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Remic’s Wolf Pack (grr)

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Reviewers: Get Your FREE Wolf Pack!

The Wolf Pack (grr) is now ready to (run with the pack/howl at the moon/scratch at the fleas etc). If you’re a blogger or reviewer who has reviewed Andy Remic‘s brand new fantasy novel, The Iron Wolves, you are eligible for a FREE Wolf Pack (grr) which comprises a t-shirt* (sizes L and XL), five bookmarks, a signed photograph of the author and a lollypop. There are limited stocks of t-shirts though, so please email Andy ASAP at andyremic [at] linking to your review.
*Model not included.**

** Well, he might be, for the right price (he likes bananas).***

*** We stress the word “model” is used in its broadest possible sense.

Wolf Pack Promo

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In December, NetGalley looks back over the year’s titles and picks out its Top Ten that it thinks we should all be paying attention to. This year they chose Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman as one of their Top Ten Books of the Year! This is such a fantastic book, and I’m really pleased that NetGalley has chosen to share their love for it. Read More→

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Robot Round-Up 06/12/13

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Hey folks, today’s Robot Round-Up is a celebration of January 2014′s coming titles, and we have two exciting books to share with you! First up, the much anticipated The Cormorant, the third in Chuck Wendig’s fantastic Miriam Black series. Readers of the first two books loved the dark, punchy style (“fast, ferocious, sharp as a switchblade and fucking fantastic” – Lauren Beukes, author of Zoo City and The Shining Girls) and I can’t wait to see what you all think of the third book. Read More→


New NetGalley ARCs Available

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Hi folks,

Delighted to introduce you to our two February 2014 Angry Robot titles, which are now on NetGalley!

We have a stand alone novel by Adam Christopher for you, and also the third in the Occult Investigations Series by Justin Gustainis. Known Devil is available to download immediately with no request needed! Read More→

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Robot Round-Up 28.06.13

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What a busy few weeks it’s been here at Robot HQ; so busy in fact, that I’ve been shamefully slow since my last Round-Up! But what better to cheer up a rainy Friday (in Nottingham, at least) than a good look back over our recent highlights:

© 2013 Drake Photography HD, New York

© 2013 Drake Photography HD, New York

Let’s start with yesterday’s exciting news that Michael Boatman has become the latest AR author! If you missed the release, check out Lee’s announcement here. Click through for all the info on Michael, his titles Last God Standing and Who Wants to be the Prince of Darkness?

This month we’ve released two titles: Madeline Ashby‘s superb sequel to vN, iD, and also Paul S. Kemp‘s second outing with Egil and Nix, A Discourse in Steel. Here’s the big splash from launch day;  since then, they’ve both been kept in a dungeon, slaves to their computers busy with blog posts, interviews, and also kept happy with rave reviews. To wit:

iD by Madeline Ashby• Bibliotropic Review on Madeline’s iD: “Ashby has a wonderful imagination, an eye for detail, and characters that I don’t want to part from. From the beginning of the first book to the end of the second, I was hooked, and I’m eagerly looking forward to anything that Ashby does in the future.”

“It really is a modern I, Robot, but with a lot more grit, moral depth, and more interesting prose. Madeline Ashby ought to be seen as one of the big new names in science fiction.” Hardcover Wonderland

• Madeline’s blog tour featured interviews and blog posts, and she’s a rare beast that always manages to say something fresh and new with each stop:
• Madeline speaks out on the SFWA Scandal on Dark Matter Fanzine in a piece brilliantly entitled, ‘Stalin, Playboy, and Lady Writers’; talks to Civilian Reader about how to make Non-Humans Seem Human; 
• John Scalzi featured Madeline on Whatever‘s The Big Idea, and it’s a moving read: on facing fears, on telling the universe “to fuck right off and die”, and about living through the impossible. Read it.
• A Fantastical Librarian and My Bookish Ways have great interviews with Madeline, as does The Qwillery whilst Madeline faced up to Ten Questions About iD with Chuck Wendig, and My Shelf Confessions was lucky enough to nab Javier for a chat!
• Cheryl Morgan recently met up with Madeline and they sat down to discuss iD, and how Madeline uses robots to ask interesting questions about gender.
• SFSignal featured vN for a recent review and had this to say: “Unrelenting and surprising conflict drives a fast-paced read; genuine, human-robot dystopia; powerful character arcs; evokes series addiction.” If you haven’t already read vN, get it and you might as well get iD at the same time…I doubt you’ll want to wait between books!

A Discourse In Steel by Paul S. Kemp• Last night Paul took part in an AMA on Reddit and go there to see what kinds of dirt they had him dish up!
• The fantastic cover, by Lee Gibbons, rightly gathered attention pre-launch, such as on Graeme’s SFF
• “Kemp gives us a great fast paced romp packed with action and with enough char­ac­ter and world build­ing to sat­isfy with­out slow­ing any­thing down.” I agree,! And check out these other amazing reviews:
• “This is adventure fantasy at its finest…Kemp is a superb writer.  If you enjoy sword and sorcery, adventure, and nonstop action, this is the book for you.” Adventures Fantastic

The Founding Fields: “Egil and Nix back once again kicking serious ass in this sequel”

• Silver Pen Scribe: “enjoyable ride of pure fun fantasy.”
• Being A Big Sandwich: It is in the characters, particularly Egil and Nix, that Kemp shines and draws the reader in…The interplay between the two is well-done, and their friendship is the bedrock of the story.”
• Kobold Press: “This book has all the elements that fans of sword and sorcery should enjoy…The characters are deep and fun to get to know, the story is interesting, and the action is top shelf.”
• Odd Engine: “filled with new magic and mayhem that makes it a truly enjoyable read.”
• Mikel Andrews: ”This is the fantasy you’ve been craving.. If you’ve been dying for some real originality in the fantasy realm – with a scene of revenge that would make even Kick-Ass’ Hit Girl do a double-take – then Discourse in Steel is your next stop.”

Three, by Jay Posey, artwork by Stephen Mayer-RassowA forthcoming title that is receiving a lot of attention – and do stay tuned for Jay’s impressive blog tour and a cool tour competition – is Three, the debut by renowned games writer Jay Posey. Take a look at some of these couple of early reviews:

• The Book Plank: “Three is a great start into a new series. The post-apocalyptic world that Jay Posey created in Three is brilliantly constructed, it’s just chock-full of the cool stuff, futuristic gadgets (guns and the like), augmented people and not forget the Weir.”
• Book Realms: “The book has the hard-edged, gritty feel of postapocalyptic fiction. The dialog is terse; the action sequences pound along. But don’t think you’ve escaped into a world without tenderness. It’s there, even if in some cases its encased in armor and eclipsed by the need to survive.”
• If I could only show you the early reviews that haven’t been published yet…but not long now! Three, the first title in the Legends of the Duskwalker series is out in the US & ebook on 30 July and in the UK and RoW on 1 August.

The Big Reap by Chris F. Holm, design by Amazing15Our other August release is Chris F. Holm‘s third instalment in the Collector SeriesThe Big Reap, and take a look at some of the exciting pre-release reviews:

• Book Snobbery: “The Big Reap is the most ambitious of Holm’s Collector stories so far, and the payoff at the end is huge.  HUGE”
• Tolerably Smart: “Book Three was a game changer much to my enjoyment”
• Raging Biblioholism: “Smart, funny and unassuming… Our world is a better place with Sam Thornton in it.”
• Every Read Thing: “Sam is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. While he carries with him the attitude of a blockbuster movie action star, he’s also a tragic character at heart. In my opinion, this is Holm’s finest work yet.”

Any Other Name by Emma Newman, Artwork by Sarah J. ColemanThe tireless Emma Newman and her Split Worlds books continue to leave reviewers and readers alike feeling all kinds of happy; take a look at these:

A Fantastical Librarian: “I think I loved Any Other Name even more than Between Two Thorns, if that’s possible. [Any Other Name is] engaging, funny, romantic, and imaginative and placed Emma Newman solidly on my must-read list of writers. I can’t wait for the conclusion to this story in October, when All is Fair is released. In the meantime, I think I’ll go and reread some of the short stories set in the Split Worlds.”

Thoughts from the Hearthfire “Emma Newman definitely knows what she is doing…In short, great characters, fabulous settings, complex plots, resolved threads within each book with plenty to arc across titles as well. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

Kindle-aholic’s Book Pile made me giggle with this one – it’s so true: “You know you are getting into a book when you want to pull characters aside for a little chat. Will, you are an idiot. An idiot with good intentions, but you pissed me the hell off. Max, you need to listen to your gargoyle more. Mr. Sorcerer – there is something so very off about you. I feel some good bits of secrets spilling in book 3. I gave up sleep to finish this book and was very glad I did.”
• And if you want to read more about Emma, check out this SFX interview! Don’t forget that Emma also has some really fun stuff on her website. You can sign up for free Split Worlds short stories. Also, there is her Three Wishes campaign, as well as her new podcasts, Tea and Jeopardy. Emma’s now up to Podcast 6 which is with Karina Cooper; previous hostages guests have included Chuck Wendig, Sarah Pinborough, Paul Cornell, Jennifer Udden, and Dave Bradley. So, grab yourself a mug of tea and settle down with Emma for some mild peril!

The Lives of Tao by Wesley ChuMike, our fantastic North American Sales & Marketing Manager, and I had a great chat with Wesley Chu this week about all things The Deaths of Tao; for everyone anxiously awaiting the next instalment of Roen and Tao’s adventures… T-minus 4 months! To those who haven’t yet read The Lives of Tao, check out these reviews and prey tell me, how you’ve missed this summer blockbuster?

• Fantasy Book Review: “The Lives of Tao is a fun book with a lot of energy and it really worked for me. Full of action, adventure, martial arts, gunplay, and large quantities of geeky goodness.”
• Sarah Says Read joins the now-squadron-sized army of those who all “want a Prophus alien living in my brain!” She loved it so much, there are bullet points to describe how (which I love!) but the summary says it all: “You guys, this book was just AWESOME. I literally don’t have a single complaint about it. It was an action-packed, fun-filled joy ride and I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for Roen and Tao.”
Not a Natural Writer is certainly a Natural Reader and has this to say on The Lives of Tao: “The writing style is very easy to get into, and the story moves along at a fair old lick. The actions scenes in particular are very well crafted, with a great sense of motion, excitement and tension.”

My Bookish Ways: “It certainly makes me think that there might something in all of us that can make us great (even if it’s not an alien being), and it’s Roen’s humility, and yes, bravery, in the midst of a very extreme chain of events that makes this book what it is: one of the freshest, most fun debuts I’ve read in quite a while! I can’t wait to find out what’s next for Roen and Tao!”

Vinx Books: “There’s a dash of romance, plenty of action and the plot carries you along but with nice variations in pace so it isn’t all go go go. It is all combined very well and I really appreciate that the violence is not romanticised or gratuitous. Roen’s reactions to the fighting is very human and I think brings a moment of contemplation.”
• Tiffy Fit: “imaginative, enjoyable, wondrous. ”

And if you’re not all Chu-ed out with those rave reviews, check out what the great man himself has to say:
• 52 Book Reviews Interview
Only The Best Sci-Fi
Civilian Reader

The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, Art by Joey Hi-FiChuck Wendig continues to own the internet, largely because he’s too scary to stop*, but hey, it works out well for our books. Take a look at all of this goodness:

• “Wendig’s filthy dialogue and layered characters mean that it’s never less than raucously entertaining.” SFX, August 2013
• Book Chick City: “The Blue Blazes is one hell of a read, with a complex cast of morally grey characters. It’s a heart-stopping ride from beginning to end. I think it is my stand out book of the year so far.”
The Tattooed Book: “With superbly vivid characters, ballsy action and a ton of twists and turns Chuck Wendig hits home with another all round enjoyable novel.”
The Qwillery: “If you are looking for something well written and verging towards horror, then I urge you to read The Blue Blazes. I would advise not to read too close to bedtime, however, without checking under the bed a few times first!”
Fangs for the Fantasy: “This book is stylistically excellent. It’s thematically excellent. The writing is amazing. The characterisation is awesome. The world is incredible.”

All Things Urban Fantasy: “Think Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere written as a mob book…I’m kicking myself for not checking out Wendig’s work before now. Don’t make the same mistake I did.”

• My Bookish Ways: “The Blue Blazes is something very different, very twisted and very, very good. You’ll have lots of fun-I know I did!”
• With a shout-0ut to the fantastic Joey Hi-Fi cover, CheffoJeffo also says: “A Rollicking, Riotous Rampage…The Blue Blazes is the most fun I have had in years.”

For Chuck’s dulcet tones, here’s some handy interview links:

• Interview with Mahvesh Murad on CityFM89
• Podcast with NerdStravagana
• Eric Christensen

If you live, or will be, in Brooklyn on July 17, be sure to call to Word and see Chuck with Strange Chemistry author T.L. Costa as they consider the current state of speculative fiction, in both YA and adult. There’ll also be a signing and a Q&A.

You’d think that would be enough of our authors working on taking over the world, but nope, we’ve got all of these who have also been busy…and that’s the way we like them:

The Eighth Court by Mike Shevdon, cover art by John CoulthartMike Shevdon‘s series, The Courts of the Feyre, comes to a conclusion with The Eighth Court, and the mighty Tim Ward at SFSignal has this to say: “Fascinating magic; powerful and scheming villains; engaging and surprising mystery; epic conflict; dramatic and sympathetic conclusion to character arcs.”

• No More Grumpy Bookseller: “The Courts of the Feyre series is a win in every way in my humble opinion – the world, the characters, the stories, the setting, the history…it’s been a wild and crazy entertaining ride!”

The Bookman Histories omnibus, by Lavie Tidhar - artwork by John Coulthart• Lavie Tidhar‘s Omnibus collection of The Bookman Histories was released earlier in the year and Black Gate certainly recommend buying up this trilogy: “this is a guy who is clearly going places. Ignore him at your peril.” The Bookman Histories contains The BookmanCamera Obscura, and The Great Game and is available in the US and ebook.

Ramez Naam We’re fast approaching publication date for Ramez Naam‘s follow-up to NexusCrux, and here’s an early review from the IEET: “I advise readers to start with Nexus, but then to pick right up with Crux. Both books are excellent, thoughtful, and fast-paced. They are worth your time, and will leave you thinking hard about some core future questions.”

With the excitement building up towards the release of Crux, we were delighted to announce we’ve signed Ramez up for a third book, which will be released in late 2014, and here’s LitStack reporting on the deal.

Empire State by Adam ChristopherThe Age Atomic, by Adam Christopher, art & design by Will StaehleIf Reggie Lutz had this to say about Empire State: ” He makes the reader feel that we understand and recognize the place we are in the fiction…which makes the plot complications and world-instability issues contained therein all the more effective.” and Fantasy Faction say this about The Age Atomic: “[Since Empire StateAdam Christopher has grown as a writer and the growth shines through here, his prose has become stronger, his characters more real; his ideas, settings and themes bright and full of depth…he’s grown to a stylish and exciting writer, with ideas that are full of adventure and mystery.”, how damn good does that make both Empire State and The Age Atomic!

And on that note, I’m outta here – well as far as the café for lunch, but you know what I mean.

Happy Friday, everyone!




*Chuck is the nicest man in the world. Fact.**




**I’ve never met him – but, so I hear.

The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, Art by Joey Hi-FiSo much love around for Chuck Wendig‘s The Blue Blazes (published May 28 in the US and Canada, June 6 in the UK).

Buzzy Mag says of it: “Seamlessly blending urban fantasy, crime noir and artisanal butchery, The Blue Blazes is one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time… Fun, fast,deep and superb.”

According to 52 Reviews: “You’re left with a story that will resonate beyond the close of the final page.”, and it’s listed as one of the best books of 2013, so far. Quite right, too!

(Oh, and here’s an awesome interview with Chuck at that very same site).

“Oh how good it is to be back in Wendig’s realm!” says Bite My Book. “I will not hesitate to wander down the next journey… 9/10″


So, that nice Mr Adam Christopher has been busy! He had a great interview with Veronica and Tom at Sword and Laser last week (the video below is how it was streamed on YouTube, and the podcast proper will be shown at Sword and Laser this week).

Sword and Laser are also running a competition in which you can win a signed, limited edition hardcover of Empire State and The Age Atomic. Enter the (extremely cool contest) here.


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Robot Round-Up 26.04.13

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Caroline here for my first Robot Round-Up, and what a gathering it is!

The week of April 15 was off a great start with Damien Walter’s Guardian round-up of the best young novelists from SF’s universe, even more so with not 1…nor 2…nor 3…but 4 Angry Robot authors being highlighted. Lauren Beukes, Madeleine Ashby, Aliette De Boddard, and Chuck Wendig are definitely four writers who, simply put, “tell great stories”.

Courtesy of @EMAldred, I present to you the wonderful display of Angry Robot Books in Foyles St Pancras:

I do like it when authors promote their stable mates and Joseph D’Lacey’s tweet does just that, with this photo of Adam Christopher and Emma Newman from WHS.

The Lives of Tao by Wesley ChuAs we fast approach the publication date (April 30 for US/ebook and May for 2 UK) for Wesley Chu‘s debut novel, The Lives of Tao, the reviews are coming in thick, fast and impressive…just the way we like them!

• Over on The Founding Fields Bane of Kings declared The Lives of Tao to be an “awesome, fun read” whilst Upcoming4me not only agreed, likening it to “the best carnival rides, it is unlikely that you will forget it anytime soon, they also were lovely in praising the noses of our editorial Overlords in sniffing out new talent…thank you!
• Wesley and The Lives of Tao were busy on Fantasy Book Critic with Wesley’s Guest Blog on what goes into a great villain such as Sean Diamont, and after picking up his blown-off socks Mihir Wanchoo excitedly reviews The Lives of Tao as “one of the best amalgamations of SF, Thriller, buddy-stories, comedy and other genre assortments, which was even more impressive because it’s a debut and is funny as hell.” Nice!
• Troubled Scribe’s Liam is currently searching for his own brain-sharing alien but before he left, he described The Lives of Tao as “a fun, exciting, alien, sci-fi romp through history and espionage. Tao has had way too many lives to meet them all, but you should be sure to give it a shot by reading this book!” and gave it 9 out of 10 Liams.
• Christal on Badass Book Reviews highly recommends The Lives of Tao to all “those looking for a uniquely modern science fiction yarn” and reckons it to be an enthralling debut!
• If you want to hear Wesley reading from the book, check out this YouTube link, courtesy of William Shunn.
• Wesley has taken part in a number of SF Signal Mind Melds recently, one such talking about humans and AIs, which also featured Madeline Ashby whose second Machine Dynasty novel iD will be out in June.
• Every Read Thing interviewed Wes, and there you can read about his books of 2012, favourite books and authors, his love for sci-fi, and some of the ideas and research behind The Lives of TaoThe Author - Wesley Chu
• Kirkus reviews have picked The Lives of Tao as one of their April picks: check it out here
• Jessica at the Apex Book Company has highlighted Wes’ debut as a recommended read
• The Qwillery are continuing their Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars and April features the fantastic cover of The Lives of Tao (by Argh! Oxford). Click here to vote!
• Finally, here’s a link to Wesley’s blog where he has a great list of interviews and blogs to date, plus forthcoming!


The Age Atomic, by Adam Christopher, art & design by Will StaehleMore reviews for Adam Christopher‘s The Age of Atomic:

Adventures Fantastic not only currently have Adam Christopher’s books in their Featured section but have been writing about The Age Atomic and the fast clipped action within. With “plenty of chases, fights, and intrigues for fans of pulp fiction”, they demand readers to Pick. It. Up. Their sentiment; my bossy intonation.
•Over on The Fiction Stoker The Age Atomic is awarded four strokes out of five, and rightly so for it is declared “relentlessly entertaining” and with a “remarkably striking and disturbing villain” in Evelyn McHale, “fans of funny robots, pulp detective novels and genre-bending will find much to like”.
• Make sure to keep an eye on the forthcoming April issue of VS Comics for an interview with Adam.
Empire State by Adam ChristopherThe Financial Times delightfully announced The Age Atomic “a worthy successor [which] has the same jazzy plotting and anything-goes attitude that made Empire State such an unalloyed pleasure.”
• As always, Adam was kept busy and held an AMA over at Reddit, answering amongst other questions, his ideal casting for Jennifer Jones and Evelyn McHale.
• And in a HUGE finally, Adam has been short-listed for not one but two awards at this year’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards! Empire State has been shortlisted for the Best New Novel (and deservedly so) and Adam himself is up for Best New Talent. Eligible voters are members of SFFANZ or Au Contraire, the NZ national science fiction convention, so please do pass this on if you happen to know any such members, or indeed are one!

The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, Art by Joey Hi-Fi• If the June release of Chuck Wendig’s The Blue Blazes (May 28 for US/ebook release and June 6 for UK) is just too far away, then head to the mighty and whet your appetite with a glimpse into this fantastic title.
• “Sin City after doing an 8-ball of mystic cocaine”…an epic summary of The Blue Blazes from The 52 Review.  It thusly describes Chuck’s prose as “blunt force choreography, full of brutally disturbing descriptions, and wrecking ball action” whilst saying “fans of noir fantasy and urban fantasy with a bleeding edge should definitely explore the world of The Blue Blazes.” Roll on June!

Black Feathers by Joseph D'Lacey, April 2013

• Joseph D’Lacey had, in his words, a huge first this last week with Black Feathers being excitedly photographed in WHS. Photo courtesy of Joseph’s Twitter
• The review on A Fantastical Librarian firstly highlights the importance of a great cover as Black Feathers image grabbed and intrigued Mieneke, and she does sound pleased that it did! Describing Joseph’s prose as poetic at times, Mieneke praises Black Feathers as “a compelling narrative and an amazing adventure”.
• Joseph was also on My Shelf Confessions to discuss his love for all things apocalyptic
• Since our last Robot Round-Up, the book trailer for Black Feathers was released, and if you haven’t already seen it, here’s your chance!

The Marching Dead by Lee Battersby, April 2013The Corpse-Rat King by Lee Battersby, in stores September 2012 • Ever catch yourself thinking about what must go into writing a book like The Marching Dead, or about the worries of writing a sequel to the brilliant The Corpse-Rat King? Wonder no more, but head over to Upcoming4me to hear Lee Battersby’s ‘Story Behind’




Any Other Name by Emma Newman, Artwork by Sarah J. ColemanBetween Two Thorns by Emma Newman, March 2013 • The cover reveal for Emma Newman’s Any Other Name (May 28 for US/ebook release and June 6 for UK) was excitedly received. Fantasy Fiction’s Jennie Ivin is already looking forward to book three’s cover given how fantastic Between Two Thorns and Any Other Name look side by side, whilst Uncorked Thoughts thinks it “absolutely beautiful”
• Emma was busy with a short story featuring Between Two Thorns’ characters Claudia, Richard, and Imogen, over on Dark Faerie Tales, which is also running competition for a copy of the book, as well as appearing on Ujima Radio’s Women’s Outlook with Cheryl Morgan, which can be listened back to here.
• Over on Portland Book Review, Between Two Thorns was awarded five stars out of five, with reviewer Katie Richards declaring it “part Jane Austen novel of manners mixed with a contemporary fantasy novel”.

That *should* be everything for this round-up but do let me know if I’ve missed anything (be gentle!), and do come back next week for more linkage!


Robot Round-Up, 06.04.13

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Damn, April already? Isn’t this year flying past? But also, that means that it’s British launch week for the wonderful The Age Atomic, the terrifying Black Feathers and the incontinence-inducing hilarity of The Marching Dead.

Black Feathers by Joseph D'Lacey, April 2013That man Joseph D’Lacey has been hither and thither promoting his book in the UK, and many thanks to Blackwells and Big Green for letting us hijack your stores. Black Feathers is getting raves everywhere right now:
• The mighty said the novel is “an exceptional piece of apocalyptic/horror/fantasy fiction”, which is true.
Upcoming4Me rather agreed: “a refreshing take on the whole post-apocalyptic genre and a great introduction to the writing of Joseph D’Lacey”.
SciFi Now magazine gave it a half page and said the novel “artfully weaves a tale of destruction and rebirth”.
• Head to Popcorn Reads for a review and a chance to win an advance proof: “I loved this novel, despite the fact that it gave me chills and some bad dreams.”
• … or Book Bones Buffy, who also has a proof to give away, to celebrate “a story that is irresistibly addicting.”
• Fantasy blog Draumr Kopa recommended Black Feathers “to anyone who wants a more intelligent story, with lots of secrets and mystery, people who don’t mind a little thinking while reading.”
And Then I Read a Book were blown away by the book: “It terrified me, made me angry, made me sad, transported me somewhere new and yet strangely familiar, and hasn’t left my head yet. It combines mythology, folktale, shamanism, coming of age and apocalyptic themes to create something very special.”
• And Stanley Eriks concluded by saying: “Black Feathers is an original and intelligent apocalypse story. It’s a myth-filled fable of the end of the world on an individual basis. It’s a coming-of-age story set on a cruel and broken Earth.”

The Marching Dead by Lee Battersby, April 2013The inimitable Lee Battersby has returned, bringing hapless half-dead Marius don Hellespont with him in The Marching Dead, the sequel to The Corpse-Rat King:
Kate Of Mind blog loved loved loved it, giving it “all the stars” and saying “With this sequel, Battersby kicked up everything I loved about the first novel by a notch or two – world-building, storytelling, hilarity, and most of all, characters who just made me punch the air over and over again, usually while laughing.”
• Don’t forget you can get a taster in the form of an exclusive short story, Lying Like Cards, right here on this very website.

The Age Atomic, by Adam Christopher, art & design by Will StaehleThe tireless Adam Christopher was out and about promoting The Age Atomic, the two-fisted follow-up to Empire State. Thanks to Forbidden Planet in London for a fab launch event this Thursday – we rocked the joint, again.
• The book was an April pick for Kirkus Reviews, which was nice.
A Writer’s Sidequest said it is “a glorious and joyous ode to the pulp science fiction of old. Awesome fun, from start to finish, just straight up, pure entertainment.”
• Adam was interviewed on My Bookish Ways, who also have a copy to give away too, so hurry over there!.

The Lives of Tao by Wesley ChuUpcoming debut author Wesley Chu continues to wow folks with the breakneck thrillride that is The Lives of Tao, out in May.
• Wes had a guest post on The Qwillery this week to talk about the first time a novel really spoke to him.
I Will Read Books had this to say: “By the end of the books I was close to tears, which proves my emotional investment in the characters and their fates. I wish every book made me care about the characters as much as The Lives of Tao.”
• Over at Tome of Geek, Wes managed to overcome their usual aversion of genre mash-up novels: “We get the full sci-fi feeling combined with the spy genre without either side getting diluted or ignored. We get the full effect and in turn get a character we care about.”

Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman, March 2013Emma Newman, despite losing her wisdom teeth this week (wishing you a speedy recovery, Em), was still full of the joys of Between Two Thorns.
• Her guest post on The Creative Penn talked charmingly about urban fantasy, as a genre, its influences and its many strands.
• And finally, blog heavyweights Fantasy Faction gave the book nine stars out of ten, saying: “If you like a bit of fairy magic, the juxtaposition between ancient and modern, here and there, and you don’t mind being left in suspense for a good few months, you’ll really enjoy it.” (They’re going to be overjoyed when they hear that the sequel, Any Other Name, will be out in June then!)

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Nexus by Ramez NaamNexus by Ramez Naam is already getting a lot of attention. Kirkus Reviews lists it as One of December’s Best Bets in Science Fiction, and just look at what other folk have been saying:

“Naam displays a Michael Crichton-like ability to explain cutting-edge research via the medium of an airport techno-thriller.”
SFX Magazine 

“His breathtaking expertise and confidence as a writer makes Naam the only serious successor to Michael Crichton working in the future history genre today.”
Scott Harrison, author of Archangel

“Reminds me of Michael Crichton at his best.”
Brenda Cooper, author of The Silver Ship and the Sea and The Creative Fire

There appears to be a pattern emerging! Also…

“Excellent spycraft, kick-ass action scenes, and a chilling look at a future cold war over technology and ideology… a hell of a read.”
Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

“The action scenes are crisp, the glimpses of future tech and culture are mesmerizing”
Publishers Weekly

“A ‘smart thriller’ in all senses of that phrase. Ramez Naam really does know how to make you turn that page. If you are posthuman or transhuman this is an absolute must-read for you; and even mere mortals will love it.”
Philip Palmer, author of Version 43 and Hell Ship

And if you pre-order a copy of Nexus, you can get an eBook copy of Naam’s HG Wells Award-winning non-fiction debut, More Than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement FREE!



Nexus will be published in the US on December 18th and in the UK on January 3rd. The eBook will be available worldwide on December 18th.

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The Bookman Histories by Lavie Tidhar is published worldwide as an eBook on December 18th ($11.99 / £9.99). It will also be available as a 1,024 page paperback in North America (US$15.99) from that same date, and in the UK from January 3rd, 2013 (£12.99).

The Bookman Histories comprises the three individual volumes:

1. The Bookman - “Simply the best book I’ve read in a long time.” – James P Blaylock
2. Camera Obscura  - “Stuffed to the gills with action and plot.” – The Literary Omnivore
3. The Great Game - “It’s a virtuoso performance.” – Locus Magazine

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Giant Thief by David TallermanPlenty of love rolling in for David Tallerman’s energetic debut novel, Giant Thief:

SFX Magazine says:

Breathless pace… Damasco resembles a landlocked version of Jack Sparrow… The atypical backdrop,self-aware style and downplaying of magics bring to mind the contemporary fantasies of Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie.

Meanwhile, Starburst had this to say:

I’m finding it hard to dislike anything about this book. It’s a fun, entertaining read, everything a good story should be… David Tallerman’s first novel is a gripping yarn, one that is difficult to put down once started, and this reviewer is eagerly awaiting the next tale of Easie Damasco.

Over at A Fantastical Librarian, they confidently state that

If you’re up for a fun, fast-paced adventure featuring rogues, giants and lots of fighting, you won’t want to miss it!

and Publishers Weekly tells us:

“Best known for an eclectic variety of short stories, Tallerman debuts with a breezy novel of a man with his eye on the prize … Tallerman’s charming, devil-may-care hero has plenty of swashbuckling roguishness to carry him through the planned sequels.”

And Fantasy Nibbles was impressed, too:

This really is a fun read. Saltlick is adorable, I want one! It’s straightforward, linear, smack down the middle fast-paced goodness.

Giant Thief is released in mass market paperback in the US and Canada on January 31st, and in the UK on February 2nd. The eBook is released worldwide on January 31st in ePub and Kindle formats.

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Guardian and Financial Times reviews

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A couple of excellent reviews in the papers, today.

First up – City of Light and Shadow by Ian Whates, reviewed by Eric Brown in the Guardian:

Whates has developed an intriguing metropolis every bit as fascinating as his varied cast of characters… Compulsively readable.

Empire State by Adam Christopher

And Empire State by Adam Christopher reviewed by James Lovegrove for the Financial Times:

Suffused with a love for noir fiction and the golden age of American comic books, Christopher’s Empire State is something of a tour de force. If, somehow, Raymond Chandler and Philip K Dick had collaborated on a Superman story, they might well have produced this novel.

Click on the links to read the full reviews, then go buy/order from your favourite indie, chain, or online retailer (including the Angry Robot eBook Store).

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Both books out now in paperback and eBook formats.

Debris is a strong, exciting debut that took me by surprise with its unique setting, interesting main character, and powerful “fight your way back to the top” narrative.”

“The world building is spectacular with a concept that’s amazingly simple yet wonderfully constructed and when added to some decent characterisation it’s a title that really does make you think… this debut is pretty impressive.”
- Falcata Times

““Debris is a fast read, and very well put together. I was immersed in its world at every stage, and fascinated by its characters. Tanyana may be too proud for her own good, but Jo Anderton has written a novel she deserves to take pride in.”
- Warpcore SF

“Jo Anderton combines elements of steampunk with her own unique vision to create something striking. Debris is a first novel NOT to be missed.”
– Marianne de Pierres, award winning author of the Parish Plessis and Sentients of Orion series.

“Anderton demonstrates a mastery of storytelling and world building in this series opener that is reminiscent of the visionary works of China Miéville. This accomplished debut novel should enjoy a wide readership.”
- Library journal

“I did enjoy living within this very richly crafted world that the author presents in Debris and the magical system is not only pretty unique but such a great idea too.”
- SF Books Review

“If you want a novel that will sweep you up and take you to another world where a kick-ass heroine will do battle to right wrongs and save her planet, then you are going to thoroughly enjoy Debris! I know I did!”
- Popcorn Reads


“Crowther’s twisted rapture is a fast-paced, character-driven, funny, gruesome apocalypse.”
- Stephen Baxter, author of Flood and Stone Spring

“I was reminded of the best of Stephen King. It’s the smartest and most compelling end-of-the-world alien-zombie story I have ever read.”
- Adam Roberts, author of By Light Alone and Yellow Blue Tibia

“This book is told with a sure hand and careful attention to detail; it’s frightening where it should be, sensitive where it should be, and enthralling throughout.”
- Mike Resnick, author of the Starship series, and the John Justin Mallory Mysteries

“Peter Crowther is crafting the first great post-apocalyptic saga of the new century, one that may dwarf even such a benchmark work as The Stand.”
- Lucius Shepard, author of The Golden and Life During Wartime

“Anything that has Pete Crowther’s fingerprints on it is evidence of quality. Snap it up.”
- Joe R. Lansdale, author of the Drive-In series and Bubba Ho-Tep

“As intensely menacing and gruesome as any George Romero film. A virtuoso ‘tour de force’ by Pete Crowther.”
- Ramsey Campbell,  author of The Grin of the Dark and Thieving Fear

“His writing is master storytelling at its finest — gripping, chilling and beautifully told.”
- Sarah Pinborough, author of the Dog-Faced Gods trilogy and The Language of Dying

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Angry Robot Week at The Secret Lair

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The Secret Lair is a bit of a misnomer – it’s actually really easy to find – here, for example. Not much of a secret, really, but we don’t mind – we’d prefer you to be able to actually find it. Partly because it’s a great blog, and partly because this week they’re running an Angry Robot Week.

Every day this week you’ll find reviews, interviews and commentary on some of the things Angry Robot are up to. For example:

There’s a Haiku Contest, where you can win five cool Angry Robot books.

There’s a review of the classic Morlock Night (recently reprinted by Angry Robot).

There’s an overview of our Nano Editions (short stories by our authors).

And today there’s an interview with Empire State author, Adam Christopher.

Go visit them every day this week for further goodies.


First Review of Reality 36

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Reality 36 by Guy Haley is definitely one of our favourite science fiction titles of the year, and the first reviewer agrees with us!

While Robopocalypse is this year’s hottest robot release… Reality 36 is a superior novel in almost every way.

But why?

[The application of technology] just makes sense… This reality (so far as science fiction goes) is what makes the book so compelling. It’s an actual glimpse into the future as much as it’s a mystery yarn and an action thriller. Isn’t that what Science Fiction is all about?

He won’t get any arguments from us…

When bullets aren’t flying I felt like I was having a discussion with the author about the implications the Singularity will have on humanity. And that’s cool.

As I was reading the novel I was comparing it favorably to another debut from earlier this year – Hannu Rajaniemi’s The Quantum Thief. They really aren’t similar in any way other than they read with a similar pace and absence of information dumping (a pet peeve of mine).

Guy Haley has really produced a first rate robot novel. Angry Robot Books keeps churning out great additions in speculative fiction.

Awww, shucks!

You can read the full review at Staffer’s Musings.

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