Death’s Disciples / J Robert King

“The story is played out perfectly, with just the right amount of suspense, action and intrigue to ensure you are absolutely glued to the book.”

“This is a great read and an excellent novel in a new genre for well established fantasy author King.”The Fringe Magazine

Death's Disciples


When she woke up in the hospital, she could barely remember getting on the flight, let alone the terrorist bomb of which she was the only survivor.

But she can hear the voices in her head, for they are the spirits of the dead passengers. They cannot rest until they have delivered their terrifying message: the terrorists know she survived.

And they’re coming for her!

File Under: Horror [ Explosions | The FBI Lie | Voices Of The Dead | The Anti-Christ ]

More Praise and Reviews:

“It is beautifully written, it has some great prose and is backed with a story arc that really does leave you wondering where you turned into the Twilight Zone from the Outer Limits.”
Falcata Times

“a thrill-a-second ride, supremely plotted, exciting, hard-hitting, and definitely falls into the Twisted Blockbuster category – one hell of an awesome ride!”
DaveBrendon de Burgh

J Robert King
Urban Fantasy
Cover: Spring London

6 January 2011
368pp B-format paperback
£7.99 UK
ISBN – 978 0 85766 072 5

25 January 2011
384pp mass-market paperback
$7.99 US $8.99 CAN
ISBN 978 0 85766 073 2

6 January 2011
ISBN 978 0 85766 074 9


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