Aliette de Bodard

Praise for Aliette’s short fiction:

“The plot is concise yet intricate, the dialogue is superb, and the writing flows naturally.”

- The Fix, reviewing ‘Lonely Heart’ (Black Static, 2009)

“Beautifully written… the issue’s most compelling and elegantly composed drama.”

- Tangent Online, reviewing ‘Deer Flight’ (Interzone)

“The quality of de Bodard’s writing shines through.”

- The Fix, reviewing ‘Dragon Feasts’ (Andromeda Spaceways)

Servant of the Underworld – January 2010 (UK/Aus), November 2010 (US/RoW)

Harbinger of the Storm – January 2011 (UK/Aus), February 2011 (US/RoW)

Master of the House of Darts – November 2011 (Worldwide)

Obsidian and Blood (omnibus) – July 2012 (worldwide)

Ms AlietteAliette de Bodard is a writer and computer specialist whose short fiction has already brought her a John W Campbell Award nomination, for best newcomer.

Living in Paris, Aliette is French, of Vietnamese extraction, but she writes exclusively in English.

Aliette’s website, full of brilliant (free) stories

Aliette’s LJ blog

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