Head over to the B&N SciFi and Fantasy Blog where they have the exclusive cover reveal for Ishbelle Bee‘s wonderfully dark fairytale, The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror & Goliath.

Here’s a teaser image from their post, with thanks to John Coulthart for this fantastic over:


Click on image to go to full reveal


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Craig Cormick Cover Morph

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Now we know that you enjoyed the cover reveal of Craig Cormick’s newest offering, The Floating City so we thought we’d share with you this great cover morph that Craig has uploaded to YouTube:

How brilliant is that? We think there must have been a bit of magic involved to make such computer wizardry…

The Floating City is the sequel to The Shadow Master and will be released 2 June 2015 in North America and 4 June 2015 in the UK/ R.o.W.

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You know how much we love working with fantastic designers and producing good covers here at Angry Robot HQ (and if you like our covers as much as we do, be sure to check out our Pinterest page here), and revealing our latest covers is always a thrill. Today I am delighted to present the cover for The Dragons of Heaven by Alyc Helms, by Amazing15. The lovely crowd at Fantasy Faction had the exclusive reveal earlier today, and will also be posting a special blog from Alyc tomorrow on oriental-ism and non-white exploitation. Not to be missed!

Without further ado, here is the cover for The Dragons of Heaven, June 2015:


Click to see in full screen


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Oh, it’s an exciting day at Robot Towers!

Leicester-based Rod Duncan, author of The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter has been nominated for another award.

This time it’s the East Midlands Book Award (EMBA), which recognises talent from across the East Midlands.

Rod, who has also been nominated for a Philip K. Dick award, took a second off from celebrating to tell us:

 The East Midlands Book Award is a reminder of the exceptional writing happening in this region. I’ve been involved in the writing scene here for more years than I care to admit. But I’ve never seen a more vibrant, diverse and creative mix than we have right now. To be shortlisted is a great honour.

The winner of the East Midlands Book Awards will be announced at a fabulous awards ceremony on 30 June at Bromley House Library in Nottingham. Until then, keep your fingers and toes crossed!

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If there’s one thing that the Angry Robot horde love to do, it’s to crawl out of our writing holes and have a chat. Partially it’s because we need to see the light of day and socialise after a hard few months of writing, but also it’s because we love you guys. You keep us doing what we do.

So that’s why we’re all over the place this year at various conventions, exhibitions and festivals. Below is a list of where the we’ll be throughout 2015, so if you want to pop down and say hi, or you’re in the area, we’d love to catch up with you.

The list isn’t quite exhaustive – yet – and of course all dates are subject to change, so make sure to check back before you cross the globe for your favourite author. We don’t refund plane tickets.

Craig Cormick:

Convergence, Minneapolis, USA  2-5 July

Ishbelle Bee:

Convergence, Minneapolis, USA  2-5 July

Rod Duncan:

Norwescon, Washington, USA  2 – 5 April

Edge Lit, Derby, UK  July 11

Marianne de Pierres:

Genre Con, Brisbane, Australia  30 Oct – 1 Nov

Supanova, Gold Coast, Australia  April 17 – 19

World Fantasy Con, Saratoga Springs NY, USA  5 – 8 Nov

Kameron Hurley:

BEA/Bookcon, New York, USA  May  27 – 29

GenCon, Indianapolis, USA  July  30 – 2 Aug

WorldCon, Washington, USA  19 – 23 Aug

Carrie Patel:

CONvergence, Minneapolis, USA  2-5 July

Comicpalooza, Houston, USA  22 – 25 May

WorldCon, Washington, USA  19 – 23 Aug

World Fantasy Con, Saratoga Springs NY, USA  5 – 8 Nov

Jay Posey:

Comicon, Phoenix, USA  28-31 May

ConGregate, North Carolina, USA  11-12 July

GenCon, Indianapolis, USA  July 28 – 2 Aug

Susan Murray:

FantasyCon, Nottingham, UK  23 – 25 Oct

Gav Thorpe:

Derby Book Festival, Derby, UK  31 May – 7 June

Edge Lit 4, Derby, UK  11 July

Nine Worlds, London, UK  7 – 9 August

Fantasycon, Nottingham, UK  23 – 25 Oct

David Tallerman:

EasterCon, Heathrow, UK 3 – 6 April

FantasyCon, Nottingham, UK 23 – 25 Oct

Maurice Broaddus:

Mo*Con, Indianapolis, USA  May 1-3

GenCon, Indianapolis, USA  July 30 – 2 Aug

Mike Underwood:

BaltiCon, Baltimore, USA  22 – 25 May

BEA/BookCon New York, NY  27 – 31 May

CONvergence, Minneapolis, USA  2-5 July

GenCon, Indianapolis, USA  July 30 – 2 Aug

Sasquan, Spokane, Washington, USA  19 – 23 Aug

World Fantasy Con, Saratoga Springs NY, USA  5 – 8 Nov

Alyc Helms:

CONvergence, Minneapolis, USA  2-5 July

GenCon, Indianapolis, USA  July 30 – 2 Aug

Sasquan, Spokane, Washington, USA  19 – 23 Aug

World Fantasy Con, Saratoga Springs NY, USA  5 – 8 Nov

Dragon Con, Atlanta USA  4 – 7 Sept

Emerald City ComiCon, Seattle, USA  27 – 29 Mar

Norwescon, Washington, USA  2 – 5 April

WisCon, Madison WI, USA  22 – 25 May

Comicon, Phoenix, USA  28-31 May

Phil Jourdan: 

CONvergence, Minneapolis, USA  2-5 July

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Busy publicising his first book, Flex, Ferrett Steinmetz is embarking on a bit of a tour to meet all you lovely folks.

If you’re near any of the following places, make sure to pop by on the dates below and receive your super big hug from Ferrett. Also, buy his book. Because that’s another reason for a book tour.

Angry Robot author Ferret SteinmetzFriday, March 13th: NEW YORK, Word Bookstore/Brooklyn

Saturday, March 14th: BOSTON/Worcester, Annie’s Book Stop

Friday, March 20th: SEATTLE, University Book Store

Saturday, March 21st: PORTLAND, In Other Words

Saturday, March 28th: SAN DIEGO, Mysterious Galaxy

Saturday, April 4th: SAN FRANCISCO, Borderlands Books



Flex by Ferrett SteinmetzThe reviews are just rolling in for Flex and we’ve been hearing some really, really great feedback, which you can see below:

“Featuring one of the most original magic systems ever devised and a pair of likable, layered protagonists, Flex is a fast-paced, imaginative, and emotionally engaging adventure. The developing friendships and rapport among the characters are portrayed with sensitivity and avoids cliches, and the magical battle sequences are rigorous and filled with ingenious touches that will make gamers and tax lawyers alike grin with joy.”
Ken Liu, winner of the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Awards

“Reading Flex is like ingesting a solid dose of some seriously bad-ass magic. The world comes to life, possibilities that you hadn’t thought of suddenly present themselves, you find yourself immersed in words that portray a familiar, but yet much more magical world. Flex is in some ways, reminiscent of Breaking Bad with a Ready Player One slant but with an added twist all it’s own”.
Tenacious Reader

Flex is hot, inventive, and exciting.  A real joyride of a story … a whole new kind of magic and a whole new ballgame. Totally recommended.”
Seanan McGuire, winner of the John W. Campbell Award and Hugo-nominated author

“Such a cool concept.  The magic and rules at play make sense and the author doesn’t cheat just to get the characters out of a difficult situation.  The idea of there being consequences to the magic – a balance that must be maintained—that’s very, very cool stuff”.
Eviscerating Pen

And, if you’re wondering what to expect from a Ferrett appearance, here are some of his recent interviews and guest posts, to prove that he’s a pretty great guy to be in a room with:

A Fantastical Librarian
My Bookish Ways
SFF World

So there you have it: the book is great, Ferrett is great, so really you have no excuse to visit him.


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Robot Round-Up 12/3/15

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Good afternoon Robot fans,

Eeek, it’s Friday 13th again tomorrow! Why tempt fate by leaving the house? We recommend you avoid ladders, black cats and the peril of meeting your doppelgänger and instead spend the day under the covers with a cup of (not too hot) tea and a good book. Just maybe skip page 13.

This week we’re getting very excited about the last in Wesley Chu’s popular Tao trilogy, The Rebirths of Tao, which is released on 2nd April (UK) and 7th April (USA).

The Rebirths of Tao by Wesley Chu

Click to enlarge

Here’s the cover blurb to whet your appetite…

Many years have passed since the events in The Deaths of Tao: the world is split into pro-Prophus and pro-Genjix factions, and is poised on the edge of a devastating new World War; the Prophus are hiding; and Roen has a family to take care of.

A Genjix scientist who defects to the other side holds the key to preventing bloodshed on an almost unimaginable scale.

With the might of the Genjix in active pursuit, Roen is the only person who can help him save the world, and the Quasing race, too.

And you thought you were having a stressful day…

Exciting, right? We’ll be piled up with reviews in the very near future, so look forward to reading those. We realise it might have been a while since you read Lives and/or Deaths of Tao, so here’s a quick round up of what the critics had to say about them:

Praise for The Lives of Tao:

The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu

Click to enlarge

“This doesn’t seem like Chu’s first book, he writes with panache, skill and confidence. His action scenes feel authentic, his world is intricate and believable, and he tells his story in a compelling manner that keeps you turning pages”.
– Irresponsible Reader

“Wes Chu’s Lives of Tao should absolutely be high up on your list of books to read next. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be off reading the sequel. Despite the fact that it’s past 1:00 AM here”.
Serial Bookseller

The Lives of Tao marvellously casts all of war, science, politics, religion, and economics into a stark new light. It switches well between action-packed scenes and philosophical discussions about human nature and the pitfalls of manipulation, even guided by the best of intents.”
– Josh at Examiner.com

Praise for The Deaths of Tao:

The Deaths Of Tao by Wesley Chu

Click to enlarge

“A first-rate science fiction thriller with non-stop action, an evil baddie who scared even me, full of well-timed humorous banter, with an intriguing and unique concept of alien invasion”.
Books, Bones & Buffy

“Wesley Chu brings just the right amount of comic-book style to a setting of serious sci-fi blended well with secret-agent thriller action, and all starring a reluctant hero weveryone will love. It’s a stellar combination!”
– Popcorn Reads

“The Deaths of Tao is as funny, loveable and entertaining as the first book, and adds even more depth to the characters, story and themes. With some major changes taking place towards the end of the book (and one heck of a must-know-what-happens-next ending), I’m really looking forward to seeing where the author takes us next!”
Fantasy Faction

So if you haven’t read Lives and/or Deaths yet, we really recommend that you do so. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

That’s it from us this week but we’ll be back next time with some more exciting news and a whole host of fabulous reviews.

Have a great week!

Over and out.

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Stolen Songbird Sale!

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Say that three times fast.

Here at Angry Robot headquarters, we’re busily preparing for the release of Hidden Huntress, the second book in The Malediction Trilogy by Danielle L. Jensen, coming this June.

The first book in the trilogy, the amazing Stolen Songbird (a Goodreads Choice Award Finalist) is on mega-discount right now, selling for just $.99 in ebook this week.

Pick up your copy of Stolen Songbird today, or if you already have a copy, grab a copy for a friend so you can both read Hidden Huntress together. And while you’re at it, you can pre-order Hidden Huntress and get it the second the book is available.

Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen Hidden Huntress by Danielle L Jensen

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Robot Round-Up 5/3/15

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Hey there Robot Readers,

It’s Penny here, Angry Robot Books’ brand new intern. Hope you’re all well?

You might have heard that the Robot Overloads have been beavering away of late, searching out new authors and books for your pleasure. It’s all been very exciting and we couldn’t be more delighted that Angry Robot Books is back to full steam and ready to fill your bookshelves with all of the most brilliant SF, F and WTF? books around.

This month, we want to shout about a couple of titles that are currently garnering critical acclaim. In fact, they’re so good both were mentioned on io9’s The Science Fiction And Fantasy Books You Can’t Afford To Miss In March. Pretty sweet, eh?

Flex by Ferrett SteinmetzFirstly Ferrett Steinmetz – writer of the Nebula award winning novelette Sauerkraut Station, and he of “Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex” viral blog fame – released his first full-length novel, Flex this month. We absolutely love Ferrett’s take on bureaucracy and the dangers of unregulated magic and it seems that the critics do, too. You might have seen the buzz generated so far but here are a few of our favourite recent reviews:

“Do you like magic? Do you like drugs? Donut-based psychological theories? Video games?…Give it a read! It’s great fun.” – Ann Leckie, author of Ancillary Justice and winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Arthur C. Clarke Awards

“I don’t like using exclamation points, but this book deserves all the exclamation points. Look, here’s a whole bag! They are to be placed after the words Flex and awesome whenever they appear! Flex! Awesome! Flex! Awesome! Flex! You get the idea. The book’s pacing was just right, the information drip satisfyingly steady but with enough mystery to keep me reading. I wanted to find out who would do what and how. I wanted to know who was going to win. I wanted to know about motivations. I wanted to see some more video game magic. I wanted to read it whenever I had time. If I end up writing a list of my ten favorite books from my last five year’s reading, this book is probably going to be on it”. – Book Punks

Flex was an absolute delight to read, and my only real lament is that I can’t cast some bureaucromancy of my own to conjure up the sequel right friggin’ now”. – Michael Patrick Hicks, author of Convergence and Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarterfinalist

“Ferrett takes the “people learn how to do magic, will they use it for good or ill?” question and blows it right open, exposing the soft underbelly of a society that first resorts to fear and violence when faced with something they don’t understand. And I fricken’ loved every word of it. The magic is weird and soul-crushingly expensive, the characters are fantastic, the stakes are high, and the story is intimate. That my friends, is what I’m always looking for. Ferrett Steinmetz? the guy is a Wordmancer.” Little Red Reviewer

“This world is amazing – just the idea that an obsession can bend reality enough to create magic is a brilliant one…The idea on its own brings something fresh to urban fantasy, and was enough on its own to draw me into the book. Steinmetz brings something new and fresh to the genre”. – Stephanie Gunn, writer for ASIF and judge of the Australian Shadows Awards

“I loved Flex. All the thumbs up and all the stars checked.” I, Fat Robot

“Reading Flex is like ingesting a solid dose of some seriously bad-ass magic. The world comes to life, possibilities that you hadn’t thought of suddenly present themselves, you find yourself immersed in words that portray a familiar, but yet much more magical world. Flex is in some ways, reminiscent of Breaking Bad with a Ready Player One slant but with an added twist all its own”. Tenacious Reader


If you fancy winning your own ebook of Ferrett’s Flex, head on over to the awesome SF Signal for your chance to get your mitts on a copy of the book. The mag has also written up a great interview with Ferrett, which you can see here.

Dirge Magazine is also offering one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on a copy of Flex just by signing up to its mailing list.

Not content with releasing a fantastic book, Ferrett has also been flexing *groan* his prose muscles with a host of interviews, musings and podcasts. Here are a few we recommend you read/listen to:

SF Fiction
Whatever: The Big Idea
Five Books with Snarky Sidekicks
Rocket Talk
So What’s It Like to Have Your Book Released?

The Buried Life, by Carrie PatelOur second book capturing the hearts and minds of critics is The Buried Life by Carrie Patel.


Carrie is currently publicising the book and, as you know, all good publicity tours start with a launch. So if you happen to live in San Diego, make sure to pop by Mysterious Galaxy Books on 7 March at 2pm as Carrie will be having a signing session. If you can’t make the signing, then take a look at this collection of interviews, excerpts and writings from Carrie, below, which is almost as good as meeting her in person.

Book Bites
My Superpower
SF Signal
Eating Authors
The Fire in our Heads

The Buried Life has some great reviews, below, which will have you clamouring to get a copy of the book, released in the UK just yesterday! If you haven’t read/bought it yet, make sure to enter Popcorn Books’ competition to win your very own copy. The Buried Life is included in Niall Alexander’s British Fiction Hitlist for March, and you can see the full listing here.

“Her writing exudes an engaging confidence that makes The Buried Life hard to put down. Patel also shows a gift for pithy dialogue, and her two female leads are both resilient although in different ways”. – SciFi Now

“I’ve had my eye on The Buried Life by Carrie Patel (Angry Robot) for a while now, ever since it came up on one of my recommendations lists. I admit that the cover drew me in, but the summary is what held my interest. Murder investigations in a vast underground dystopia? I’m game”. – Lit Reactor

The Buried Life is one of those books where you get much more than you had bargained for. Carrie Patel introduces the reader to a very interesting world, which besides several explanations only raises many more questions. The whole setting of the book is cleverly build by mixing up several of the established genres, Carrie Patel has created a very unique and intriguing blend. The Buried Life is a high recommendation, you don’t come by these types of books very often, great reading stuff.” – The Book Plank

The Buried Life excels on many levels, quite apart from its presentation of strong female characters: it’s a cracking whodunnit with sufficient twists and turns to make Agatha Christie proud, a vivid portrayal of a vibrant multicultural society, and an intriguing love story.” – The Guardian

“If you love Steampunk, or Urban Fantasy, grab this book. If you love Post-Apocalyptic Rebuilt Civilizations, grab this book. If you love Empowered Female Protagonists, grab this book. And if you love a well-written, enticing story with a great reader’s hook, well of course, grab this book! I loved it! It’s a re-reader and I can’t wait for more from the author Carrie Patel”. Mallory Heart Reviews

The Buried Life artfully sets a who-dunit murder mystery in a dystopian underground city filled with dark politics and foul secrets. It’s a gripping read from start to finish, with two clever female leads and a delightfully colorful cast. More, please!” – Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger

That’s it for your round-up this month. Keep your eyes peeled and that index finger hitting that refresh button as we’ll be back with more exciting news soon.

Over and out.


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Following yesterday’s successful #RobotReboot with the publication of Carrie Patel‘s The Buried LifeFerrett Steinmetz‘s Flex, and a slick MM re-issue of Ramez Naam‘s Nexus, we are delighted to pass on some more good news: we have signed up both Jay Posey and Andy Remic for more fantastic books.

Jay Posey will finish out his acclaimed Duskwalker trilogy, with Dawnbreaker, in August 2015 and will release Outriders, a military SF novel, in 2016.

Andy Remic’s titles, The Dragon Engine and Twilight of the Dragons, are set in the same world as his Rage of King series, and will start with The Dragon Engine‘s release in September 2015.  

Here’s what our Robot Overlord, Marc, has to say: “Angry Robot has won a variety of awards for innovation, packaging and so on – but one of our core strengths is great storytelling. Jay Posey is a natural, and a flavour of his day job working on PC games definite seeps into his writing. As for Andy Remic… he’s a one-off, a writer of singular power and violence, where (to deliberately steal a line from Spinal Tap) everything goes up to 11. It’s great to have them both working on new series for us.”

The Author, Jay PoseyJay: “Angry Robot authors like to make a lot of jokes about the Robot Overlords implanting us with brain chips and threatening to destroy us with angry robot laser eye, but the truth of the matter is, the folks at AR are genuinely some of the finest in the business.  I’m delighted to be working with them again.  And even though they wouldn’t agree to let me visit their orbital weapons platform, they *did* allow me to select two targets, so I really couldn’t be happier.”

Andy RemicAndy: “I am once again thrilled to be working with Angry Robot on my next two hardcore violent fantasy novels, The Dragon Engine and Twilight of the Dragons. Both novels are set in the same world as The Iron Wolves and The White Towers, and feature  a group of honourable heroes who go in search of wealth and immortality… but find a whole barrel-load of trouble instead. These books will hit new levels in fantasy violence and anti-heroic depravity… Game of Thrones? Pffft. Game of Marshmallows compared to what I’m writing now!!”

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For months, the Angry Robots have been working in secret, engineering better, stronger, more powerful publishing schemes. We’ve been patient, turning uncertainty into dedication, conscripting world-class talent into the Robot Collective.

But now, the time has come to reveal our new plans for World Domination!

That’s right, Angry Robot’s back, with two debut novels and a Mass Market re-release of one of our most critically-lauded books, all on sale in the US and CAN today.

Flex by Ferrett SteinmetzThe Buried Life by Carrie PatelNexus MMPB by Ramez Naam


Read More→

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The final instalment of Wesley Chu‘s Lives of Tao trilogy, The Rebirths of Tao, is weeks away from publication and we know how excited you are to see how this ends up for Roen and his family…as well as the planet. To whet your appetite, we’re delighted to be releasing the cover for this book – and keep an eye out for various reveals on your favourite SF blogs for their reveals, some with giveaways for the whole trilogy!

The Rebirths of Tao by Wesley Chui

Click on the cover to enlarge

We love how the covers complement each other, and Stewart Larking‘s cover for The Rebirths of Tao ties them all together.


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Who says good news isn’t released on a Friday? Conflux Inc., organisers of the 2014 Aurealis Awards, have announced the finalists for this year’s awards and we are delighted to see Marianne de Pierres in the category for Best Science Fiction Novel with Peacemaker.

Judging Coordinator, Tehani Wessely, said that with over 750 entries across the twelve categories, the judges had a hugely challenging job.

“As is always the case, the judges agreed that entries were of a very high standard and the final decisions were subject to much debate among the panellists. The competition becomes stronger every year.”

The Aurealis Awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, 11 April in Canberra. Wishing Marianne, and all the other finalists, the very best of luck!

MariannePeacemaker by Marianne de Pierres

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Behind every new book published is, not only a happy publisher but also, a delighted author. Some journeys to publication are longer than others, but no matter how long it takes the result is still the same: physical proof of what was once an idea, formed, created, and worked on, probably over and over again. As Ferrett Steinmetz approaches publication day (3 March) for his debut novel, Flex, yesterday Ferrett realised a dream: author copies of his very own book arrived. The wonderful moment was captured on video, but I do warn you…it has been known to induce some tears. Congratulations, Ferrett!

Ferrett has also written about this moment over on his blog: A Thing I Have Waited For, Literally, All My Life.

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To launch her debut novel, The Buried Life, Carrie Patel will be at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on Saturday, March 7 at 2pm. This event will be held at Mysterious Galaxy’s new location: 5943 Balboa Ave, Ste. 100, San Diego.

If you’re interested in attending, there is an event page on Facebook with all details, and check out Mysterious Galaxy on TwitterThe Buried Life is the first in Carrie’s series and is set in the gaslight and shadows of the underground city of Recoletta. With a strong female lead, Inspector Liesl Malone, The Buried Life has been praised by Beth Cato and Cherie Priest, as well as receiving a starred review in Publishers Weekly, being listed as an anticipated read not only in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, but also on Buzzfeed.

WHAT: Carrie Patel signing copies of The Buried Life
WHERE: Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego
WHEN: Saturday, March 7 at 2pm

The Author, Carrie PatelThe Buried Life, by Carrie Patel

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