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Angry Robot is now closed to unagented submission. We expect to have another Open Door period in 2014, but we don’t yet have a date in mind. Keep checking back.


Due to the high volume of submissions (well over 100 in the last 3 days, alone!) we have reached the maximum number of submissions that can be sent via the online submission form. Instead – and only until midnight tonight – email your submissions to: incoming [AT] and mark the subject heading one of the following three subjects:

SUBMISSION – Science Fiction


SUBMISSION – Other cool stuff


We’re looking for science fiction, fantasy and fantasy of all flavours for an adult readership. No YA, no middle-grade.

There is a LOT to read on this page, and it’s going to take you 10 minutes or so to read and digest. If you don’t want to read through all this, click here, instead.

What we’re not looking for:

  • • Anything that could be reasonably described as “wacky” or “zany”.
  • • Anything other than science fiction, fantasy (including urban fantasy) or horror (in their many guises).
  • • Paranormal romance.
  • • Book 2 or later in an existing series.
  • • Books that have already been published elsewhere (including self-published as eBooks or print-on-demand).
  • • Books that have not yet been completed.
  • • Books that have previously been submitted to us, even if they’ve undergone extensive rewriting.
  • • Children’s books.
  • • Anything shorter than novel length (for us, that’s approx 75,000 to 140,000 words).
  • • Fiction based in other companies’ or authors’ worlds (no Batman fan-fiction, please).

What we are looking for:

We’re publishing novels, either standalone or as part of greater series. We’re not looking to publish your novellas, short stories (individually or collected in book form), poetry or non-fiction at this time. Our novels are for adult readers; we’re not currently looking at work aimed at young teens or children.

All our books are “genre” fiction in one way or another — specifically fantasy, science fiction, horror, urban or modern fantasy. Those are quite wide-ranging in themselves; we’re looking for all types of sub-genre, so for example, hard SF, space opera, cyberpunk, military SF, alternate future history, future crime, time travel, and more. We have no problem if your book mashes together two or more of these genres, but they must have that genre foundation.

Our books will be published in all English-language territories — notably the UK, US, Canada and Australia — so we’ll be buying rights to cover all those. If you are only offering rights in one territory, we will not be able to deal with you. We will be able to offer e-book and audio versions as standard too, plus limited edition and multiple physical formats where appropriate. We are not contracting any work-for-hire titles; we offer advances and royalties (and no, we can’t tell you at this stage what the advances offered will be – we’ll need to read your work, first).

Beyond all of this, what we’re really looking for in your writing is this:

A “voice”, that comes from…

• Confident writing

• Pacy writing

• Characters that live, have real relationships and emotions, even in extreme situations

• A sense of vision, a rounded universe that lives and breathes

• Clever construction, good plotting, a couple of surprises even for us jaded old read-it-alls

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