Moxyland / Lauren Beukes

“The larval form of a new kind of SF munching its way out

of the intestines of the wasp-paralysed caterpillar of cyberpunk.” – Charles Stross

“A technicolour jazzy rollercoaster ride into a dazzling hell.” – André Brink

Moxyland does lots of things, masterfully, that lots of sf

never even guesses that it could be doing.” – William Gibson

Moxyland (new-look cover) by Lauren BeukesYou think you know what’s going on?

You think you know who’s really in power?

You have No. Fucking. Idea.

Moxyland is an ultra-smart thriller about technological progress, and the freedoms it removes.

In the near future, four hip young things live in a world where your online identity is at least as important as your physical one. Getting disconnected is a punishment worse than imprisonment, but someone’s got to stand up to government inc., whatever the cost.

A stunning first novel from critically acclaimed South African author Lauren Beukes, Moxyland takes its cues from Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross… and kicks their ass.

Praise and Reviews

“South African Lauren Beukes is in the ‘new wave’ tradition of literary SF, with nods to Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow. It’s the most contemporary of the four novels in terms of tone and content, and the South African setting is a refreshing change from the usual cyberpunk Japan or LA. The characters are as alienating as alienated, but the clever use of language and the multi-viewpoint structure keeps the story whipping along to a predictable, but highly entertaining, conclusion: Rollerball in cyberspace, with an ending reminiscent of James Tiptree Jr.’s disturbing short story ‘The Girl Who Was Plugged In’.”

- Death Ray

Moxyland is… bewilderingly fast-paced, slick; a next-generation cyberpunk that gets the heart pounding… A cracking read and one I cannot recommend highly enough.”

- Hub

“Reminiscent at times of Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic Snow Crash, its paragraphs dripping alternately with newly-coined street slang and futuristic techno-lingo, Moxyland is funny, gritty, imaginative and, ultimately, deeply disturbing. A politically charged urban speculative thriller that will leave you wanting more.”

- Obrigado

“Think V for Vendetta, but with third world angst, an outrageously narcissistic trust-fund blogger, and a township soccer team with an insurrectionist agenda. Tell your English teacher you want to read Moxyland or you’ll shoot up your school. ”

- NAG Online

“[Moxyland] scatters township street slang and Gibsonesque techno jargon across the page. Its heart is absolutely in the right place”

- Jon Courtenay Grimwood, SFX

“The world Beukes has invented is both eerily familiar and creepily different.”


“Beukes is a good writer and the flow of her prose is lovely to read. She also experiments with new phrases and concepts for her future world and… they are certainly interesting.”

- SciFi Now

“It’s sub-zero cool.”

- The Weekend Witness

“Moxyland essentially deals with technical progress and how on it’s current track could quite easily result in complete loss of personal freedom, think a very adult version of Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother mixed with Blade Runner, then peppered with V for Vendetta and topped off with cyberpunk classics like Snow Crash and you will begin to grasp the ultra modern novel that is Moxyland… [It] is a highly charged, imaginative and emphatic story that manages to both impress and disturb at the same time. A word of caution though this is clearly an adult only novel, not for the younger readers.”


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