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Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry will be out in force again at WorldCon (LoneStarCon3) next week (in San Antonio, Texas).

If you’re going and want to get your books signed, the following authors will be there (and some of them have signing slots, as detailed below):

  • Adam Christopher – Signing Friday, 11.00am
  • Chuck Wendig – Signing Monday, 2.00pm
  • Maurice Broaddus
  • Cassandra Rose Clarke
  • Jay Posey
  • Martha Wells – Signing Thursday 4.00pm
  • Wesley Chu – Signing Saturday 11.00am
  • Madeline Ashby – Signing Thursday, 1.00pm
  • Ramez Naam – Reading, Sunday 10.00am
  • Emma Newman – Signing Saturday 4.15pm (in the Dealer Room)

Additionally, Mike Underwood (Angry Robot’s resident North American Sales & Marketing guru) and Lee Harris (Senior Editor) will be around. In the Dealer Room, at the bar.

Grab a book at the Angry Robot stand in the Dealer Room for your favourite author to sign. If you can’t find them we’ll get your book signed for you!

Special Deal: The first 5 people to buy a copy of one of Emma Newman’s Split Worlds books at her signing on the Saturday will get a copy of her superb short story collection – From Dark Places – absolutely free!

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Taking over the Planet…

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Forbidden Planet, that is…

In the next stage of our quest for World Domination (bwahahahahahaaaaa), Angry Robot are taking over Forbidden Planet’s London Megastore on Thursday October 31st.

From 6.00pm until 7.00pm you’ll have the opportunity to meet and greet the following authors – some of whom will be on a very rare visit to the UK.

The Lives of Tao by Wesley ChuWesley ChuThe Prince of Lies, by Anne Lyle
The Lives of Tao
The Deaths of Tao

Anne Lyle
The Alchemist of Souls
The Merchant of Dreams
The Prince of Lies

Note: The Deaths of Tao and The Prince of Lies are officially published the following week, but will be available early, exclusively for the Forbidden Planet signing.

Black Feathers by Joseph D'Lacey, April 2013Joseph D’LaceyHell to Pay, by Matthew Hughes - design by Tom Gauld
Black Feathers

Matthew Hughes
The Damned Busters
Costume Not Included
Hell to Pay

James A Moore
Seven Forges

Seven Forges by James A. Moore, artwork by Alejandro ColucciEmma NewmanAll is Fair by Emma Newman
Between Two Thorns
Any Other Name
All Is Fair

David Tallerman
Giant Thief
Crown Thief
Prince Thief

Mike Shevdon
Sixty-One Nails
Prince Thief, by David TallermanThe Road to BedlamThe Eighth Court by Mike Shevdon, cover art by John Coulthart
Strangeness and Charm
The Eighth Court

Adam Christopher
Empire State
Seven Wonders
The Age Atomic

The Age Atomic, by Adam Christopher, art & design by Will Staehle

Note: There are still a few limited edition hardbacks of all three of Adam’s novels, which are available exclusively through Forbidden Planet.

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Meet New Angry Robot Author, Anna Kashina

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Angry Robot is thrilled to announce the acquisition of two epic fantasy books from
Anna Kashina

The deal for worldwide rights was negotiated by Angry Robot Senior Editor Lee Harris and Kashina’s agent, Michael Harriot of Folio Literary Management, and includes a two-book series, The Majat Code. Book I, Blades of the Old Empire, will be published in March 2014, and the as-yet-untitled sequel will follow in July 2014.

Ania-BOOKAnna Kashina: “I am very excited about this deal and my upcoming books. When Angry Robot announced a submission call for traditional fantasy, I felt it would be a great fit for my work, and I am so thrilled that everything worked out well and my series have found such a good home. I look forward to working with the Angry Robot team on realizing my decade-long vision of the Majat warriors and the magical world of the old Shandorian empire.”

Lee Harris: “It’s always a pleasure to read a great new talent, and Blades of the Old Empire Book I of the Majat Code – is a great fantasy, and the start of an exciting new series. Anna’s a real find.” 

Michael Harriot: “Angry Robot is one of the most innovative and committed publishers around, so we couldn’t be happier to launch Anna’s career with the amazing team over there.  She’ll fit right in with all the other exciting new voices they’ve done such a brilliant job publishing.”

Blades of the Old Empire: To save the heir to a throne and his unique magic gift, an elite assassin is forced to choose between honour and duty, and risk everything in the process!

 About Anna: Anna Kashina grew up in Russia and moved to the United States in 1994 after receiving her Ph.D. in cell biology from the Russian Academy of Sciences. She works as a professor in a major university and combines her successful career in science and her passion for writing. Anna’s passion for ballroom dancing, world mythologies and folklore has fed her high-level interest in martial arts of the Majat warriors. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Anna’s Online Details: | @Annakashina | Facebook |

Previous Praise:

The Goddess of Dance:

“Kashina’s Arabesque novel … will have readers dream of summoning their own djinn.” Publishers Weekly

“Substantial and vivid … Enthralling” RTimes Book Reviews

“A rich treasure trove of imagery, color, romance, intrigue, and mystery”  ForeWord Reviews (Featured Review)

“The art of dance has long thought to be something greater. ‘The Goddess of Dance’ is the second novel in Anna Kashina’s The Spirits of the Ancient Sands Historical fantasy series, following Princess Gul’Agdar as she studies the magic that lies beneath the dance, pursuing it with passion as the world around her places on her the pressures of the day of marriage as a bargaining chip. With ancient mysticism and intrigue all throughout, “’he Goddess of Dance’ is a read that should prove hard to put down.”  Midwest Book Review

“I was drawn quickly into Anna Kashina’s world—the sights, scents and tastes of Dhagabad … the continuing swirl of politics and intrigue.” Mythprint (Mytholoetic Society)

The Princess of Dhagabad:

“Truly compelling” Booklist

“A very promising new writer with a lot of originality, an exciting story, well-realized background, and vivid writing” Poul Anderson

“A fine recasting of the Arabian Nights’ material for the fable of our times” Locus

The Princess of Dhagabad is a beautifully written novel by author Anna Kashina. She creates a world of the Middle East that is sensual, subtle and vibrant. The characters of the Princess and Hasan are layered and subtle – both show an innate curiosity about the world but with realism that their wants are overridden by political and cultural requirements. The larger cultural setting has a significant place in the story and can be considered a character of its own in the book. This novel is a delight to read and Ms. Kashina is a truly gifted storyteller.” Portland Book Review

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A third Angry Robot book for Ramez Naam

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Ramez Naam Following the stella success of Ramez Naam‘s Nexus, we are delighted to announce the acquisition of the third book in the series for the man touted as Michael Crichton’s successor.

The as-yet unnamed book is the follow-up to 2013’s Nexus and Crux, and will be published in late 2014.

The deal, which is for worldwide English and translation rights, was agreed between Angry Robot Senior Editor Lee Harris and Lucienne Diver of the Knight Agency.

Mez had this to say: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with Angry Robot again for the third Nexus book. I couldn’t ask for better partners in bringing this story to life and getting it out to fans. Especially after I injected Nexus nanoparticles into their brains and used those to control the team’s every thought.”

Lee Harris said, “Absolute poppycock, of course. We bought the series because it is one of the smartest near-future technothrillers we’ve seen in ages, and not because Ramez (who, incidentally, is superhumanly handsome, gifted and generous, and an amazing dancer) is controlling our thoughts and actions.”

And if you’ve not yet caught up with the phenomenon that is Nexus, pick up a copy at your favourite indie or chain book store, or grab one right now:

UK Print & Ebook | Book Depository | Waterstones | WHSmith

US Print & Ebook | |

DRM-Free Epub Ebook
Robot Trading Company

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Chuck Wendig signs on for two more books!

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Chuck WendigWe can’t get enough of that Mr Wendig, here at Angry Robot, which is why we refused to unlock his writing cell door, despite previous assurances to the contrary. He’s just going to have to write more for us! Bwahahahaaaaaaaaa!


Aaaaanyway. Chuck has graciously agreed to write another couple of books for us (bringing the current total to six!), beginning with Bloody Brides – the sequel to The Blue Blazes (out next Tuesday in eBook worldwide, and in paperback in the US and Canada, the following week in paperback in the UK). Bloody Brides will be published in early 2015, followed by another (top sekrit) book, later that year.

When we opened the food hatch to his cell, Chuck said,

“PLEASE CALL THE POLICE THEY WON’T LET ME LEAVE THEY JUST KEEP MAKING ME WRITE THESE BOOKS AND I HAVEN’T SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY IN TWO YEARS– oh! I’m sorry, what I mean to say is, Angry Robot is full of awesome people bringing awesome books into the world and I’m happy that they’re continuing to afford me the opportunity to reduce the overall quality of their stable of authors. I am, as always, excited to continue my relationship with these charming robot curators of genre fiction.”

The deal was negotiated by Angry Robot Senior Editor Lee Harris, and Stacia Decker of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

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2013 Locus Award Finalists

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vN by Madeline Ashby, cover Martin Bland/SpyroteknikLast night (well, last night in the UK – yesterday afternoon in the US) this year’s Locus Award finalists were announced, and we’re delighted to announce that Madeline Ashby’s vN has been shortlisted in the Best First Novel category, and Angry Robot author Aliette de Bodard has been shortlisted in both Best Novella and Best Short Story categories!

Not only that, but Angry Robot has been shortlisted for Best Publisher.

The competition in all of the categories is fierce, and the entire awards list highlights some of the amazing work being done in the SF & F genres today, and our congratulations go to Madeline and all of the other finalists. Except perhaps for those in the Best Publisher category – our cybernetic army lies in wait. Just sayin’…

Locus Online has the full list.

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The Age Atomic, by Adam Christopher, art & design by Will StaehleAs previously announced, Adam Christopher will be launching The Age Atomic at Forbidden Planet in London, this coming Thursday (4th April) at 6pm. Pick up a copy of the paperback, or treat yourself to the highly-collectible limited edition hardback (100 copies, only) of Empire State or The Age Atomic!

We hope to see you there!

Black Feathers by Joseph D'Lacey, April 2013The following evening (Friday 5th April), from 6.30pm at the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, London, Joseph D’Lacey will be signing copies of his first Angry Robot book, Black Feathers.

Joseph had his first signing at Blackwells, Edinburgh, this last weekend, and it was standing room only! Be sure, then, to get to Big Green in plenty of time (and sample their other wares – they’re a fabulous indie book shop).

SFX says of Black Feathers:

It’s an involving, well-told tale… at the heart is a black, thin-feathered phantom with a legitimately frightening name: the Crowman.

If you can’t make the signing (and you should – Joseph’s a great reader, and excellent with a pen!) you can pre-order signed copies here.

Signed copies of Adam’s books can also be pre-ordered.
This link for The Age Atomic paperback, this for the limited edition hardback, and this for the Empire State limited edition hardback (ignore the incorrect date on the Empire State page).

And some other fine folk have said some great things about Black Feathers, too:

“Sometimes… a book captures your imagination in a way that it takes residence in your brain, and the more you think about it, the more special it becomes. That’s Black Feathers.”
And Then I Read a Book

“A bold beginning to a new duology from the brilliant D’Lacey. Two children embark on a search for meaning that is riddled with ambiguity about the nature of the saviour they seek and which, ultimately, provides a siren call to live in harmony with the land.”
Alison Littlewood, author of A Cold Season

Black Feathers is poetic and compelling. It’s a gripping story crafted around a deep core of eloquent anger. And it’s scary – it’s the scariest kind of fiction – the kind of fiction that rings true. D’Lacey has written a great book of and for our troubled times.”
– Tom Fletcher, author of The Leaping

“Dreadfully visionary. Appallingly inspired. One could wear out a thesaurus trying to articulate the singular fusion of qualities that has come to define Joseph D’Lacey’s work. Alternately (and sometimes simultaneously) horrifying, mesmerizing, shocking, unsettling, and beautiful, and always deeply intelligent, it’s utterly unlike anything else I’m aware of. It’s also utterly wonderful.”
– Matt Cardin, author of To Rouse Leviathan and Dark Awakenings

“Spectacular is the word I’d use to describe [Black Feathers]. Nothing else can capture the reading experience.”
– Shadowhawk at The Founding Fields

“I really did love this book, as it had everything I was looking for and more, and really redefined the genres of fantasy and dystopian fiction. I know the two genres have been merged before, but this book just had that special un-put-down-able spark I couldn’t resist.”
– Rebecca at Book Chick City

“Read it. If, like me, you feel like you’ve read every post-apocalyptic book out there, you haven’t. Black Feathers is something different, with a new take on the end of the world.”
– Leanna at

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Adam Christopher UK Launch Event

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The Age Atomic, by Adam Christopher, art & design by Will StaehleNext Thursday (4th April) sees the UK launch of Adam Christopher‘s The Age Atomic. This brilliant sequel tells the story of what happens after the events at the end of Empire State.

The book has already garnered some fantastic reviews – describes it as “a blast for sci-fi fans”, and Chuck Wendig says that it’s “a rare follow-up that’s better than its predecessor.”

Adam will be reading from – and signing copies of – The Age Atomic at the London Forbidden Planet Megastore from 6.00pm until 7.00pm on the day of publication.

But wait! There’s more!

Not only will you have the opportunity to pick up a signed copy of the paperback, you’ll also be able to pick up one of only 100 copies of a limited edition hardback, produced exclusively for Forbidden Planet! And at £20 for one of just 100 copies, that’s sure to become a collectors’ item! If you can’t make it to the launch event, you can pre-order a copy, here.

But wait! There’s even more!

“Surely not!” you say.
“Absolutely, yes!” we reply.
“Get on with it!” shouts a voice from the back, but we look around too slowly to see who it is…

Empire State limited edition

The Empire State Limited Edition variant cover. Look at the shiny… (click to embiggify)

In addition to the 100 copy limited edition hardback of The Age Atomic, we’ve also produced a 100 copy limited edition of the book that started it all – Empire State. Again, this is exclusive to Forbidden Planet, and you can pick up a copy on the night (you’ll also be able to pre-order from Forbidden Planet’s website, later today).

But wait! There’s even more news!

“Oh, now, Mr Ambassador, you are surely spoiling us!”

The 100 copy limited edition hardback of Empire State has a variant cover, by the original artist – the uber-talented Mr Will Staehle. So, grab a copy of an extremely limited edition run, of SciFi Now Magazine’s Best Book of 2012!

But wait!

“No. That’s enough, surely,” you opine.
“Oh, OK,” we agree.

For now...


Check back tomorrow for details of Joseph D’Lacey‘s Scottish and English launch events for Black Feathers

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EasterCon – Meet the authors

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This coming weekend is EasterCon weekend. It is also Easter weekend. A happy little coincidence, there.

You’ll find various Angry Robot folk at the convention, and when they’re not in the bar, they’ll be at the following panels/panel games (Angry Robot bods highlighted):

FRIDAY 29th March

4pm – 5pm – Superheroes on Film
Faster than a speeding bullet, superheroes have escaped from comics to films and found a whole new audience! How have they changed in moving to Hollywood – is there a formula, when is it worth breaking, and what should be done next? CE Murphy moderates a panel including Susan Booth and David Tallerman.

4pm – 5pm – Small Press Stories
What’s it like running a small SF/F Press? Editors from some of our local publishers share stories about their business. Colin Tate (Clarion Publishing) moderates Bob Neilson (Aeon Press), Peter Crowther (PS Publishing), Donna Scott (Immanion) and Ian Whates (Newcon Press).

5pm – 6pm – Games in Fiction
Whether it’s role-playing games, chess, or virtual realities, games are a popular element of SF and fantasy stories. Why are they so useful to authors? Or are they just fun? Lee Harris moderates Chris Hill, Adrian Faulkner, Sarah Newton and Walter Jon Williams.

5pm – 6pm – PS Publishing
Yorkshire’s very own specialist publisher gets Eastercon underway with an event to launch new books by five of the UK’s leading SF and Fantasy writers. “Universes” by Stephen Baxter. “Starship Seasons” by Eric Brown. A Very British History” by Paul McAuley. “Martian Sands” by Lavie Tidhar. “Growing Pains” by Ian Whates.

6pm – 7pm – The Magical British Countryside
How does the landscape of Britain affect stories set in it? Where does the magic lurk, and how does it inspire writers? Sue Mason moderates Tiffani Angus, Anne Sudworth, Mike Shevdon and Freda Warrington

7pm – 8pm – Genre Get-Together: Fantasy
Meet authors and get books signed! Anne Lyle, David Barnett, Francis Knight, John Lenahan, Anne Lyle, Juliet McKenna, Peadar O’Guilin, Liesel Schwartz, Gaie Sebold, Kari Sperring, David Tallerman will be signing.

9pm- 10pm – Underground London
Take one London. Add magical society hidden from most people. Mix in famous places from the city, and optionally garnish with police procedural. Why is this such a great recipe? With Paul Cornell, Roz Kaveney, Anne Lyle and Simon Morden.

9pm – 10pm – Graphic Novel Selections
It’s easy to miss good comics these days, with so much going past. Our panel recommend some personal favourites from all areas of the medium. With Stephen Aryan, CE Murphy, Alys Sterling and David Tallerman.

SATURDAY 30th March

11am – 12.00 noon- The Stories in Games
Narrative games require stories to work, whether they are tabletop RPGs, LARPs or computer game. How do these stories differ from those in books and films? And how do you fix them when the encounter the enemy (or “player”)? Mike Cule moderates Ian McKenna, Emma Newman, Marcus Rowland and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

12 noon – 1pm – Non-Western SF and Fantasy
Anglophone writers and books by westerners still dominate the bookshelves, but Japan, China and India (to take three examples) also have thriving sff traditions. The panel look at the trends outside the Anglophone and western worlds. Rochita Loenen-Ruiz moderates Aliette de Bodard, Stephane Marsan, Sarah Newton and Gillian Redfearn.

12 noon – 1pm – Genre Get-Together: Fantasy
Meet authors and get books signed! Sarah Ash, Janine Ashbless, Paul Cornell, Roz Kaveney, Rochita Loenen Ruiz, CE Murphy, Mike Shevdon, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Sara Jayne Townsend

1pm – 2pm – Reinventing Urban Fantasy
There’s a lot more to urban fantasy than tattooed women hunting supernatural beings in the USA. Our panel explore the boundaries of the genre, and its metaphors. With Terry Jackman, Adrian Faulkner, Dave Gullen and Emma Newman.

5pm – 6pm Motherhood in SF and Fantasy
Where are the mothers in our depictions of future societies and fantasy worlds? Very often absent or ignored. Our panel looks at the depictions of motherhood and asks what more we can do. Terry Jackman moderates Aliette de Bodard, Chris Beckett, Mike Cobley and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz.

7pm – 8pm – Genre Get-Together: Science Fiction
Meet authors and get books signed! Tony Ballantyne, Stephen Baxter, Chris Beckett, Aliette de Bodard, Mike Cobley, Cory Doctorow, Jaine Fenn, Gary Gibson, Simon Ings, Stephanie Saulter

SUNDAY 31st March

10am – 11am- Maiden, Mother, Who? Older women in genre fiction.
There are plenty of kick-ass young heroines these days, but their mentors are nearly always male. Where are the older women in genre fiction, and why aren’t they written about, or put on TV, more? Caroline Mullan moderates Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Ian Sales, David Tallerman and Freda Warrington.

11am – 12 noon – Why is the Future Drawn so White?
When the protagonist of Justine Larbalastier’s Liar was whitewashed in the cover art, both the author and the internet were outraged and the cover was eventually changed. Yet characters of colour are still all too often absent or elided. How can we work to challenge this and why does it happen? Caroline Hooton moderates Dev Agarwal, Aliette de Bodard, CE Murphy, Tajinder Singh Hayer and Stephanie Saulter.

12 noon – 1pm – Ready, Steady, Flash!
Lee Harris challenges authors to produce short themed fiction live, within 5 minutes, and then read it out, with the audience deciding the winner! Paul Cornell, Cory Doctorow, Roz Kaveney and Emma Newman scribble, and Donna Scott entertains while they write.

1pm – 2pm – Cityscapes
The great cities of fiction: Trantor, Cities in Flight, Ankh-Morpork. Who lives in them, how do they work, how do you write them? With Jaine Fenn, CE Murphy, Ian Whates and Walter Jon Williams.

1pm – 2pm – Advice for Writers: Settting
Practical experience and observations on writing believable and detailed environments. Darren Nash moderates Chris Beckett, Aliette de Bodard, Simon Morden and Gaie Sebold.

6pm – 7pm – Author Readings
Mike Shevdon and Emma Newman read from their recent work.


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Edge-Lit Convention – Come and Meet us!

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This Saturday at the Quad in Derby, the first Edge-Lit Festival/Convention takes place. Angry Robot will be there (of course), so do come say “Hi.” Or even better, come say “Hi. I just found this £50 note – is it yours?”

Yes. Yes, it is.

You can find the full schedule of events here, but these are the panels and workshops with an Angry Robot or two in attendance (Angry Robot peeps in bold):

The Writer and the Internet
Anne Lyle, Emma Newman, Mark Yon (mod)

12.00 Noon
Are We Still Afraid of Monsters?
Emma  Newman, Niki Valentine, Paul Kane, Ian Culbard, Simon Bestwick (mod)

12.00 Noon
Publishing Today
Lee Harris (mod), Christian Dunn, John Jarrold, Sarah Pinborough

12.00 Noon
Reading – Anne  Lyle, Mike Shevdon

Breaking Into Writing
Anne Lyle, Lee Harris (mod), Rod Rees, Gaie Sebold

Workshop – on Dialogue
Mike Shevdon

Reading – Emma Newman, Gaie Sebold

Does Fantasy Need Archtypes?
Anne Lyle, MD Lachlan, Gaie Sebold, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Mark Yon (mod)

Ray Bradbury – A Retrospective
Emma Newman, Christopher Fowler, Graham Joyce, Sarah Pinborough, Mark Yon (mod)

The Edge Raffle
Hosted by Lee Harris and Sarah Pinborough

Tickets are £20/£25, and can be purchased at the Quad (online, or in person).

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Introducing Lee Collins… and Cora

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{ Click the covers for luscious vastness. }

When contemplating what I was going to write here, I had rather imagined an entire post full of phrases like “Sure is mighty… spooky… round about here” and “You know, pardner, I don’t like the look of them thar bite marks”, but I just couldn’t keep it up. Besides, the upcoming Western-noir novels from new Angry Robot signing Lee Collins really don’t deserve such an irreverent approach. They’re dark, and thrilling, and very, very good.

Lee came to us via last year’s Open Door month, and what stood him out from the pack was writing that grabs you by the throat from the first chapter and drags you reeling through to a stunning shock ending. The Dead of Winter is a Western of sorts, but with the most almighty supernatural flavour, and a wonderful pair of central characters in Cora and her husband Ben. They’re monster hunters, discreetly plying their trade on the edge of the Colorado wilderness. No one wants to believe that there are… things out there, but sometimes the bloody evidence speaks for itself. The truth, however, is far darker than anyone suspected.

We’re delighted by these novels – and by the covers, from the legendary illustrator Chris McGrath. He somehow seems to make characters who just leap off the cover fully formed. Cora’s adventures hit the shelves this November, with the sequel (the deliciously named She Returns From War) coming hard on its heels next February. Now, can I get a Yee-haw!?

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Angry Robot signs Emma Newman

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We’ve just concluded a deal with Emma Newman (via her fabulous agent, Jennifer Udden at the Donald Maass Literary Agency in New York) for three books in Emma’s Split Worlds urban fantasy series, and the first one – Between Two Thorns – will be published in March next year, and we couldn’t be more delighted. The series is fabulous, but you probably already guessed that.

Emma’s reaction to the deal was “I still can’t believe this is happening – in fact, I think that’s all I’ve been saying since I got the magical phone call! The Split Worlds series is the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on, and I am thrilled I have the opportunity to work with Angry Robot to develop it to its full potential. I’ve been a fan of Angry Robot’s list for a long time now, and am very excited my books will become part of it.”

Emma Newman was born in a tiny coastal village in Cornwall during one of the hottest summers on record. Four years later she started to write stories and never stopped until she penned a short story that secured her a place at Oxford University to read Experimental Psychology.

In 2011 Emma embarked on an ambitious project to write and distribute one short story per week – all of them set in her Split Worlds milieu – completely free to her mailing list subscribers.

A debut short-story collection, From Dark Places, was published in 2011 and her debut post-apocalyptic novel for young adults, 20 Years Later, was published just one year later – presumably Emma didn’t want to wait another nineteen… Emma is also a professional audiobook narrator.

She now lives in Somerset with her husband, son and far too many books.

You can find Emma online at and or on Twitter @EmApocalyptic.

About the series
The Split Worlds is an urban fantasy setting with gritty noir, fantastical magic, evil faeries and people just trying to drink their tea in peace.

Dynastic families feud across the ages, furthering the agendas of their powerful supernatural patrons. Opposing secret courts wage clandestine wars to establish their control over humanity. Innocents are protected by monsters and the beautiful ones are seldom what they seem…

In the first book in the series, Between Two Thorns, something is wrong in Aquae Sulis, Bath’s secret mirror city. The new season is starting and the Master of Ceremonies is missing. Max, an Arbiter of the Split Worlds Treaty, is assigned with the task of finding him with no one to help but a dislocated soul and a mad sorcerer. There is a witness but his memories have been bound by magical chains only the enemy can break. A rebellious woman trying to escape her family may prove to be the ally Max needs. But can she be trusted? And why does she want to give up eternal youth and the life of privilege she’s been born into?

This is going to be so cool!

Emma has already guest-blogged with our very own Adam Christopher, and tells a little more about how the deal came about, so go read…

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EasterCon Update

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So, it’s EasterCon weekend. Huzzah! And it’s Easter. Huzzah! But it only lasts a few days. Boo!

If you’re booked into the convention, this is the updated list of what the Angry Robot mob are up to:


3pm – Archery in Fantasy, TV and Film
Mike Shevdon (who tells us, “I guarantee that if you see archery in a fantasy film after [this], you will not see it in the same light again. It’s a promise”.) Mike will also be getting his weapon out on stage. o_O

3pm – Before Watchmen
Adam Christopher, with James Bacon, Kim Curran, Gaspode and Steve K

6pm – What is I?
Aliette de Bodard, with Dr Bob, John Dallman and Damien Walter

8pm – Beyond Red Mars
Ian Whates, with Geoffrey A Landis, Paul McAuley, Gareth L Powell and Mary A Turzillo



11am – How Pseudo Do You Like Your Medieval?
Anne Lyle, with George RR Martin, Jacey Bedford, Anne C Perry and Kari Sperring

11am – Non-Anglophone SF
Aliette de Bodard and Lavie Tidhar, with Myra Caakan, Vincent Docherty and Nir Yaniv

1pm – Reading
Anne Lyle (followed by a signing at the Angry Robot stand in the Dealer Room)

5pm – The War on Terror (How Ten Years of Conflict has Shaped SF)
Lavie Tidhar, with Cory Doctorow, Farah and Paul Kincaid

7pm – WorldBuilding (When, How and How Much?)
Anne Lyle, with Suzanne Macleod, Robert VS Redick, Simon Spanton and Chris Wooding



11am – The Fantasy of William Shakespeare
Anne Lyle, with Claire Brialey, Jennifer A McGowan, Arianrhod o Gymru, Erin Horakova and Grant Watson

12pm – Wench! Fetch Yon Tankard Here…
David Tallerman, with Joe Abercrombie, Jaine Fenn and Bella Pagan

1pm – Youth and Youthfulness in SF
Aliette de Bodard, with Janet Edwards, Farah, Tom Pollock and Tricia Sullivan

4.30pm – Reading
Adam Christopher

6pm – The BSFA Awards
Hosted by John Meaney and Donna Scott (AR author Lavie Tidhar nominated for Best Novel for Osama, published by PS Publishing)

8pm – Death of the Author
Adam Christopher and Ian Whates, with Tanya Brown, Roz Kaveney and Ian Watson

9pm – Multicultural Steampunk
Lavie Tidhar with Gail Carriger, Jared Shurin, Kim Lakin-Smith and Genevieve Valentine



11am – What TV Shows Would We Like to See? 
Aliette de Bodard, with Stevie Carroll, Michael Cule and Lexin

1pm – Dystopian YA
Amanda Rutter, with Cory Doctorow, Caroline Hooton, Emma Newman and Tom Pollock

2pm – The Data Deluge and the End of Science
Aliette de Bodard, with Liz Batty, John Bray, David L Clements, Lesley Hall and Nicholas Jackson


Oh, and:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
All of us
– One or more of the hotel bars.

You can also meet some of Strange Chemistry’s authors there, too.

Click here for the full EasterCon schedule.

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We’ve got some fantastic news for all you fans of Adam Christopher‘s Empire State (and we know there are lots of you out there): we’ve signed him up for another two titles, including the sequel to Empire State.

Adam Christopher - 4 Books and CountingAdam will be revisiting the world of the Empire State in The Age Atomic – which we’ll be publishing in May 2013 – with Hang Wire – a tale of ancient gods and serial killers – to follow within a year.

The deal was negotiated by Angry Robot editor Lee Harris and Adam’s agent, Stacia Decker of the Donald Maass Agency.

Adam said (in a press release quote stylee): “I’m delighted to be back for another visit to the Empire State! Rad Bradley is a character close to my heart, and as soon as he reappeared on the page and started throwing punches, I felt like an old friend had returned… albeit one I’m obliged to put through the wringer again! Angry Robot continue to impress with a kick-ass roster of authors and titles, and I’m thrilled that The Age Atomic and Hang Wire will be part of it.”

Our Lee added: “I couldn’t be happier to have more of Adam’s books on our list. Adam joins a very exclusive club – he is now one of only three authors to have placed four books with Angry Robot. His membership card is already being laminated.”

Don’t forget, you’ve still got Adam’s second novel Seven Wonders – to look forward to in September 2012 as well.

And check out a new interview with Adam over at Erik Lundqvist’s I Will Read Books blog for lots more inside info on both The Age Atomic and Hang Wire.

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Robot Round-Up, 24.02.12

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Is it the weekend already? Phew! So here’s the plan: tomorrow, bright and early, get yourself to a bookstore. Find that great section at the back or up the right side where those extra-lovely books are… and buy some books. Could be ours, could be other peoples’ – but you know you want them, you know you need them. Make them yours, bring them home, job done.

So anyway, you may just have noticed that the damn righteous Dead Harvest is due out any moment. Meet the man behind it as Angry Robot’s Chuck Wendig talks to Angry Robot’s Chris F Holm at (we really do get everywhere). Meanwhile, Chris also talked to Elizabeth A. White about how he found his inspiration for the book’s protagonist in Hell and offered some sage advice for would-be Thriller writers over at the ITW’s The Thrill Begins blog.

On, Mark Yon took a good, long look at Dead Harvest and declared it highly recommendable: “In a crowded world of Urban Fantasy, it’s difficult to make an impression amongst the many, many tales out there. However, as far as urban fantasy goes, this is one of the most assured debuts I’ve read since first reading Jim Butcher’s first Dresden.”

Dead Harvest was also reviewed over at, where it scored a perfect five out of five tentacles: “Dead Harvest grabbed and held me from beginning to end. Chris F. Holm has crafted a nicely dark urban fantasy with a truly unique protagonist”. Likewise, blogger Elizabeth A. White was suitably impressed, saying: “Holm takes a pinch of fantasy, a little supernatural, a dash of hardboiled crime fiction, and blends them into a pitch-perfect adventure in a way that is nothing short of authorial alchemy.”

Plus, Dead Harvest was profiled by Eric Beetner for‘s Fresh Meat files and reviewed by blogger Stephen West. And the frankly rather awesome cover art triumphed in the February Cover Wars over at The Qwillery (and we know that Chris wanted that one, badly).

The very friendly David Tallerman was interviewed by Sci-Fi Fan Letter and also talked to about the not-so-secret ingredient in Giant Thief. And you can have a go at winning a copy of Giant Thief, courtesy of Fantasy Book Review.

Upcoming Titanic/30 Days of Night mash-up sensation Carpathia by the superb Matt Forbeck was reviewed by, Starburst magazine and Adventures Fantastic. And just as this round-up was going to press… um, screen, the chaps on Lightsaber Ratting were so taken with it they suggested “there is no way that this book doesn’t become a movie”, and the venerable Starburst said “Fans of Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula will find a lot to love here, as will anyone who prefers their horror with a hint of claustrophobia.”

The reviews of Adam Christopher‘s Empire State keep on coming – the latest being courtesy of

City of Hope and Despair by Ian Whates was reviewed too, over at Sci-Fi Fan Letter

As we get ready for its April publication, Anne Lyle kicked off a series of deleted scenes from The Alchemist of Souls.

Meanwhile, well, it’s not out till May, but we had our first rave for Blackbirds by that man Chuck Wendig – just first of many, we are certain.

And even fuuuurther out, Mister Mike Shevdon gave his first interview for a while to SFF World, looking at the Courts of the Feyre series so far and previewing this June’s upcoming Strangeness & Charm – together with a review of book one in the series, Sixty-One Nails.

Gav Thorpe talked to The Shell Case about his work in the Warhammer universe, as well as the forthcoming conclusion to his Crown of the Blood saga: The Crown of the Usurperand his plans for the future. He also did valuable service on his own blog, crunching the numbers on classic fantasy tropes:

Lauren Beukes was interviewed by

And finally, over at fellow imprint Strange Chemistry, chatterbox and editor Amanda Rutter revealed some of the science and much of the art of reading submissions. She also talked all things Strange and Chemical over at the Intergalactic Academy.

So much going on! You might as well give away your TV and your Xbox, you know. Books are the past, the present and definitely the future!

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