Robot Round-Up 31/7/15

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Hail Robots,

It’s GenCon weekend, which we’re all very excited for. If you’re there then make sure to catch a few Angry Robot panels and signings; you can find all the details here.

If you’re not at GenCon and are in the UK, it’s just one week until the beginning of Nine Worlds. We’ll be there, will you? If you spot us come and say hi, we just love to chat with you guys!

WesleyChuFINAL-9559 copyIt’s been a good week for podcasts this week, with Time Salvager and Lives of Tao author Wesley Chu chatting to Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy and author of The Worldbreaker Saga Kameron Hurley guesting with Diana Rowland on Tor.com’s Rocket Talk ahead of the release of Empire Ascendant in October. We love listening to a good podcast over our cereal of a morning, so that’s this weekend set for those of us not at GenCon.

This week Ishbelle Bee, author of The Contrary Tale of The Butterfly Girl, the second book in The Peculiar Adventures of John Loveheart, Esq. has been chatting with various blogs, including Strange Alliances, Sci-Fi Bulletin and The Book Plank and Bellsie Books. Ishbelle really seems to have piqued people’s imaginations with her unique take on Victorian-era fairytales.

Cities and Thrones by Carrie PatelCarrie Patel is heading to Columbus GA tomorrow to sign copies of The Buried Life and Cities and Thrones at Barnes &  Noble. You should probably also read the nice things Black Gate has to say about the Recoletta trilogy, too.

Finally, Ramez Naam‘s Nexus trilogy has been praised again, this time by The Speculative Post, which is always lovely. Here’s a quick excerpt:

I really enjoyed how Naam focuses on the philosophical implications of what something like Nexus would mean. Broadcasting emotions, sharing data, while these things foster communication and understanding, they don’t come with a magical level of acceptance as well. Science Fiction often likes to suggest that telepathy would end violence and end war because having introspective access to somebody else’s mind would somehow make you unable to kill them because now you understand them at some magical level that would make it impossible, and that has always bothered me. Nothing about Nexus or any other method of mind-to-mind communication feels like it would automatically change minds. I think that it would just make it easier for hateful people to find the people they hate to hate them more effectively. There would eventually be no war or violence if by the simple expedient that there’d eventually be no more people, or few enough people that they could all go find their own place to be. The frank appraisal by Naam of humanity as ‘not likely to get much better because of this, at least, not right away’ seems pretty much spot on to me.

We couldn’t agree more. Pop over to The Speculative Post article to read more.

That’s all from us at the Angry Robot HQ today. Join us next time for more interviews, podcasts and great reviews!

Over and out.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 14.24.02Grab your copies of the Recoletta series and your favourite sharpie, as Carrie Patel is heading to Barnes & Noble in Colombus, GA to sign copies of The Buried Life and Cities and Thrones.

You can register your interest in the event over on the Facebook page.

Carrie: “I’m pumped to hang out at the Columbus, GA Barnes & Noble this weekend! Stop by, say hello, and stay out of the heat!”

Turns out it’s a tax holiday in Georgia, too, so we can see no better way to celebrate than by buying a huge heap of books.

Here’s your handy little map with directions to get to the store:

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Glad tidings!

Join us in celebrating the news that author of The Majat Code series, Anna Kashinahas won not one but two Prism Awards.

The Prism Awards are handed out to published authors of novels and novellas for work that contains both romance and a paranormal element.

Anna was entered into the award for her novel The Guild of Assassins, the second book in the The Majat Code series, following on from Blades of the Old Empire. She received both the top prize in the fantasy category and the excellently named The Best of The Best – for, we can only presume, being the best.

Anna: “I came to the Prism Awards ceremony with no expectations, just happy to be there and meet some of the authors I admire (including my co-finalist in the fantasy category, Jeffe Kennedy). I felt so thrilled when I learned of my win for fantasy, and dumbfounded when, minutes later, I was also named the winner of the “Best of the Best” award for the overall top entry in the contest that received the most votes. The news is still sinking in, slowly, as I am looking at the two beautiful trophies on my shelf.
I am very happy for The Guild of Assassins to have achieved these honors. Writing this book, to me, felt exactly like being in love. Knowing that I have managed to convey this feeling to the readers is very rewarding. I am so glad the book has found its perfect audience.”

Congratulations, Anna!

For more on Anna’s win, please visit her blog.

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Angry Robot at GenCon

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Dear Robot Legions, let me tell you a story about a young cyborg.

Years ago, before I was assimilated into the Angry Robot collective and fitted with the Sales-and-Marketing-o-Tron-9000 system, I was a mere gamer, spending evenings and weekends at my local game store, first as a regular, then as a cashwrap monkey.

Each summer, one thing loomed on the horizon and came to dominate every conversation:


For those that don’t know, GenCon is the largest gaming convention in the USA, and is the height of the gaming world’s season. But even if you know about GenCon, you might not know that it has its own con within a con, the Writers Symposium. And this year, several of our authors will be attending GenCon and most will be on programming at the Symposium.

But they will not be alone.

Next week, I will strap into a landing pod and blast down from Angry Robot Orbital HQ with books and posters in-tow to run an Angry Robot booth in Author’s Alley at GenCon, supporting our attending authors and selling other books from the AR list.

We will have a booth in the dealer hall – Table Z in Author’s Alley. I’ll have books from all of our attending authors as well as a selection of other titles. We have in-booth signings scheduled, and please swing by if you’re a dedicated Angry Robot fan – we want to meet you!


In-booth signings (Table Z – Author’s Alley):


4pm – Wesley Chu


1pm – Wesley Chu
3:30pm – Maurice Broaddus


2pm – Kameron Hurley
3pm – Jay Posey
4pm – Wesley Chu




9am – Writer’s Craft 101 – Room 245 (SEM1577055) (Mike)

9am – Business of Writing 101 – Room 244  (SEM1577108) (Kameron Hurley)

10am – Business of Writing: How to Talk About Your Book – Room 244 (SEM1577109) (Kameron Hurley)

11am – Business of Writing: Early Stage Writing Career —What to Expect – Room 244 (SEM1577110) (Kameron Hurley)

11am – Writer’s Craft: Where to Start the Story – Room 243 (SEM1577156) (Maurice Broaddus)

1pm – Business of Writing: Networking – Room 244 (SEM1577112) (Kameron Hurley)

3pm – Writer’s Craft: Action Scenes – Room 245 (SEM1577061) (Jay Posey)

3pm – Character Craft: Where to Start When Creating Characters – Room 243 (SEM1577160) (Maurice Broaddus)

3pm – Business of Writing: Professional Organizations (SFWA, IAMTW, & More) – Room 244 (SEM1577114 ) (Wesley Chu)

5pm – Business of Writing: Pitching Your Project – Room 244 (SEM1577116) (Patrick S. Tomlinson)

5-7pm – Once & Future Podcast MEGACAST – (SEM1578894) (Kameron Hurley, Wesley Chu, Mike)

7pm – Writer’s Craft – Novel Outlines & Synopses – Room 244 (SEM1577118) (Mike)



9am – Writer’s Craft 101 – Room 244 (SEM1577119) (Kameron Hurley)

12pm – Writer’s Craft: Description Through Dialogue – Room 245 (SEM1577074) (Wesley Chu)

2pm – Writer’s Life: Breaking Writer’s Block – Room 244 (SEM1577126) (Maurice Broaddus)

6pm – Writer’s Craft: Epiphanies & Defining Moments – Room 245 (SEM1577080) (Wesley Chu)

6pm – Worldbuilding: Mythology – Room 244 (SEM1577134) (Mike)



9am – Character Craft 101 – Room 245 (SEM1577084) (Kameron Hurley)

9am – Worldbuilding 101 – Room 244 (SEM1577136) (Jay Posey)

10am – Character Craft: Character Voice – Room 245 (SEM1577086) (Jay Posey & Kameron Hurley)

12pm – Character Craft: Heroic Pairs – Room 245 (SEM1577088) (Jay Posey)

1pm – Tor Presents: Gaming the Novel—How Tabletop Gaming Informs Worldbuilding – Room 243 (SEM1578855) (Wesley Chu)

3pm – Worldbuilding: Creating Languages – Room 244 (SEM1577142) (Mike)

3pm – Writer’s Craft: Magic and the Modern World – Room 243 (SEM1578856 ) (Maurice Broaddus, Patrick S. Tomlinson)

4pm – Worldbuilding: Creating Religions – Room 244 (SEM1577143) (Mike)

6pm – Character Craft: Writing the Other – Room 245 (SEM1577099) (Kameron Hurley & Wesley Chu)



9am – Read & Critique – Room 242 (WKS1578889) (Patrick S. Tomlinson)


See you there!

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#HHArtComp Winners!

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To celebrate the release of Danielle L. Jensen‘s Hidden Huntress, we decided to do something a little different. Using the hashtag #HHArtComp we asked fans of the Malediction trilogy – which comprises of Stolen Songbird, Hidden Huntress and the forthcoming Warrior Witch – to come up with artwork for one of four topics, trolls, witches, humans and architecture.

We had some really, really lovely entries, proving that our Malediction trilogy readers are definitely artists in the making.

However, not everyone could win – as much as we’d have liked that – so Danielle made the difficult decision and picked three runner-ups and an overall winner.

The winner receives a trophy, personal Skype chat with Danielle, a signed manuscript of Hidden Huntress and an advance eARC of Warrior Witch, the third and final book in the Malediction trilogy. The runners up each win a trophy and eARC.

Here’s Danielle herself, to give the announcement:

Our hearty thanks go to The Social PotatoThe QwilleryBookCatPin and The Reader & The Chef for help running this competition. You guys are the best!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 16.30.45

Kameron Hurley, author of The Mirror Empire, and the soon-to-be-published Empire Ascendant is making her presence known at Gen Con, held 30 July – 2 Aug, by simply ATTENDING ALL OF THE PANELS.

As you can see below, Kameron will be here, there and everywhere during the three days she’s at the event, so make sure to catch her speaking in at least one panel. As always, schedules are subject to change, so please check on the day to ensure you’re not disappointed.

Kameron HurleyThursday, July 30

09:00 : Business of Writing 101

10:00 :The Business of Writing: How to Talk About Your Book

11:00 : Early Stage Writing Career: What to Expect

13:00 : The Business of Writing: Networking

14:00 : Writing Craft: High Fantasy Without the Cliches

Friday July 31

9:00 : Writer’s Craft 101

16:00 : Signing Indy Reads books booth (Kameron asks you bring friends and whisky)

Saturday, August 1

9:00 : Character Craft 101

10:00 : Character Craft: Character Voice

18:00 : Character Craft: Writing the Other

All of Kameron’s book will be available to purchase, so make sure to bring your coffers. If you ask nicely, she might just sign them, too.

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You may have seen it on the Barnes & Noble sci-fi blog, but the long-awaited cover for Kameron Hurley‘s Empire Ascendant – the second in the Worldbreaker Saga – is here.

The artwork, by Richard Anderson is so gorgeous that we didn’t only want to reveal the front cover but the entire wrap, too.

Click on the image to be taken through to the reveal article, complete with quotes from Kameron and Richard and the full image.

Click on the image

Click on the image

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We’ve got another cover reveal to shout about! They’re all coming out at the moment.

This time it’s the excellent cover for If Then,  the new literary sci-fi novel from the acclaimed author of The Red Men, Matthew De Abaitua.

Here’s the full book synopsis:

In the near future, after the collapse of society as we know it, one English town survives under the protection of the computer algorithms of the Process, which governs every aspect of their lives. The Process gives and it takes. It allocates jobs and resources, giving each person exactly what it has calculated they will need. But it also decides who stays under its protection, and who must be banished to the wilderness beyond. Human life has become totally algorithm-driven, and James, the town bailiff, is charged with making sure the Process’s suggestions are implemented.

But now the Process is making soldiers. It is readying for war — the First World War. Mysteriously, the Process is slowly recreating events that took place over a hundred years ago, and is recruiting the town’s men to fight in an artificial reconstruction of the Dardanelles campaign. James, too, must go fight. And he will discover that the Process has become vastly more sophisticated and terrifying than anyone had believed possible.

The cover art was created by Raid 71, who has also worked with Little White Lies, NME, Mercedes, Marvel and Lego.

The full cover reveal is over at Sci-Fi Bulletin. Click on the image below to be taken to the full article:

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.47.55

Click on the image for full reveal

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Yeah, it’s Friday afternoon in the Angry Robot office (YMMV), so it was inevitable that we were going to goof about for an hour or two, and run some of our recent and upcoming book covers through Deep Dream.

Do you know it – Google’s new software algorithm that attempts to mimic what happens in the human subconscious during dream states? It’s a bit limited at the moment: it really only draws on images of dogs and eyeballs right now – but it’s still damn freaky and we had a blast revealing the Cthulhu-esque subliminals lurking just behind our cover art.

Here are some of our favourites. If you’re eating something a bit icky, or have recently ingested a heavy dose of hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals, you may care to skip this post. If you’re up for it, you can click on each to see a much larger version. What’s your favourite?

If Then (Deep Dream Dawnbreaker (deep dream) Empire Ascendant (deep dream)

Butterfly Girl (deep dream) The Ark (deep dream) The Buried Life (deep dream)

The Dragon Engine (deep dream) Unseemly Science (deep dream) Windswept (deep dream)

Want to have a go yourself? Check out the Dream Scope online app. Don’t have nightmares.

Years ago, when Jay Posey started down the path of his The Legends of the Duskwalker series, he was joined by two mighty allies: Ramez Naam – brilliant technologist and author of the Nexus trilogy – and Wesley Chu – martial arts master and author of the Tao trilogy. Together they embarked upon a quest to produce three books each, all epic in their own way, and all set to take over the world of sci-fi.

On August 4 (USA/Can) / August 6 (UK/R.o.W) the release of Jay’s Dawnbreaker will mark the end of the journey of the Trilogy of Trilogies. *sob* As the final book of the three trilogies, Jay has decided to hold a competition to win all nine books.

Each of the volumes will be signed by its respective author and will be deposited at your door by glorious winged beasts*.

To enter the competition, just head over to Jay’s website. You have just under a week to enter, so no dilly-dallying.

*the mailperson

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Carrie Patel: Reddit AMA

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reddit-logo1We love a good Ask Me Anything, so were delighted when the lovely folks over at Reddit asked if Carrie Patel, author of The Buried Life and Cities And Thrones would take part in her very own AMA.

Starting this Thursday (23 July) at 8pm Central Time, Carrie will be “looking forward to talking about books, writing, games, and horse-sized ducks with r/fantasy”.

Make sure to get your questions in asap! You can join in the conversation here.

Carrie isn’t our first Angry Robot to foray into the wonderful world of the AMA. Below are a couple from other ‘bots for you to look through while you wait for Carrie’s to begin.

Wesley Chu

Ramez Naam

Kameron Hurley

Angry Robot Team 

Lauren Beukes

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Head on over to My Bookish Ways for a cover reveal AND excerpt of Adam Rakunas‘ new novel, Windswept – a brilliant romp through space, filled to the brim with a kick-ass heroine and lashings of rum, too.

Padma Mehta has to save her city, her planet, and Occupied Space from a devastating crop-killing plague — all before Happy Hour.

Labor organizer Padma Mehta is on the edge of space and the edge of burnout. All she wants is to buy out a little rum distillery and retire, but she’s supposed to recruit 500 people to the Union before she can. She’s only thirty-three short. So when a small-time con artist tells her about forty people ready to tumble down the space elevator to break free from her old bosses, she checks it out — against her better judgment. It turns out, of course, it was all lies.

As Padma should know by now, there are no easy shortcuts on her planet. And suddenly retirement seems farther away than ever: she’s just stumbled into a secret corporate mission to stop a plant disease that could wipe out all the industrial sugarcane in Occupied Space. If she ever wants to have another drink of her favorite rum, she’s going to have to fight her way through the city’s warehouses, sewage plants, and up the elevator itself to stop this new plague.

If the gorgeous cover by Jessica Smith isn’t enough to tempt you to to pick up the novel as soon as it comes out on 1 September (USA/Can) / 3 September (UK/R.o.W), then the excerpt sure will be.

Click on the picture to be taken through to the full reveal.

Windswept teaser

Click to see the full cover

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Introducing Peter Tieryas

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The Author, Peter TieryasHail Roboteers!

As you may have seen, we have a brand new, fresh-off-the-production-line, shiny new robot, in the form of Peter Tieryas. *Does happy robot dance*

Due for release in March 2016, Peter’s forthcoming novel, United States of Japan – billed as the spiritual sequel to Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle – is set in a gripping alternate history where the Japanese Empire rules over America with huge robots.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Decades ago, Japan won the Second World War. Americans worship their infallible Emperor, and nobody believes that Japan’s conduct in the war was anything but exemplary. Nobody, that is, except the George Washingtons — a group of rebels fighting for freedom. Their latest terrorist tactic is to distribute an illegal video game that asks players to imagine what the world might be like if the United States had won the war instead.

Captain Beniko Ishimura’s job is to censor video games, and he’s tasked with getting to the bottom of this disturbing new development. But Ishimura’s hiding something…kind of. He’s slowly been discovering that the case of the George Washingtons is more complicated than it seems, and the subversive videogame’s origins are even more controversial and dangerous than the censors originally suspected.

Peter’s previous novel, Bald New World (Perfect Edge) was listed as one of Buzzfeed’s 15 Highly Anticipated Books and one of Publishers Weekly‘s Best Science Fiction Books of 2014.

When not writing, Peter is a character artist and has worked on films including Guardians of the Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

If you want to say hi to Peter, you can find him on Twitter here. Peter’s website can be found here.

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Do you love an ass-kicking dragon that could beat Smaug in a fight any day? How about an ass-kicking dragon that could beat Smaug and appear to be made from metal? Well, in that case you’re going to love the new cover for Andy Remic‘s forthcoming novel, The Dragon Enginewhich features the most excellent metal bodied, red eyed, fiery mouthed giant lizard around. The cover was designed by the brilliant Lee Gibbons. You can see more of Lee’s work over at his blog.

Here’s what you can expect from the book, which is released on 1 Sept (US/Can) 3 Sept (UK/R.o.W).

Five noble war heroes of Vagandrak get drunk one night and sign a contract – to journey to the Karamakkos in search of the Five Havens. There, it is written, there lies untold, abandoned wealth and, more importantly, the three Dragon Heads, legendary jewels claimed to give unspeakable power and everlasting life to those who wield them.

But the Dragon Heads aren’t what the adventurers think they are, and the world has not encountered their like in generations!

The lovely folks over at Fantasy Faction have done the honours and written up a great cover reveal post, which will give you the full cover image. Just click on the dragon’s face to view.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 15.32.46

Click on my face…if you dare…



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A dispatch from our own Robot-at-Large, Mike Underwood:


“The first week of July, Phil Jourdan and I strapped into our Robot Rockets and hurtled through the sky toward the Twin Cities for CONvergence, an excellent fan-run convention totalling around 7000 fabulous fans. But we were far from alone. Seven of our intrepid authors joined us for a weekend of spreading the word about All Things Angry and Robotic.

Anne Lyle, Alyc Helms, Carrie Patel, Craig Cormick, Ishbelle Bee, Patrick S Tomlinson, and Wesley Chu (a CONvergence Guest of Honor!) formed our Angry Robot author detachment for the weekend, speaking on panels about Reinventing Shakespeare, Colonizing Space, and many more.

Anne, Carrie, and Patrick carried out a Robot Invasion with a group reading on Sunday of the convention, yielding some excellent photographic opportunities.


Thanks to the staff of CONvergence, our hosts at the various hotels, and everyone who came up to meet us throughout the weekend. See you next year!”


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