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robotjobWould you like to work for Angry Robot in our Nottingham office? We have an entry-level position that’s just come up. Right now it’s for a limited term – nine months or so – but would be a great way of adding some practical experience in a dynamic and nurturing publishing outfit to your CV. We’re very happy to hear from recent or imminent graduates, and especially those with a demonstrable enthusiasm for adult science fiction and fantasy.


Where: In our Nottingham, UK office. We won’t be assisting with relocation, alas, so if you’re a very long way away this won’t be for you.
Hours: Mon-Fri, office hours.
Term: Starts June 2016, exact date to be mutually agreed; runs until March 17.

Duties: As the name implies, assisting editorially – reading submissions, helping authors, gathering book data, writing cover copy and catalogue text, working with freelance proofreaders, writing or commissioning web articles. We’re a small team and there’ll be a bit of everything from finding new authors through to seeing their finished books onto shelves and beyond. The role reports to Marc Gascoigne, the publisher/MD.

Skills: The usual familiarity with Word, Excel and the internet, plus social media and blogging tools would be useful. More than that, we will be looking for a passion for and knowledge of adult SF and fantasy books. If you’ve already been a reviewer, blogger, convention attendee, or otherwise demonstrated your passion, let us know! We are an equal opportunities employer.

To apply: Please send an email containing a one-page CV and one paragraph about why you want this job to with the Subject: AR Editorial Assistant Job. Closing date for applications is Weds, 25th May 2016.

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The ink’s not even dry but we had to tell you this RIGHT NOW!

Angry Robot has just completed a deal to publish Peter Tieryas’ sensational alt-history novel United States of Japan in the land of the rising sun. Noted publishing house Hayakawa, famed for their strong science fiction list, will publish the novel in translation in early 2017.

mecha2 Read More→


New Wesley Chu novella

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The Days of Tao (ebook cover)As a mark of his great success with his three Tao novels for Angry Robot, that man Wesley Chu has been invited to pen a novella with a new story from that world for the prestigious Subterranean Press. At the end of April they will be issuing The Days of Tao in the USA as an exclusive limited edition.

However, we didn’t want UK and Australian fans to miss out, se we’ve arranged with Wes to offer the novella as an ebook through Angry Robot. For all readers in the UK and Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and beyond), The Days of Tao will be available from 5th May in your favourite ebook store. Read More→

Decisions decisions!Well, the happy little robot doorkeeper of destiny has flipped the sign on this year’s Open Door from OPEN to CLOSED. The two months for submissions are at an end.

We guess it’s human nature, but there were a hella lot of last-minute submissions. And, alas, some folk tried to submit after midnight GMT because it was a different time where they were, or were flapping around on minor details rather than submitting the darn thing. But in the main, we thought that the whole process has gone very smoothly. Read More→

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You know, sometimes we get things wrong, and we’re not too big and proud and metallic to say so.

Who Wants to be the Prince of DarknessAt the end of last week, we showed off the cover for Michael Boatman‘s dark, diabolic, deeply satirical novel Who Wants to be the Prince of Darkness?. Some peeps, bless them, went “Hooray, love it.” Mostly, though, you folks, our lovely Robot pals, kind of looked at it with your heads tilted sideways and went “Umm, is that one a YA novel? Looks kinda young for something that’s meant to be fun, but dark…” Read More→

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Upgrade your Apex audiobook

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ApexAudioOur Robot pals over at Audible have issued an update to their audiobook edition of Apex by Ramez Naam, and have asked us to pass on the news.

If you have already downloaded the audiobook of Apex from the Audible site, you can now upgrade it in the following way: delete the existing file from your library, then download Apex again from your cloud. This will provide them with the up-to-date version, for no extra charge. If you get into any difficulties, Audible’s customer service folks will assist you.

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Angry Robot books on DangdangA message comes in from a distant frontier… Robot forces are advancing on all fronts. As of today, the Chinese censors has finished poring through all our files for subversive messages, and we’re very pleased to announce that the Angry Robot list is now available on the Chinese ebook platform Dangdang.

Cue a billion hats thrown into the air as one, as discordant electronic choirs lead the singing of the Angry Robot theme tune, cunningly rearranged for erhu and qinqin. Onwards, onwards!


The Open Door is… open

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It’s time. Yes, the Open Door period is now here, and we want you to submit your novel proposal to us. Yay!

To re-read the guidelines one last time, go here:

Open Door guidelines Read More→

Yes, the announcement was true – we’re opening the doors wide for unagented submissions from 1st December. Ever since the announcement, we’ve had a steady stream of questions about what subjects will or will not be allowed, and so on.

All the details you need are here, on our bespoke Open Door Page.

And if we haven’t answered your question in the FAQ, post it in the comments box here and we’ll address it in an update. Go, go!


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The name Jen Williams may already be known to UK-based Robots, as her fabulous fantasy series that started with The Copper Promise has been published over here to great acclaim by Headline. As big fans of the Copper Cat series, we were thoroughly delighted to snap up US and Canadian rights, and now we can announce that we will be publishing The Copper Promise there next summer, with The Iron Ghost to follow soon after.

Jen WilliamsWithout even the suggestion of being introduced to a terrifying array of “devices”, Jen kindly said: Read More→

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We hope you’ll forgive the slightly formal nature of this news item. In brief, we’re making some changes that will bring great benefits to readers and bookshops in Australia and New Zealand – because we have reached a deal for the mighty Simon & Schuster Australia to distribute our books in those lovely countries.

Stock of our books already there has transferred over, and the first container ship full of spanking new Angry Robot novels is steaming towards the southern oceans as we speak. We’re very grateful to everyone there who has helped set this up. This should all mean an enhanced service to bookshops, more copies out there for readers, and more regular stock for conventions and author appearances. Result!

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Yeah, it’s Friday afternoon in the Angry Robot office (YMMV), so it was inevitable that we were going to goof about for an hour or two, and run some of our recent and upcoming book covers through Deep Dream.

Do you know it – Google’s new software algorithm that attempts to mimic what happens in the human subconscious during dream states? It’s a bit limited at the moment: it really only draws on images of dogs and eyeballs right now – but it’s still damn freaky and we had a blast revealing the Cthulhu-esque subliminals lurking just behind our cover art. Read More→


The Robots are replicating!

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Bye, lovely CarolineIt’s something of a bittersweet day here on the otherwise empty flight deck of our orbital leviathan. Our lovely colleague Caroline Lambe (right) is leaving us, if only temporarily, to have her first baby. We shall miss both her massively capable wrangling of AR’s promotions and publicity campaigns, and her occasional intimations that Ireland truly is the best country on earth, with equal sorrow. We love her and we’ll miss her. Read More→

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Look what we found in the AR archive

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In spring, like so many people, one’s thoughts turn to tidying up a bit, i.e. spring cleaning. Our bristling orbital death platform has been looking a bit dusty and ramshackle of late – books and body parts everywhere, of course, but also crates of a less identifiable nature.

Right at the bottom of the most distant stack, in a wooden chest marked in a font of a distinctly pre-millenial variety (how you get Comic Sans on the side of an oak case I’ve no idea), we made a delighted discovery. In short, we found mint copies of some of Angry Robot’s releases from the very earliest days of the imprint. Very collectible, and we know we aren’t the only readers who have hung onto these original editions, even though copies are very scarce out there. It’s fascinating to see how our cover design styles have changed over the decades [ click to enlarge ]:

TheLivesOfTao66 Nexus74 SevenForges76

From the left: one of our short-lived but very collectable series of AR Doubles, from 1966 (Guy Haley’s Reality 36 on the other side, as we’re sure you remember); the first appearance of that sleeper hit Nexus, from 1974; and an example of the first Jim Moore complete repackaging programme, from 1976.

Heartwood1979 Vn1985 Three1985

From left: powerful swords & sorcery imagery that screams 1979, also the inspiration behind Hawkwind’s concept album, released the following year; and a chance to compare and contrast UK and US packaging approaches, both from 1985.

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The Bullet Catcher's Daughter by Rod DuncanWe’re absolutely delighted to start 2015 with some awards news. Rod Duncan’s superlative alternate history The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter has made the six-book shortlist for the Philip K Dick Award 2014.

When he’d come down from the ceiling, a joyous Rod Duncan said:

I had no idea that The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter was even in the running, so discovering it on the shortlist was a complete surprise. If you’ll excuse the British slang – I was gobsmacked! To be standing alongside such wonderful writers and to be up for an award bearing the name of Philip K. Dick – it is a great honour. I feel hugely grateful.

The award’s winner will be announced at Norweson in Seattle, USA on 3 April this year. Further details of that lovely shortlist – really, you should just buy all of them! – and everything else you need to know are on the Philip K Dick Award website. Rod’s sequel Unseemly Science is fast approaching too – it hits stores in May 2015, with a third novel in the Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire series, The Custodian of Marvels, due Spring 2016.

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