Winter Song / Colin Harvey

“Harsh, sometimes grotesque, strongly compelling – a classical journey told

in a new, uncompromising voice.”

John Meaney

“Harvey paints a grimly convincing portrait of a subsistence existence

on the inhospitable world. Harvey’s… novel depicts a fascinating universe of

want and plenitude, to which he will hopefully return in future novels.”

Eric Brown, The Guardian

WinterSong-front-72dpiThe planet had fallen off the map.

When Karl Allman’s spaceship crashed, he had only one question:


Rock-hard SF adventure. No one here gets out alive.

FILE UNDER: Science Fiction [Starship Crash / Abandoned Colonists / Alien Slaughter / Hell Planet]

What others have said:

“An entertaining read in an unforgiving environment. Following Karl Allman as he crash lands on a forgotten and primitive colony world where the terraforming looks like it’s going backwards, Winter Song is a novel that has more than a few surprises up its sleeve. I was expecting to walk into this with a more typical human vs alien world theme where there were many strange and wonderful creatures. What I got was a story focused on human characters who developed and grew with each situation they face. Highly recommended. 8/10″

- Walker of Worlds

“A believably harsh tale of survival in bleak and unforgiving elements.”


“Karl Allman … crashes pretty spectacularly on a barely habitable planet (it’s a description worthy of Iain M. Banks). He is helped by Bera, a woman shunned by her social group/fostered family for an illegitimate and failed child. Together these two break from the trial group causing a hunt across the icy and mostly barren and strangely, starkly beautiful landscape… Karl is looking for a possibly mythical ship/beacon through which he can send a signal for aid and Bera is looking for freedom from the oppressive system that has kept the failing colony going for generations … This is a tale about personal struggle and will leave you thinking about it weeks later. [Colin Harvey] deserves a place on your shelf along with Asher, Reynolds, Hamilton and Stross.”

- Deadwood Reviews

Winter Song combines good storytelling and strong world-building to make for an entertaining read. For a small paperback, this is a book with some big topics. To Harvey’s credit, although this is a lot of world-building, it is never intrusive. The characters are all genuinely, legitimately curious, and the detail comes across in dialogue and description, not pages of dry future-history. It is clear that the author has an extraordinarily detailed universe – I would be surprised (and disappointed) if Winter Song is our only visit.”

- Pornokitsch

“The Icelandic setting added a layer of fantasy-like dressing, horses, sword fighting and legends and gods and the cultural layers also represent as authentic. I felt that Colin had done his research. The prose style was strong…”

- AustSpecFic

“I found Winter Tale quite convincing and entertaining.”

- Red Rook Review


Colin Harvey

Science Fiction

Cover: Chris Moore at Artist Partners


1 October 2009

432pp A-format paperback

£7.99 UK $tbc Aus



September 2010

432pp mass-market paperback

$7.99 US $8.99 CAN

ISBN 978 0 85766 025 1


Sept 2010

£5.49 / $5.99

ePub ISBN 978 0 85766 026 8

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