Lauren Beukes

“Lauren is a writer to watch – for both now and the future!”

“A startling new voice… Courageous, cool, and refreshingly unsentimental.”
Something Wicked

Moxyland – 1 July, 2009 (UK/Aus), September 2010 (US/Rest of world)
Zoo City – September 2010 (UK/Aus), January 2011 (US/Rest of world)

Lauren Beukes is a writer, TV scriptwriter and recovering journalist (although she occasionally falls off the wagon).

She has an MA in Creative Writing, but she got her real education in ten years of freelance journalism, learning really useful skills like how to pole-dance and make traditional sorghum beer. For the sake of a story, she’s jumped out of planes and into shark-infested waters and got to hang out with teen vampires, township vigilantes, AIDS activists and homeless sex workers among other interesting folk.

When she’s not tutoring her baby daughter (aka the queen of eeeeeeevil) in practical ways to take over the world, she also writes books, short stories, magazine articles and TV scripts various.

Her non-fiction book, Maverick was nominated for the Sunday Times 2006 Alan Paton Non-Fiction Book of the Year competition. Even better, Zoo City won the Arthur C Clarke Award 2011 for best science fiction novel FTW!

Favourite Authors/Books
Cloud Atlas and Ghost Written by David Mitchell; The Ballad of Halo Jones, Watchmen and V for Vendetta by Alan Moore; The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood; Gun With Occasional Music and Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem; Bret Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park; Mark Danielwski’s House of Leaves; Chris Cleave’s Incendiary; Max Brooks’ World War Z; The Wisdom of Crocodiles by Paul Hoffman; and John Marks’ Fangland; and I love most of the canon of Neal Stephenson, Bruce Sterling, Neil Gaiman.

Random Snippets
~ My favourite angry robot is Toby the lovesick sociopath robot dog from The Ballad of Halo Jones.
~ I love zeppelins and megaladons (although I’d only like to experience a trip inside one of them).
~ That said, I’d rather be eaten by a shark than a crocodile or a lion (the purring before munching would be too much).

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