Nekropolis / Tim Waggoner

“It’s hard to say if this singular novel, which boasts a wicked sense of humor to round off the horror, should be eligible for an Edgar Award or a Bram Stoker or both.”
– Elliot Swanson, Booklist

nekropolis-rough30cm-72dpiMeet Matt Richter. Private eye. Zombie.

His mean streets are the city of the dead, the shadowy realm known as Nekropolis. In this first case, Richter must help a delectable half-vampire named Devona recover a legendary artifact known as the Dawnstone, before it’s used to destroy Nekropolis itself. That is, if he can survive the myriad horrors that infest the city itself.

Pulp and proud, cracking wise like we just dug up the rotting corpse of Dashiell Hammett and put him back to work at his typewriter, Nekropolis is just the first of a trio of fabulous urban fantasies from the mighty Tim Waggoner.

Originally published as a limited run novella, the expanded Nekropolis is the definitive version of this massively entertaining series opener.

In the same series: Dead Streets

More praise…
“Waggoner introduces zombie PI Matthew Richter and his hometown of Nekropolis, the city of the dead, in this imaginative, morbidly witty, and frightening series launch. Vivid description and characterization, as well as a complex, intricately crafted setting reminiscent of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe, keep the pages turning at a rapid rate as Richter embarks on an enthralling tour of the dead city, from the vampire-filled streets of Gothtown to the bustling clubs and seedy dives of the Manhattanlike Sprawl. Both horror and mystery readers will be delighted by this horror-noir adventure.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“College writing teacher and established tie-in novelist Waggoner uses his experience creating tales for fans of Stargate SG-1, Xena Warrior Princess and other TV hits to capture the charms of fantasy TV – well-paced episodes, powerful hooks and engaging characters – on paper. His zombie detective Matt Richter is a likeable protagonist, and the world of Nekropolis is so charmingly and convincingly envisioned that, a couple of days later, I found myself doodling costume designs for the show. If vampires with a romantic penchant for ordinary human girls have been done to death, a zombie with a heart of gold might just be the Next Big Thing.”
Death Ray

“[Nekropolis] is an atmospheric and exciting mystery.”
SF Site

“It’s a classic. If you’re a fan of Simon R. Green, who does a series very much like this one, you’ll especially enjoy Necropolis. It’s a horror spoof done with a sense of wit and pulp detective done tongue-in-cheek. Sam Spade, watch out. There’s a slow-footed zombie creeping up on you!”
Bewildering Stories

“This is a terrific melding of the horror and private detective genres. Waggoner’s writing is visually led, and the Blade Runner/Dark City atmosphere is well drawn. Richter, with his seemingly bottomless pockets, makes a good protagonist – a former cop who can’t quite lose all the scruples of his old profession – and the romance between him and part vampire Devona builds at a steady and natural pace. 7/10 – A great start to what is hopefully an ongoing series.”
Total Sci Fi

“Nekropolis is like nothing I’ve ever ‘seen’ before. Waggoner doesn’t pull his punches; from page one you’re up to your ears in new creatures, established rules, and a city that’s the underbelly of the underbelly of Hell… Inventive? Absolutely. Icky? You could say that. But, man, I had to keep reading to find out if Waggoner could one-up himself. I liked Nekropolis, was intrigued by it, and I’ve got to say, Matt Richter is a zombie to watch.”
Tempting Persephone

“Fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, fans of noir detective stories and fans of the just plain weird, rejoice! … Nekropolis is something to pick up if you are in the mood for something different and fun. The weirdness does not leave you alienated (sic) and the worldbuilding is of a very high quality. It is Sam Spade done for a new future generation interested in something the same, but with a very different slant, making effective use of supernaturals in a dark city inhabited by beings and creatures that are as likely to eat you as to help you. This is the first novel of a three book series and if this lays the ground-work, we can be assured of a wild ride through the next two!”
SF Revu

“It’s a tough sell, bringing these two genres together, but Waggoner’s dark city of ash and bone is the perfect connective tissue for the story, raising it above cliché and into realms of surprisingly dark horror. This is the first in a series of three stories and I’m fascinated to see where Waggoner goes next.”
Alasdair Stuart

Nekropolis was not what I expected. I thought it would be dark fantasy or evil horror, but it’s something quite different. It’s an addictive kind of different: I started reading and couldn’t stop. Tongue-in-cheek and zombie-centred, Nekropolis is a noir story set in a place where humans are rare and probably on the menu. Tim Waggoner has invented a city that owes a debt to a great deal of literature, both high and low, and influences are easy to see but hard to summarise. For me, anyhow. I keep thinking “That reminds me of this,” and “Oh, I like how he used that bit of vampire lore!” The book is a warped tribute to many stories and writers.”
Gill Polack

“With plenty of twists, surprises, and undead smack-downs, Nekropolis has made my list of top reads of the year. The setting is a lot like Simon Green’s Nightside series with mystery, dark humor, and horror. Though I found myself enjoying this novel even more. The story is darker, a bit more complex, with likeable characters. It’s fresh and fun; and I didn’t want it to end. Fantasy and horror fans, don’t miss this fantastic release.”
SciFi Chick

“Waggoner is clearly having a lot of fun coming up with ever-more-inventive variants on common urban fantasy/horror elements, sometimes mixing in technology (genetically enhanced shapeshifters, gangs of cyberpunk vampires) and sometimes just turning it up to eleven.” –
Outside of a Dog

“A very enjoyable mystery—with vampires, zombies, and shifters—set in a noir kind of town. The characters are well developed, the dialogue is realistic, and the story is faced-paced. If you enjoy Simon R. Green’s Nightside series, you will thoroughly enjoy Tim Waggoner’s Nekropolis. One can only hope that Mr. Waggoner will write more books about Matthew and the Nekropolis. I, for one, will certainly be one of the first in line to buy them.”

“Enough action and mystery to keep readers mesmerized and on their toes.”
Bibliophile Stalker

“Described in vivid detail, the different creatures such as the genetically enhanced shapeshifters and gangs of cyberpunk vampires, and the incidents within the story have a decided ick factor to them… I recommend this book for any crime, mystery, fantasy or horror reader who wants a taste of something a little bit different.”
Barbara Martin

“The setting is a lot like Simon Green’s Nightside series with mystery, dark humor, and horror. Though I found myself enjoying this novel even more. The story is darker, a bit more complex, with likeable characters. It’s fresh and fun; and I didn’t want it to end. Fantasy and horror fans, don’t miss this fantastic release.”

Nekropolis is an engaging read that had plenty to recommend it to me. I like detective tales and Nekropolis has all the elements this and uses them effectively. There’s a mystery to be solved and every question is answered with another question, just the thing to keep me reading (which it did). I wanted to find out what happened next and… I kept reading as Richter is a great character to spend time with. You may not care what happens to a city full of monsters but you will care that Richter has to solve the case before his body falls to pieces on him… Nekropolis is a solid and enjoyable read… if you’re a fan of detectives or zombies then you’ll get something out of it too.”
Graham’s Fantasy Book Reviews

“The villains in the book are creepy, alien, and often very scary, but some of Matt’s friends are even scarier… [it has] good description style and a well thought out plot.”
SF Site

“This was a surprising delight for me that made me glad I took the step to read it. Horror, as a genre, doesn’t appeal to me that often, but I don’t believe this is really a ‘horror’ book. Chills perhaps, for a world similar to our own but obviously not our own, but not nightmares. Waggoner uses wit and irony to draw the reader in and engage their attention. Matthew didn’t claim to be the smartest, or fastest, or best detective in the world, but he did get the job done and he cared, that’s a win in my book.”
Poisoned Rationality

“I was hooked from the very first sentence: “I was sitting in Skully’s, nursing a beer that I couldn’t taste, and which I’d have to throw up later, and trying real hard to look like I was minding my own business, when the lyke walked in.” I don’t know who this character is, but I already like him… This book was a hell of a lot of fun to read – I can’t wait to order a copy for the library so I can start pushing it to other people. And I’m treating myself to a copy, too. Extra props to the author for adding in not only a kick-ass library, but a cool librarian, as well.”
Fluidity of Time

“It had a solid and likeable main character who developed a relationship with another character that felt interesting, poignant, and very real.”
Pop Culture Vulture

“It’s the richness of the exploration of the mystery, as well as the brilliance of Nekropolis, that keeps you coming back for more.”
Stanleyriiks’ Blog

“I can’t wait for more Matt Richter novels. It’s the perfect weapon for killing a day. The cure for boredom. Nekropolis slaps all the disgustingly fun aspects of Tim Waggoner’s writing right on the autopsy table, and I came away happy to have spent my money.”
Spine Busters

“Waggoner put a lot of work into imagining all the characters. … It’s filled with little sarcastic one liners that are really funny. It’s all in the little things that don’t make any sense to the story at  all, but upon reading you’ll understand and laugh.”
Death Books and Tea

“Combine the creative setting, the humour and a plot that everybody knows and loves, and you got one wonderful yarn!”
Floating Robes

“It’s a testament to Waggoner’s talent that the vast majority of this information actually sticks with the reader without bogging down the central film noir-style story. Indeed this is the best example I’ve yet read where the author is trying to create an entire alternate modern world.”
Spoiler Alert

“I can happily say it delivered on all of my lofty expectations.”

“Tim Waggoner is a seasoned author and handles the various twists and turns of the plot well. His writing is tight and every bit up to describing all the weird and wonderful things about Nekroplis.”
Noor A. Jahangir


Tim Waggoner
Urban Fantasy
Cover art: Vincent Chong

6 August 2009
416pp A-format paperback
£7.99 UK $tbc Aus
ISBN 978-0-85766-012-1 (new edition, available soon)

October 2010
416pp mass-market paperback
$7.99 US $8.99 CAN
ISBN 978-0-85766-013-8

ePub ISBN 978-0-85766-014-5

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