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Angry Robot at WorldCon

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It’s here! It’s huge! Angry Robot authors are all set to invade Kansas City for WorldCon 74 – August 17-21. Our plans are simple – invade signings, panels, discussions, drinking events and even going for a run – the opportunities to chat and catch up are legion. Do say hi – our authors are a lovely bunch.

Our Mike Underwood will also be constantly available at our Angry Robot booth in the dealer room – booth #21. Seek him out, touch the books, meet the authors!

The WorldCon schedule is vast, and although they do have a pretty slick event planning tool, we’re helping out by building the Angry Robot schedule below – this is everything (we think) that our gang are up to. Remember things do change though so also keep an eye on the official schedule. We’ll also be tweeting on the Angry Robot Twitter feed about all the events our authors are doing so you don’t have to miss a thing. Have an amazing time, you guys! Read More→

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Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry will be out in force again at WorldCon (LoneStarCon3) next week (in San Antonio, Texas).

If you’re going and want to get your books signed, the following authors will be there (and some of them have signing slots, as detailed below):

  • Adam Christopher – Signing Friday, 11.00am
  • Chuck Wendig – Signing Monday, 2.00pm
  • Maurice Broaddus
  • Cassandra Rose Clarke
  • Jay Posey
  • Martha Wells – Signing Thursday 4.00pm
  • Wesley Chu – Signing Saturday 11.00am
  • Madeline Ashby – Signing Thursday, 1.00pm
  • Ramez Naam – Reading, Sunday 10.00am
  • Emma Newman – Signing Saturday 4.15pm (in the Dealer Room)

Additionally, Mike Underwood (Angry Robot’s resident North American Sales & Marketing guru) and Lee Harris (Senior Editor) will be around. In the Dealer Room, at the bar.

Grab a book at the Angry Robot stand in the Dealer Room for your favourite author to sign. If you can’t find them we’ll get your book signed for you!

Special Deal: The first 5 people to buy a copy of one of Emma Newman’s Split Worlds books at her signing on the Saturday will get a copy of her superb short story collection – From Dark Places – absolutely free!

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One Year as an Angry Robot

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Today is my one-year anniversary of joining the Angry Robot team as the North American Sales & Marketing Manager. I came to Angry Robot from a job as a field sales representative, and while the surgical scars from the upgrades have faded, the amazing feeling of being directly in the action, championing authors, and supporting our incredible Random House sales team is fresh every day.

Some highlights from the year:

  • Attending my first WorldCon in Chicago all of three weeks into the job, learning the list on my feet, meeting fans and smart readers, editors Lee Harris and Amanda Rutter, as well as a huge swath of our authors. There was pizza, bowling, and much fun with book-wrangling.



With Senior Editor Lee Harris, practicing my Blue Steel.

  • My first trip to the United Kingdom, meeting the rest of the Angry Robot and Osprey team, learning the joys of British rail (US trains cannot hold a candle to the Midlands line), and wandering around in a Waterstones getting a crash course in UK cover culture from Managing Director Marc Gascoigne.
  • Slinging charcuterie at the launch event for Chuck Wendig’s The Blue Blazes at Singularity & Company.



Charcuterie, in honor of Mookie Pearl, star of The Blue Blazes, while the Man, The Myth, The Beard, Chuck Wendig chats with a reader.

  • Rolling a critical hit in title presentation, applying my experience in order to present Angry Robot titles to sales reps the way I’d want to hear about them as a rep.
  • Seeing incredible sales numbers roll in for several authors, working closely with the Random House reps to move quickly to maximize the success of breakout books like Ramez Naam’s Nexus, Cassandra Rose Clarke”s The Assassin’s Curse, Wesley Chu’s The Lives of Tao, and Sean Lynch’s Wounded Prey. As a writer myself, helping fellow authors succeed is one of the most satisfying parts of the job.


Huge thanks to the whole team for welcoming me with open arms, being generous with their knowledge and their passion, especially to Marc Gascoigne, the best Robot Overlord a guy could ask for.

It’s been a marvelous year, and this next year promises to be even bigger. I’m about to unleash a Massive Scheme on the North American marketplace, one that’s been in the works the whole first year. And after that, who knows?

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Worldcon logo large70th World Science Fiction Convention. This year (for the seventh time in its history) it’s in Chicago, and it’s called Chicon 7.

Angry Robot will be out in force!

As well as three of the Angry Robot team – Editors Lee Harris and Amanda Rutter, and North American Sales/Marketing Manager, Mike Underwood – we’ll be joined by EIGHTEEN of our authors from all three imprints – Angry Robot, Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A. We’ll also have a biiiiig table in the Dealer Room, where you can pick up past and current Angry Robot books, including September’s Angry Robot books and Strange Chemistry’s launch novels.

For those of you in Chicago who are not going to the convention, we have a multi-author book launch/signing at The Book Cellar on North Lincoln Avenue on Friday August 31st at 7.00pm. Join Adam Christopher, Chuck Wendig, Kim Curran and Gwenda Bond as they sign their new novels, Seven Wonders, Mockingbird, Shift and Blackwood. Kim’s and Gwenda’s books launch our Strange Chemistry YA imprint.

For those of you who are coming to WorldCon, here are some of the panels, etc, at which you can find us (subject to change, and additional panels): Read More→

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Lee and Marco respond to Kaaron Warren's Ditmar award

The latest Angry Robot podcast will be posted soon. In the meantime, here’s an extra treat.

I got to hang out with Kaaron Warren in Melbourne last month. We crashed the SFWA suite and took some of their gin and vodka and talked about the Ditmar-award-winning Slights, dentists, drinking from the Ganges, parenting, and many other things.

Congrats again, Kaaron!

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Angry Robot Podcast #3

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In this episode we interview Mike Shevdon and Dan Abnett, Angry Robot authors who both take a very different look at a fantastical London of the 21st century.

In the show we mention the Hugo Awards and Cheryl Morgan’s new magazine, Salon Futura.

Our contest this month is for a special treat from the Angry Robot Cupboard of Win (it’s a mystery!) Listen to find out how you can win!

Theme song courtesy of John Anealio, find more of his awesome science fiction-themed music at SciFi Songs.

Subscribe to the podcast via RSS feed or via iTunes.

Direct download of podcast.

The podcast competition ends October 10.

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Hugos there?

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Over at Whatever, John Scalzi has invited people to recommend authors and works for the current round of Hugo nominations.

For those of you who are eligible to vote in this year’s Hugos, this is the list of Angry Robot people and titles that are eligible for consideration.

Best Novel
* Slights by Kaaron Warren
* Book of Secrets by Chris Roberson
* Nekropolis by Tim Waggoner
* Kell’s Legend by Andy Remic
* Angel of Death by J Robert King
* Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero by Dan Abnett
* Winter Song by Colin Harvey
* Sixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon
note: Moxyland isn’t eligible this year as it was originally published in South Africa in 2008, though it will become eligible again next year (following its US release).

and for the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer
(not a Hugo, but presented with the Hugos):
* Lauren Beukes (for Moxyland)
* Mike Shevdon (for Sixty-One Nails)

and Best Editor (Long Form)
* Marc Gascoigne for:
Book of Secrets
Kell’s Legend
Angel of Death
Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero
Winter Song
Sixty-One Nails

and the following artists:

* Joey Hi-Fi for Moxyland
* Stephan Kopinski for Slights
* Vincent Chong for Nekropolis
* Head Design for Angel of Death
Adrian Smith for Kell’s Legend
* Chris Moore for Winter Song
* Larry Rostant for Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero
* Argh! Nottingham
for Sixty-One Nails and Book of Secrets

examples of all these covers (and links to larger versions) can be found in the far right column.

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Angry Masquerade

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One of the things we did at WorldCon a couple of weeks ago was to sponsor a prize in the masquerade. It was a fun event, and we offered a prize for the best Angry Robot.

Look left – I’m sure you’ll agree this one looks particularly angry. Well, I wouldn’t want to cross him!

The winner was Devin Harrigan and his magnificent creation, “Atomic Robot and the Thing From Beyond WorldCon”.

Devin wins a copy of every one of our books in our first year of publishing, an Angry Robot trophy and our undying admiration!

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Meet our latest signing

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Ms AlietteThe recent news that Angry Robot has signed up Aliette de Bodard for her debut novel, and a couple more to follow, was acclaimed across the white-hot core of the SF industry. The movers and shakers at the very heart of things know her from a selection of perfectly poised, finely machined short stories. But for those of you who have yet to make her acquaintance, here’s a clutch of ideas to help:

1) Get to know her – and get much more information on the upcoming AR novels – courtesy Marshall Payne’s thorough interview over at Bibliophile Stalker.

2) Read some of Aliette’s stories for free, right now, on her own website.

3) For the very latest Aliette news, including the revelation that she missed out on winning the Campbell by three (!!) votes, and links to some more recent stories, see her lively blog.

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BYOR (Bring your own robot)

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You know, for a science fiction convention, there has been a distinct lack of robots at WorldCon. Good job, then, that we decided to bring our own.

Angstrom the Angry Robot has had his anger chip removed, though as part of a mad experiment, and we have installed a gigolo chip installed, instead. This is him chatting with author Lauren Beukes at the tremendous Angry Robot party at WorldCon in Montreal last night.

Lauren left the party early, and coincidentally, Angstrom left a discreet 10 minutes later. No insinuations – just sayin’…

We had enormous fun at the party with the robot, and you’ll see a few more clips over the coming weeks. Immense thanks to Steve, who chauffered the robot from his cyber-lair in Toronto, and did a fantastic job helping to keep our guests entertained. Head over to Steve and the robot’s home (they’re just good friends) over at Robot Promotions.

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Montreal Smoked Robot

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conventioncenterYes, we’re at Anticipation, the fabulous 2009 Science Fiction Worldcon, held in the convention centre here in the sunny city of Montreal, Canada. The Angry Robot crew are here in force – as well as Lee and yrs trly, we have Kaaron Warren, Lauren Beukes, Colin Harvey and latest signing Aliette de Bodard. And also, it seems, a legion of admiring followers. Thanks to everyone who has made us so welcome here already.

colin&robotAnd double thanks to everyone who made it to the first Angry Robot Worldcon Party. It was a blast. First, we had a real live Angry Robot. Look, there he is, cheerfully insulting Colin Harvey. Massive cheers to Steve who brought along Angstrom the Angry Robot, and allowing him to demonstrate that even the angriest of robots can be great fun. In short, hell yes we had a real talking, moving, gag-making, song-murdering robot at our party. We rock.

Lee, Colin & LaurenSecond, well, it’s true, we got busted by the Man and were told to shut down the party… because the Con organisers had allocated us a party room on a non-party floor. Er yeah, real helpful. Bit of a cock-up on the common sense front there, people. But huzzah to everyone at our do, who just grabbed a couple of bottles each and relocated us to another room. (Extra thanks to new Robot friends, the Tor crew, for volunteering use of their room.) In the end, it just brought us to a whole new crowd of happy people, and gave Angstrom a new audience for his increasingly wild responses. Thanks to all, though.

To my biggest fan, what do you see? He he. Love Kaaron.And finally to close tonight with another reason to celebrate, we just learned that ChrisBook of SecretsRoberson won the Sidewise Award for alternate history earlier tonight, for his fine Solaris novel The Dragon’s Nine Sons. Congratulations, Mr R, very well deserved.


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Worldcon – Angry Robot Party: the invite

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Be there or be killedHere’s your invite for the Angry Robot party at Worldcon. Come along and celebrate both our recent British and Australian launch, and look forward to our upcoming US/Canadian launch. Meet our large, metallic and decidedly miffed companion. Rub up against a selection of gorgeous writers who are rather more famous than you are. Or just come by and drink all our beer as you drift from one party to the next. We’ll still love ya.

And feel free to share this with anyone or everyone. If the beer runs out, we’ll just decamp to your place.

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Neil Gaiman

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gaimanNext Thursday Marco and I will be heading off to Montreal for Anticipation – the 67th World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon).

While we’re there, we’re hosting an Angry Robot Launch Party on the Friday night, and at some time between 7.00pm and 8.00pm, the mighty Neil Gaiman will be dropping by to give a little talk to our guests, along with an additional, mystery guest! Believe me, if you’re at WorldCon next weekend, you won’t want to miss this one!

We’ll be in Suite 2231 from 7.00pm. Be there, or be carré.

[edit: July 31] Due to a heavy WorldCon schedule, Neil Gaiman might not be able to attend, however, come along and meet our other very special guest star!

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