circuits fully engaged? They are? Good. Then we shall begin.

Blackbirds, by Chuck WendigChuck Wendig‘s Blackbirds is still a couple of months away from its official publication date (May 2012), but word of its extreme wonderfulness is continuing to spread around the blogosphere. The latest outpouring of advance praise comes in the form of a 10/10 rating from Hannah at Fantasy Faction, with a follow-up 8/10 from Starburst Magazine as

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 12: Lee Harris

What a year! We only started publishing in the US and Canada in September of last year, and we have already published 48 titles! 2011 was also our first full year as part of the exceptional Osprey Group. Here are some of the significant events from each month:

We published Zoo City by Lauren Beukes in the US and Canada. This title would prove to be one of our most popular, getting shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Award

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Angry Robot ebooks on Kindle Summer Reading promo

If you have a Kindle, and live in the UK, you will be pleased to know that a fantastic selection of our books have been chose for the Kindle Summer Reading promotion and are available for the next two months at the knockdown price of just 99p!

The offer ends on the 31st August, so you have plenty of time to browse through the list and pick up some bargains  – the full list is below, I am sure there is something there that is just perfect for relaxing on a beach…

Moxyland by Lauren Beukes

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