The Crown of the Blood / Gav Thorpe

“Thorpe writes strong, uncluttered narrative, and his characters actually sound like real people.”
– Tom Holt, SFX

He had brought his master’s Empire to the furthest reaches of the world. All had fallen before him. Now he longs for home.

But home isn’t what it was. Could it be that everything he’s fought for all those years has been a lie?

A sweeping fantasy of immense battles, demonic magic and dark politics.

File Under: Fantasy [ Epic battles / Political Intrigue / Mystical Powers / Hidden Rulers ]

Gav Thorpe
Cover art: Paul Young @ Artist Partners


More Praise:

“I tore through The Crown of the Blood in one long sitting… This is a properly high fantasy world – rock people, dark sorcery, landships, riding panther and (of course) dinosaurs – but all of it is introduced naturally and casually… his book is hairy, gory, sweaty, shameless… and perhaps even a little bit thoughtful.”

“This is one of Thorpe’s best novels. The setting and story are well thought out and are remarkably logical for a fantasy novel. If you enjoy military or historical fiction, you will enjoy The Crown of the Blood. Action, intrigue, conquest, and charismatic generals are waiting for you here!”
James Atlantic Speaks

“The Crown of the Blood (Gav Thorpe) is an old-fashioned sword and sorcery romp. There’s not a great deal of sorcery, but there’s lots of fighting and plotting and planning to conquer… it’s a fun book. This book is for readers who want a blast from the past; who want their hour of adventure in a strange world.”
Gillian Polack

“this is an absolutely fantastic novel; I recommend it.”
Daniel’s Thoughts

“there’s plenty to keep you turning the pages… An intriguing ending promises something different for book two”
SFX Magazine

“The Crown of the Blood should really have a warning sticker on the front (Angry Robots take note) it’s one of those books that are almost impossible to put down, so much so that you find yourself unconsciously continuing to (try to) read after getting up to make a brew / go to work / go to bed (delete as applicable and don’t try this at home kids). The novel also stands out with a very strong opening scene and excellent end, with a genuinely unexpected twist.”

September 2010
464pp A-format paperback
£7.99 UK $tbc Aus
ISBN 978 0 85766 057 2

October 2010
464pp mass-market paperback
$7.99 US, $8.99 CAN
ISBN 978 0 85766 058 9

September 2010
ePub ISBN 978 0 85766 059 6

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