David Tallerman

The Tales of Easie Damasco

1. Giant Thief (World: February 2012)

2. Crown Thief (World: October 2012)

3. Prince Thief (World: October 2013)

David Tallerman was born and raised in the northeast of England. A long and confused period of education ended with an MA dissertation on the literary history of seventeenth century witchcraft that somehow incorporated references to both Kate Bush and H P Lovecraft.

David currently roams the UK as an itinerant IT Technician-for-hire, applying theories of animism and sympathetic magic to computer repair and taking devoted care of his bonsai tree familiar.

Over the last few years, David has been steadily building a reputation for his genre short fiction and increasingly his writing has tended to push and merge genres, and to incorporate influences from his other great loves, comic books and cinema. David’s first novel, Giant Thief, will be published in January 2012, with two sequels to follow.

David’s home on the net is here: davidtallerman.net and his brilliant blog is here: davidtallerman.blogspot.com

Interview with Booktionary (Jan 12)

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