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Chuck Wendig: Christmas is Death

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As part of our 12 Days of Christmas, we’re bringing you some of your favourite authors talking about what Christmas is to them… in whatever form they like! We’re also bringing you their backlist at only £1!

Today is the turn of Chuck Wendig, author of the Miriam Black novels (BlackbirdsMockingbird, and the forthcoming The Cormorant), as well as The Blue Blazes, the first Mookie Pearl novel!

Note 1: The Cormorant is excluded from this offer.
Note 2: You can get Blackbirds for free (!) until the end of the year by following this link.

Here’s how to take advantage of our seasonal special offer:

1. Visit the Robot Trading Company at
2. Add the book(s) you’d like to buy to your shopping basket
3. Add the magic word ‘tinsel’ to the ‘coupon/voucher’ box
4. Click the ‘update basket’ button and the discount will be applied

Happy reading!

We set up our Christmas tree the other day, and the way it worked was, my wife would hand me an ornament and me or the wolverine tornado (aka “toddler”) would place it on the tree, and she suddenly handed me an ornament that looked like a ring of antlers. And I said, “Didn’t Dad give this to us?” and she said, “No, we gave it to him the year that he died.” Oh, I thought, right, right.

My father died on December 22nd.

I don’t mean this year. Or even last year. This was six years back, so your condolences, while appreciated, are many moons beyond their required date.

Snow covered the ground. Ice in the trees. Blinky lights on all the houses and shiny bauble-hung trees in the windows.

And my father had prostate cancer. It had gone through him like raisins through a fruitcake and refused to be contained to the one place: the cancer had ambition, enough to kill him earlier than any of us expected, I think, even though we knew his life was suddenly on a short leash. We drove to see him on that day, the 22nd, just three days before Christmas, and while there on our visit his liver failed and his heart stopped and suddenly he was passing on to his happy hunting ground.

He died with my finger on his pulse. I felt it go. That’s a powerful and awful thing to feel—someone’s heartbeat suddenly slow, then stop.

A rum-pa-pum-pum, then—


I don’t bring this up to bring you down, but, you see, I think about death a lot. As a writer, death is part of my arsenal—it saturates my fiction the way the cancer got its claws in my father. I don’t know who said it, but someone far wiser than me said that all stories are about death and dying and I think that’s true, at least at the molecular level.

When Christmas rolls around, my death thoughts increase by at least an arbitrarily-made-up 46%.

This is, in part, because my father died around Christmas.

But that’s not all of it.

No, Christmas, it seems, is positively pendulous with death energy.

My father lost his father during Christmas, too—and so during that season he became more pensive and troubled, and many of the holidays were punctuated with that grim act of visiting my grandfather’s grave (a man I never met, a man who my father didn’t seem to like very much, and I’d watch him there looking at the grave trying to negotiate the repair of a relationship that could no longer be repaired, a feeling I am well-aware of now that my Dad has slipped away).

That’s the personal side, but you look past that, you can start to see death everywhere. Sure, sure, I know, Christmas is about birth, about the life of that guy whose name is right there in the holiday, but shit, that’s a ruse, isn’t it?

Christmas comes just as the seasons are turning. Just as the last leaves of life are falling off trees. Just as the ground goes cold and food becomes scarce and animals starve. Just as the white stuff starts to fall from the sky like ash—

And here I am tempted to make a dramatic overture about how it looks like the ash of my cremated father but the reality is, one’s cremated remains look a great deal more ‘kitty litter’ than ‘mortal ash.’ When the time comes to “spread ones ashes” it feels more like “flinging kitty litter” and you wonder if passersby might ask why you’re tossing aquarium gravel into the lake, you weirdo.

But I digress.

Christmas is death-flavored.

Christmas is the birth of a guy whose ending we know is to die brutally.

Christmas is when we chop down a perfectly good tree and stand its corpse in our living room to decorate like a clown before its needles turn brown and fall.

Christmas is when we kiss underneath the mistletoe, the poison that Loki uses to tip the arrow that he shoots into Balder’s eye to kill him.

Christmas is all the color leeching out of the landscape until the dark earth is peppered in white and gray, the forest like bones, the sky the color of a headstone.

Christmas is a stone’s throw from the shortest day and the longest night.

Christmas is when we lose our fathers. Or our mothers. Or when we remember those who came before and will no longer share in the meal, or the gifts, or the warmth of the fire meant to ward off cold nights.

It’s a bit theatrical, of course, to suggest that Christmas is death. Or that its jolly façade hides grim and sinister trappings.

But again, I’m a writer. It’s how I do.

More to the point, this is a good – if entirely shameless – time to mention that I have a book perfectly well-suited for all these aforementioned grim and sinister trappings. Because my favorite cantankerous psychic, Miriam Black, is back—a character born out of my own frustrations and fears about death, a character who now, in The Cormorant, takes a little vacation away from all the wintry Christmastime doldrums to head down to the Florida Keys where she is drawn into a trap. A trap where she expects to be paid handsomely to tell a man about his death but instead finds a message written to her in the man’s blood, a message from an unknown enemy that reads, Hello, Miriam

Read the book and you should follow the bouncing Santa Hat.

Because no book starring Miriam Black is complete without her killing Santa Claus, am I right?

I think I am.

Please do enjoy the book.

And Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you find warms your dry thatch of a heart in this dark, lifeless, death-soaked time.


The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, Art by Joey Hi-Fi Blackbirds, by Chuck Wendig


The Cormorant by Chuck Wendig - Artwork by Joey Hi-Fi Mockingbird, by Chuck Wendig

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Joseph D’Lacey: A Christmas Donkey

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As part of our 12 Days of Christmas, we’re bringing you some of your favourite authors talking about what Christmas is to them…in whatever form they like! We’re also bringing you their books at only £1!

Today is the turn of Joseph D’Lacey, author of The Black Dawn novels, Black Feathers and the forthcoming The Book of the Crowman!

Here’s how to take advantage of our seasonal special offer:

1. Visit the Robot Trading Company at
2. Add the book(s) you’d like to buy to your shopping basket
3. Add the magic word ‘tinsel’ to the ‘coupon/voucher’ box
4. Click the ‘update basket’ button and the discount will be applied

Happy reading!

At fifteen, I had spots, a permanent erection and couldn’t do anything with my hair. Every attempt at self-discovery resulted in humiliation. But resembling a stick insect with toilet brush for a head never stopped me from trying to look cool. Read More→

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Got the best Dad and live in a land where it’s Father’s Day next weekend? Gift him a “balls to the walls” story, “laugh-out-loud funny” characters, and secret war-torn London with our Angry Robot Father’s Day Present Suggestions! For your paternal figures who prefer their book pages to contain crime-filled mystery, we’ve also some choice offerings from Exhibit A!

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The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, Art by Joey Hi-Fi“Balls-to-the-wall, take-no-prisoners storytelling at its best.”: It can only be Chuck Wendig that County Line author, Bill Cameron, is speaking about!

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The Eighth Court by Mike Shevdon, cover art by John CoulthartBest not mention the phrases “petty rivalries” and “old disputes” in Mike Shevdon’s The Eighth Court to your Dad, or he’ll think he’s sitting around the familial Sunday table, but do tell him how much he’ll love this secret London that within which The Courts of the Feyre series is set!

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To try and help some more, here’s a few key titles that you/he might be interested in from ourselves and some criminally-good Angry Robot titles:

Scare Me by Richard Parker, May 2013Scare Me is a tale of modern urban terror, for anyone who’s ever worried that someone might one day use the internet to track them down and cause them and their family harm…

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Penance by Dan O'Shea, May 2013

Penance is part detective novel and part thriller – like Michael Connelly crossed with Robert Ludlum (think Harry Bosch with extra fire power and added international intrigue). Penance is also aided by being a novel of ideas with strong themes – past sins returning; the importance of redemption – which prevent it from turning into a shoot-em-up.” — Killing Time.

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Wounded Prey by Sean Lynch, June 2013A visceral and heart-wrenching cross between No Country For Old Men and Silence of the Lambs, this is an exhilarating debut from a thrillingly authentic author.

Wounded Prey is a non-stop thrill ride of a book. Unrelenting, brutal, scary, and at times skin-crawling in its depiction of atrocious crimes. And yet it is also funny, warming and believable.” Tony Healey

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Now that’s as easy as I can make it for you…it’s always been a reminder to myself that I haven’t been bought a card for my Dad yet! Happy Shopping!


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Arrrrrrr! BOGOF at the RTC, Me Hearties!

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{Please note: the following special offer has now closed… but keep an eye on our webstore for future offers and great deals on DRM-Free ePub Ebooks!}

Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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Terms, Conditions and Articles of Association:

1. Does not apply to ebooks on sale at the Robot Trading Company that are not published by Angry Robot.
2. Does not apply to Strange Chemistry ebooks, Angry Robot Bundles, Omnibus Editions, Print Editions, Subscription Packages, or Angry Robot Nano Editions.
3. Pieces of Eight are sadly no longer legal tender and cannot be accepted in lieu of actual money.

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Today we have some rather exciting news about our Robot Trading Company Ebookstore.

Behold! The Robot Trading Company

For a while now, we’ve been looking at the way the ebook market seems to be shaping up and – particularly in the UK – it looks like there’s plenty to choose from, if what you’re interested in is cookie-cutter bestsellers, celebrity biogs or gimmicky crap about insurance-selling meerkats.

If it’s the really big names in genre fiction that you’re after, then you’re probably spoilt for choice as well. But what if – just like your friendly, neighbourhood Robot Overlords; genre readers and fans all, long before any of us got anywhere near the publishing industry – you enjoy the sort of really interesting genre fiction that typifies our genre, without having to wade through thousands of recommendations for unsuitable books, simply because you once searched for a birthday gift for your niece?

In other words: where’s the specialist genre ebook store that’s offering as wide a selection of professionally published – selected, curated and third-party supported – genre ebooks as it possibly can and nothing else? Where’s the champion of the independent genre ebook publishers? Where’s the specialist genre ebook store that’s run by fans for fans, with a mission to boldly seek out new suppliers, new sources of top-notch genre ebooks and bring them to the attention of a genre audience that’s always hungry for new reading material, without opening the floodgates to all and sundry?

We had a good look around and – with the honourable exception of one or two small, but perfectly formed stores – it didn’t seem as though anyone else was going all-out to offer that kind of service. So in typical Angry Robot style, we decided to have a go ourselves.

We’re therefore delighted to announce that as of right now, as well as stocking every single Angry Robot ebook and a whole bunch of short stories by Angry Robot authors, the Robot Trading Company is also offering a range of ebooks from fellow independent publishing houses Anarchy Books and Infinity Plus Books.

Anarchy BooksAngry RobotInfinity Plus Books

It’s early days yet, but there’s lots more to come. We’re already talking to a few other fellow independent publishers who have expressed an interest in supplying us with their ebooks and we have a list of over a hundred more who we’re hoping will be interested in talking to us as well.

Get Involved!

We’re issuing a double call-to-action, to lovers of quality genre fiction (and non-fiction) and to independent publishers of quality genre fiction, everywhere:

If you’re someone who loves nothing better than loading up a selection of interesting, quirky and definitely-not-run-of-the-mill genre ebooks to your ePub-friendly reading device (or don’t mind running a quick conversion to Mobi for your Kindle) and then getting stuck in – and especially if you’re someone who believes in supporting independent publishers and their authors – then please do consider helping out by doing any or all of the following:

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1) Read the relevant section of the Robot Trading Company FAQ.

2) Get in touch (as per the details in the FAQ) with your questions and details. We’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can with answers and information.

We look forward to welcoming you to the bright, shiny, chrome-plated future of independent genre ebook retail at the Robot Trading Company Webstore and sincerely hope you enjoy your DRM-Free, ePub ebook-buying experience.

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Free Samples of Every Angry Robot Book

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We don’t always blow our own trumpet, so having spent a few, slightly tedious hours on a very hot day assembling the latest batch of samplers of some upcoming Angry Robot titles, we thought it worth reminding all you deeply lovely AR readers that we do, as standard, offer a free excerpt from every single one of our books.

Ebooks, Arrrrrrr!There’s a lot of talk about eBook piracy at the moment. And there are all sorts of reasons. Some of them – “I like having stuff for free, so I’m going to take it; I’ll never get caught” – are a little hard to help with, short of some ghastly state surveillance program which nobody much wants. Others, though, we understand and we’re keen to help with if we can.

Ebooks are expensive – well, ours are always priced below their comparative physical fellows. We still have to pay for editing and proofreading, design and all that, but we’ve knocked off the cost of printing for you. (And don’t forget that at the moment, in the UK eBooks are subject to 20% VAT where print books aren’t.)

I can’t get them in my country – actually, you can buy our eBooks, DRM-free, from any country in the world. We also release our editions through all major eBook outlets, in as many countries as we can but notably across North America and Europe, in the same week.

I only wanted to read a sample, see if I liked it enough to buy it… – And here we are. That’s why we’re very happy to sit here on a sweltering day preparing more natty little 50-page selections from our upcoming releases for you.

Below the jump (or further down the screen if you’re not on our homepage at the moment) you’ll find a selection of our recent excerpts, each one inside a cute little app thing. Take them, host them on your own site if you like (it’s very easy, and makes your blog look grrrreat), send them to your mates, share them wherever. Then check out the individual book pages here on the site for samples of our entire range.

And if you like the free samples we give you, you might even want to buy our lovely books, which you can do over at The Robot Trading Company (our very own webstore) or your regular eBook or pBook retailer of choice.

[Image Credit: Rather fabulous pirate kindle blatantly nicked from – no accreditation given there, so if it’s yours, please let us know and we’ll either add in a credit link or take it down…]

Read More→

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International Day Against DRMToday is the International Day Against DRM.

Here at Angry Robot we’ve never inflicted DRM on our eBooks, preferring to trust our customers and readers instead – and we must say it’s most gratifying to see folks like Tor / Forge and co. catching up at long last… 😉

Anyhow, to mark the occasion, here’s a bit of a special offer for you: if you buy any of our DRM-free ePub-format eBooks from the Robot Trading Company in the next 24 hours you can get a mahoosive 50% discount.

Here’s how:

First, add lots of eBooks to your basket, then:

1. Enter the coupon code ‘DRMFREE’ in the (coupon / voucher) box

2. Click the ‘Update Basket’ button

Books. Basket. Coupon Code. Update. Easy.

3. Checkout, download and enjoy!

The Rules:

1. Offer expires at Noon, BST on Saturday May 5th 2012 (or whenever one of us remembers to log in and switch the coupon code off again – if you’re reading this on early Saturday afternoon then give it a go – you never know…)
2. Offer applies to all Angry Robot eBook novels and omnibus editions currently available via the Robot Trading Company website.
3. Offer does not apply to subscription packages (which are insanely good value all on their ownsome) or short stories (which are pretty darn cheap already, at 10 for £3.49).

What are you waiting for? GO, fill your eBoots with eBooks! Go NOW!

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