Kaaron Warren

“Kaaron Warren is a fresh, amazingly talented voice out of Australia. You must read her work.”
Ellen Datlow

Slights – 1 July 2009 (UK/Oz), Sept 2010 (US/RoW)
Walking the Tree – February 2010 (UK/Oz), Jan 2011 (US/RoW)
Mistification – June 2011 (UK/Oz), July 2011 (US/RoW)

Slights is Kaaron’s first novel, the first of three jaw-dropping books to be published by Angry Robot. Her award-winning short fiction has appeared in Year’s Best Horror & Fantasy, the Poe and Haunted Legends anthologies, Fantasy magazine, Paper Cities, and many other venues in the US, Europe and Australia. Her short story “A Positive” has been made into a short film called Patience, and her first ever published short story “White Bed” was dramatised for the stage in Australia.

She is currently working on a novella about the goddess Ishtar, and a novel about the washerwoman in history. She’s an Australian, based in Fiji when we met her but now back home in ACT.

Other random stuff she told us
~ I always wanted to be famous and changed the spelling of my name for that reason. There were too many ‘Karens’ in the world and I wanted to stand out.

~ My favourite kind of lolly (sweetie) is a hard one gone soft. Think Blackpool rock you can chew.

~ I’m an extremely bad drawer but I draw deliberately worse to make my children laugh. Can’t have them thinking I’m perfect.

~ I wrote my first novel at 14. Called Skin Deep, it was inspired by S.E.Hinton’s The Outsiders. It might have been published if I’d been able to type faster.

~ I see stories everywhere, even in the names of birds. I have “spine-tailed swift” in my ideas notebook.

~ I love to read anything and everything. Weird specialist magazines are a fave. I love the secret language they use, and the way people can be famous in their field but unheard of elsewhere.

Kaaron’s Writing Blog | Kaaron’s Everyday Life Blog (try both!)

Press Release: pdficon_large 02 Feb, 2010 – Angry Robot Announces a New Way of Telling Stories

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