Mike Shevdon

Sixty-One Nails – 1 Nov 2009 (UK/Australia), September 2010 (US/RoW)
The Road to Bedlam – September 2010 (UK/Australia), November 2010 (US/RoW)
Strangeness and Charm – June 2012 (worldwide)
The Eighth Court – June 2013 (worldwide)

Mike ShevdonMike Shevdon lives in Bedfordshire, England, with his wife and son, where he pursues the various masteries of weapons, technology, and cookery. His love of Fantasy & SF started in the 70s with C S Lewis, Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov and continued through Alan Garner, Ursula Le Guin and Barbara Hambly. More recent influences include Mike Carey, Phil Rickman, Neil Gaiman, and Robert Crais, among many others.

He has studied martial arts for many years, mainly aikido and archery. Friends have sometimes remarked that his pastimes always seem to involve something sharp or pointy. The pen should therefore be no surprise, though he’s still trying to figure out how to get an edge on a laptop. Sixty-One Nails will be his debut novel, but unquestionably the first of many.

Explore the intricate world of Mike Shevdon at his fascinating website or follow him on Twitter (@shevdon).

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