Chris F. Holm

“When you’re twenty-seven deep in line at his ninth signing, you’ll still remember these stories. They’re THAT good.”
-Steve Weddle, Editor of Needle Magazine

Dead Harvest – March 2012 (worldwide)
The Wrong Goodbye – October 2012 (worldwide)
The Big Reap – August 2013 (worldwide)

chris holmChris F. Holm was born in Syracuse, New York, the grandson of a cop with a penchant for crime fiction. He wrote his first story at the age of six. It got him sent to the principal’s office. Since then, his work has fared better, appearing in such publications as Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Needle Magazine, Beat to a Pulp, and Thuglit.

He’s been a Derringer Award finalist and a Spinetingler Award winner, and he’s also written a novel or two. He lives on the coast of Maine with his lovely wife and a noisy, noisy cat.

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