Damage Time / Colin Harvey

“If Charles Dickens had written a futuristic SF thriller, this would be it.
Colin Harvey has outdone himself with creating memorable characters,
a page-turning plot, and a world that is far from and somehow like our own.”

– Christopher Barzak, author of One for Sorrow, and
The Love We Share Without Knowing

“Damage Time is for science fiction readers who love “Homicide” or “The Wire,” a gritty cop drama set in a future New York on the verge of collapse. Peter Shah is a memorable hero and the memory rip technology will make your skin crawl.”
– C.C. Finlay, author of The Patriot Witch and The Demon Redcoat

Damage TimeRock-hard SF Thriller from the author of Winter Song: no-one here gets out alive.

It’s 2050 and sea-levels have swamped today’s coastal regions. New York City is protected by tidal barriers and the USA is bankrupt.

Detective Pervez (Pete) Shah serves with the NYPD’s Web Crimes Division as a Memory Association Specialist. When he’s accused of murdering a glamorous woman in a bar, he must find the killer, save himself … and the world.

FILE UNDER: Science Fiction [Future Crime / Memory Specialist / Run for your Life / World in Danger]

Praise for Damage Time:

“a beautifully written tale with great pace and… 100% story with no added waffle that won’t let up from the beginning through to the end.”
Falcata Times

“The strength of the novel lies not only in the depiction of a detailed future of hardship and privation, but in the expert characterisation of Shah: a lone figure whose origins leave him open to prejudice within the police department, and whose problematic relationship with an intersexual courtesan reveals his own deep-seated prejudices.”
The Guardian

More praise for Colin’s last novel, Winter Song:
“An entertaining read in an unforgiving environment. Following Karl Allman as he crash lands on a forgotten and primitive colony world where the terraforming looks like it’s going backwards, Winter Song is a novel that has more than a few surprises up its sleeve. I was expecting to walk into this with a more typical human vs alien world theme where there were many strange and wonderful creatures. What I got was a story focused on human characters who developed and grew with each situation they face. Highly recommended. 8/10″
Walker of Worlds

“A believably harsh tale of survival in bleak and unforgiving elements.”

“Karl Allman … crashes pretty spectacularly on a barely habitable planet (it’s a description worthy of Iain M. Banks). He is helped by Bera, a woman shunned by her social group/fostered family for an illegitimate and failed child. Together these two break from the trial group causing a hunt across the icy and mostly barren and strangely, starkly beautiful landscape… Karl is looking for a possibly mythical ship/beacon through which he can send a signal for aid and Bera is looking for freedom from the oppressive system that has kept the failing colony going for generations … This is a tale about personal struggle and will leave you thinking about it weeks later. [Colin Harvey] deserves a place on your shelf along with Asher, Reynolds, Hamilton and Stross.”
Deadwood Reviews

Winter Song combines good storytelling and strong world-building to make for an entertaining read. For a small paperback, this is a book with some big topics. To Harvey’s credit, although this is a lot of world-building, it is never intrusive. The characters are all genuinely, legitimately curious, and the detail comes across in dialogue and description, not pages of dry future-history. It is clear that the author has an extraordinarily detailed universe – I would be surprised (and disappointed) if Winter Song is our only visit.”

“The Icelandic setting added a layer of fantasy-like dressing, horses, sword fighting and legends and gods and the cultural layers also represent as authentic. I felt that Colin had done his research. The prose style was strong…”

Colin Harvey
Science Fiction
Cover: Chris Moore at Artist Partners

October 2010
432pp A-format paperback
£7.99 UK $tbc Aus
ISBN 978 0 85766 063 3

November 2010
432pp mass-market paperback
$7.99 US $8.99 CAN
ISBN 978 0 85766 064 0

October 2010
ePub ISBN 978 0 85766 065 7

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