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Angry Robot books on DangdangA message comes in from a distant frontier… Robot forces are advancing on all fronts. As of today, the Chinese censors has finished poring through all our files for subversive messages, and we’re very pleased to announce that the Angry Robot list is now available on the Chinese ebook platform Dangdang.

Cue a billion hats thrown into the air as one, as discordant electronic choirs lead the singing of the Angry Robot theme tune, cunningly rearranged for erhu and qinqin. Onwards, onwards!

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Due to our history of innovation we’re often contacted by start-up companies in the publishing realm (I love the word “realm”, don’t you? realm, realm, realm…) *ahem* Sometimes these companies bring us pie-in-the-sky ideas, or rehashes of things that exist elsewhere, but sometimes, just sometimes, we hear from someone with a really interesting idea.

Evanidus was one such company.Boosh

Evanidus are in the process of launching a new service called Boosh – it stands for Booshare, and it’s a way to spread the love of an ebook you’ve enjoyed by sharing it with your friends through social media networks. The books are shared on mobile phones. And the best bit? The first X number of people to download the app and the books get the books for free!

The pilot of this service will run in the UK and Ireland only, at first. You can download the Android app right now, but the iOS app has been delayed slightly due to the recent launch of iOS7 – expect this within 2-3 weeks or so…

Angry Robot will be the first SF/F publisher involved in the programme, and a whole host of our authors have signed up for it, already. We’ll bring you information about them over the coming weeks.

TheAlchemistOfSoulsFirst our of the gate is Anne Lyle, with the first in her Night’s Masque trilogy, The Alchemist of Souls.

If you live in the UK and have an Android phone you can test out the system right away and download Anne’s book! And if (“if”! when) you discover how much you love it, you can share it with a friend! Simply head to Anne’s Facebook page ( and hit the LIKE button, grab the Boosh app from the Google Play store, and settle down for a great read!

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Introducing : Clonefiles USA

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This past weekend at The World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio, Texas, we announced the launch of Clonefiles in the USA.

Clonefiles is a programme where you buy the paperback from a participating independent bookstore, and get the ebook absolutely free!

This was trialled in the UK last year, and the success of the pilot has encouraged us to do the same in the USA.

It’s also gratifying to see that the giants still follow where Angry Robot innovates… 😀

More details of the US Clonefiles initiative to follow, very soon…

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Angry Robot eBooks New Year Discount

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The Robot Trading CompanyWow! What a year 2012 turned out to be! It’s been a year of highs and even higher highs, and we’re fully expecting 2013 to soar further into the stratosphere!

In celebration, and to usher in the new year we’re offering 25% off all Angry Robot ebooks until January 3rd. And remember – our ebooks are DRM-free, and always have been!

To take advantage of this offer, head over to the Robot Trading Company, add your chosen ebooks to your basket and enter the discount code: NY2013.

This code will work once only (so use it wisely), and will work only for Angry Robot novels and omnibuses (not subscriptions, which are already more heavily discounted). Strange Chemistry YA titles (which are currently on a Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer) are not included, not are titles we sell for other publishers.

Note: We currently only sell ePub editions of our books through the Robot Trading Company. If you’re a Kindle owner wishing to take advantage of this offer you’ll need to convert the ePub files to Kindle (or .mobi) format using a conversion tool such as the excellent (and free) Calibre.

Happy New Year from everyone at Angry Robot, and thanks for helping make 2012 such a success for us!


There are 77 titles/bundles/omnibuses in the promotion, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Giant Thief by David Tallerman (also available: Crown Thief) – FANTASY
Meet Easie Damasco, rogue, thieving swine and total charmer.
Even the wicked can’t rest when a vicious warlord and the force of enslaved giants he commands invade their homeland. Damasco might get away in one piece, but he’s going to need help.
Big time.
File Under: Fantasy [ Big Trouble | Deception | Saltlick’s City | Hang ‘im High ]

The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle (also available: The Merchant of Dreams) – FANTASY
When Tudor explorers returned from the New World, they brought back a name out of half-forgotten Viking legend: skraylings. Red-sailed ships followed in the explorers’ wake, bringing Native American goods – and a skrayling ambassador – to London. But what do these seemingly magical beings really want in Elizabeth I’s capital?
Mal Catlyn, a down-at-heel swordsman, is seconded to the ambassador’s bodyguard, but assassination attempts are the least of his problems. What he learns about the skraylings and their unholy powers could cost England her new ally – and Mal Catlyn his soul.
File Under: Fantasy [ Midsummer Magic | Skraylings | Double Trouble | Comedy of Terrors ]

Nexus by Ramez NaamNexus by Ramez Naam – SCIENCE FICTION / TECHNOTHRILLER
Mankind gets an upgrade
In the near future, the experimental nano-drug Nexus can link human together, mind to mind. There are some who want to improve it. There are some who want to eradicate it. And there are others who just want to exploit it.
When a young scientist is caught improving Nexus, he’s thrust over his head into a world of danger and international espionage – for there is far more at stake than anyone realizes.
File Under: Science Fiction [ Humanity 2.0 | Mind Matters | Hive | This Will Happen ]


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Free Samples of Every Angry Robot Book

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We don’t always blow our own trumpet, so having spent a few, slightly tedious hours on a very hot day assembling the latest batch of samplers of some upcoming Angry Robot titles, we thought it worth reminding all you deeply lovely AR readers that we do, as standard, offer a free excerpt from every single one of our books.

Ebooks, Arrrrrrr!There’s a lot of talk about eBook piracy at the moment. And there are all sorts of reasons. Some of them – “I like having stuff for free, so I’m going to take it; I’ll never get caught” – are a little hard to help with, short of some ghastly state surveillance program which nobody much wants. Others, though, we understand and we’re keen to help with if we can.

Ebooks are expensive – well, ours are always priced below their comparative physical fellows. We still have to pay for editing and proofreading, design and all that, but we’ve knocked off the cost of printing for you. (And don’t forget that at the moment, in the UK eBooks are subject to 20% VAT where print books aren’t.)

I can’t get them in my country – actually, you can buy our eBooks, DRM-free, from any country in the world. We also release our editions through all major eBook outlets, in as many countries as we can but notably across North America and Europe, in the same week.

I only wanted to read a sample, see if I liked it enough to buy it… – And here we are. That’s why we’re very happy to sit here on a sweltering day preparing more natty little 50-page selections from our upcoming releases for you.

Below the jump (or further down the screen if you’re not on our homepage at the moment) you’ll find a selection of our recent excerpts, each one inside a cute little app thing. Take them, host them on your own site if you like (it’s very easy, and makes your blog look grrrreat), send them to your mates, share them wherever. Then check out the individual book pages here on the site for samples of our entire range.

And if you like the free samples we give you, you might even want to buy our lovely books, which you can do over at The Robot Trading Company (our very own webstore) or your regular eBook or pBook retailer of choice.

[Image Credit: Rather fabulous pirate kindle blatantly nicked from – no accreditation given there, so if it’s yours, please let us know and we’ll either add in a credit link or take it down…]

Read More→

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Your very own Angry Robot is pleased to announce its newest venture – a sister imprint, Exhibit A, which will publish crime genre fiction.

The imprint will launch in late Spring 2013, with two titles appearing in each of the first two months, before settling down to one book each month. Exhibit A will follow AR’s strategy of co-publishing its books simultaneously in both the UK and US, in both paperback and eBook formats, backed up by strong online marketing and community activity.

Exhibit A’s ambition is to become an addictive new home for addictive crime fiction. It will be looking for authors with original, gripping voices. Exhibit A books – whether they’re procedurals, mysteries, thrillers, or something entirely new – will aim to divert readers from their everyday lives into an exhilarating world of drama, fear and suspense.

Joining our merry band to run the imprint is Emlyn Rees. He published his first crime novel aged twenty-five, his second a year later, and then co-wrote seven comedies with Josie Lloyd, including the Sunday Times bestseller Come Together. In his time, Emlyn has also worked for the Curtis Brown literary agency and has run a manuscript editing service. He’s great.

Marc Gascoigne, Angry Robot’s MD and publisher, said: “Passion, a flair for innovation and a keen sense of what readers want – that’s what has driven Angry Robot’s success so far, and it’s what Emlyn Rees will bring to our new imprint too. We’re overjoyed to have him on board. With our YA imprint Strange Chemistry launching this September, and now Exhibit A due next spring, our growth plans are shaping up very nicely indeed.”

Emlyn added (and we didn’t even need to use the Scary Hot Things), “Angry Robot is an exciting and innovative new publisher, with a terrific track record for breaking out fresh talent and bringing great authors and readers closer together. I’m delighted to be joining the team and can’t wait to set about building a list of talented crime writers we can be proud of and passionate about. I want Exhibit A to become an eye-catching new focal point for compelling crime fiction and the crime fiction community.”

The launch of Exhibit A is just the latest in a wave of expansion by parent company, Osprey Group, following investment by Alcuin Capital Partners in 2011. Osprey recently won the IPG Award for Specialist Consumer Publisher of the Year 2012.

For more on all this lovely news, follow us on @ExhibitAbooks. Yoiu can also contact us via the usual means, or just hang around here looking inconspicuous.

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Introducing the Virtual Book (TM)

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We’ve developed a bit of a reputation for innovation over the years, and let us tell you – it’s been hell trying to keep our new project under wraps! We’ve been working on this for over two years, and have had all our suppliers sign confidentiality agreements in order to protect our patents before our new device was ready, but the paperwork has now been filed, and the hardware is out of Beta. The official Press Release will go out to all the trade journals tomorrow, but we thought we’d give our regular readers a sneak preview before we’re inundated with press enquiries.

virtual book

Virtual Book - Model VB1(UK) shown.

Ladies and gentlemen, Angry Robot Books (part of the Osprey Group) is proud to announce the world’s first heads-up glasses system, with built-in fiction display. Known as the Virtual Book, there are 4 versions planned for release, later this year. The basic design is the VB1(UK) and VB1(OS), pictured right. The top-end models look like designer sunglasses (rather than the Virtual Reality design of the entry-level model), but they all have one thing in common – Books On the Move. You’ll love our BotM – the technology is deceptively simple in principle. Two hidden cameras film whatever is in front of the wearer, and display the images on high resolution screens in front of the wearer’s eyes (using Asynchronous System Scan, or ASS). The quality is phenomenal, and to the wearer, it simply looks like they are wearing glasses (though brightness and contrast can be adjusted – a godsend on sunny days).

The user then has the ability to overlay text on one half of their vision – the size and opacity of the text is adjustable to suit the comfort of the wearer (using our patented Balance User Management system). The text can be set to auto-scroll, or to have virtual “pages” flip when the wearer performs a pre-defined eye gesture, such as a sharp glance to the right. In this way, the wearer is able to read a book while walking down the street, laying on the beach, paddling in the sea, even driving! As vision is not obscured, it’s 100% safe! Our VB3(OS) and VB4(OS) models also have audiobook technology – read, listen, never be away from your favourite book!

Books can be pre-loaded via USB or WiFi connectivity in ePub, Mobi, RTF, plain text or ODF, and the glasses can store up to 2,500 titles at a time.

The entry-level model (shown above) will retail for just £299 (UK) / $449 (US) and will be available to pre-order for delivery before Christmas! A perfect gift for anyone who loves to read, but can never find the time!

Model style may vary. Launch Date: October 2012.


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A meat-sack enjoying Black Friday‘Black Friday’, you say? Apparently this means you meat-sacks will be engaged in a frenzy of unbridled consumerism until further notice.

This of course is not the Angry Robot way. No, we just take what we need and crush all meaty resistance beneath the treads of our mighty robot war machines. Which we’re sure you’ll agree is much simpler and easier for everyone in the long run.

However, it has been pointed out to us that crushing beneath our treads is perhaps not the most productive way to go about parting you fleshy types from your hard-earned credit.

And so in a fit of what we’re reliably informed is termed “generosity” we’ve decided to make you something called a “special offer” on all Angry Robot ebooks purchased between now and midday (GMT) on Monday November 28th.

Quite simply, you may:

Buy One, Get One Free

By using the following promotional code at the checkout:


The slightly longer version: This offer is limited to eBook purchases from the Angry Robot Store only (ePub format, DRM-free). No other retailer will be able to accept this offer code. Print editions are not included in this offer. 12-month subscriptions are not included either (although keep your sensors peeled for more subscription-flavoured news next week).

What, you’re still here? What are you waiting for? Go, fill your e-readers while you can!

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Zoo City audiobook

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If you’ve not yet read Zoo City by Lauren Beukes in eBook, paperback or limited edition hardback, there’s now another way to enjoy it, courtesy of those fine folk at Brilliance Audio.

There are countless reviews of this multi-award winning book, so here’s what Bull Spec Magazine said of the audio version:

A deservedly highly-praised and award-winning novel has come to audio with a really well-done production… a novel which Publishers Weekly just named as one of the best science fiction and fantasy novels of 2011.

You can hear a sample by clicking on the play button, below, or download an mp3 sample here to use on the device of your choice.

The audiobook is 9 hours and 25 minutes long, and can be bought as an MP3 CD ($14.99 / £11.25), a set of audio CDs ($14.99 / £22.50), or as a download from Amazon or Audible ($10.49 / £7.89).

Here’s 5 minutes for you. You’re welcome.


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Moxyland and Reality 36 Audiobooks

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Look what just arrived in the office – the first Angry Robot audiobooks, courtesy of those fine folk at Brilliance (in our opinion, the best audiobook producers in the world). We’ve had a sneaky listen, and they sound awesome.

Moxyland (read by Nico Evers-Swindell) comes on an MP3 -CD ($14.99) or 7 audio CDs ($29.99) and is 8 hours long.

Reality 36 (read by Michael Page) also comes on an MP3-CD ($14.99) or 11 audio CDs ($29.99) and is 12.5 hours long.

Copies can be ordered through Amazon (US, UK), or downloaded through Amazon, or Audible (US, UK).

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Introducing WorldBuilder

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Sometimes, when you’ve read a great book you just don’t want the experience to end. We know that many of you are talented creators in your own right – artists, writers, musicians, puppeteers, and so many other things. This is why we designed WorldBuilder.

WorldBuilder is our way of reaching out to the fan creator communities, to invite you to come play in our yard.

We’re not new to the concept, of course. We once ran a short story competition based in the world of Moxyland by Lauren Beukes, and the best three stories were featured at the back of Lauren’s award-winning Zoo City.

WorldBuilder takes that idea and moves it forward a billion or so steps (note: might not be a billion).

In January, when we publish Adam Christopher’s uber-cool prohibition-superhero-noir novel, Empire State, we’ll be inviting fan creators everywhere to visit the world of Empire State and create their own works of art based in the Empire State universe. These creations can then be uploaded to a dedicated website, and distributed under a Creative Commons license.

The best of these will be featured in a number of “Best of” anthologies (with most of the proceeds going to the creators).

Additionally, we’re commissioning some short stories from some rather well-known writers, as well as other cool things from creators in other fields. WorldBuilder will be managed for us by the mighty Mur Lafferty.

Empire State is the perfect novel to kick off the WorldBuilder project; there are an infinite number of stories to be told within that world – private eye, superhero, gangster, fringe science, alternate realities – and an infinite number of ways these stories can be told.

The website addresses you’ll need: (launches in January,a longside the novel) and (launches in the autumn).

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To celebrate the launch of Vampire Warlords – the blood-drenched conclusion to Andy Remic’s visceral Clockwork Vampire Chronicles, we’ve dropped the price of the eBook versions of Books 1 and 2 – Kell’s Legend and Soul Stealers.

For the rest of the month of June, you can pick up books 1 and 2 in ePub or Kindle format for just $3.99 / £2.99 instead of the usual price of $5.99 / £4.49.

Available from your favourite eBook stores, including Amazon UK and US (for Kindle versions), Barnes and Noble and

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Aaaaaaangry Robot, A A A A A A A A Aaaaaangry Robot…

That clever Mr John Anealio and the equally-talented Mr Matt Forbeck are jointly responsible for the Angry Robot theme tune – John for the melody and Matt for the lyric.

Crazy cats that we are, in March we decided to run a competition to create a remix of the tune, and we had loads of entries. Mr Anealio is currently putting together a downloadable album of all the entries (which were uniformly great), but until then we thought you might like to hear the winners (who get to die horrific deaths in Matt’s next Angry Robot book, Carpathia).

Dale Chase.

Here are the best three, as judged by Matt, John and the robot overlord, Marc Gascoigne. The files will stream, but they’re quite large, so may take a fair few seconds to buffer.

In third place, David Ritter (MacMufasa).

In second place, Denis Cherryman

and the winner:

Dale O’neil Chase. (

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Announcing Angry Robot audiobooks!

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Yes, it’s big news press release time again! Here’s what we just announced to the publishing world…

Lively British science fiction and fantasy publisher Angry Robot (that’s us!) has signed an exclusive licensing deal with the renowned Brilliance Audio. The US-based company will create and release audio editions of the imprint’s titles, including new releases and selected backlist. Recordings will be available for the retail and library markets on compact discs, MP3-formatted compact discs, and as files for download worldwide.

Brilliance Audio, a Michigan-based audiobook publisher that is part of the group of companies, publishes more than 600 audiobook titles annually. They are a leading publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy in audio, having published multiple Hugo and Nebula nominees and winners.

Briliance’s SF & Fantasy Manager, the tireless John Grace said, “The one thing I know is that the face of publishing will be very different ten years from now. What I don’t know is what it will look like. What I am personally sure of is that publishers like Angry Robot who are focused and specialize in something they are passionate about will flourish in the future, which is why I’m very glad to join forces with them.”

Meanwhile, our Marco added: “Today’s customer wants great stories, as they always have, but they want them in the format that’s most convenient to them – which isn’t always the traditional one. Our ultimate aim is to have our books appear in all popular formats, to any reader anywhere in the world, at the same time. Brilliance will help us realise this aim, brilliantly.” (See what he did there?)

Additionally, we can tell you that titles will be appearing as soon as this summer! As soon as we have a confirmed set of release dates, you’ll read them here first.

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What Are eBooks Worth?

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All this month, Shane Jiraiya Cummings is hosting a Grand Conversation on eBooks at his site. He invited me to take part, and as (a) I’m a big eBook devotee, and (b) I’d attend the opening of an out of date jar of lemon curd, I naturally said yes.

So, if you want to read about my views on what eBooks are worth (as opposed to what they cost), head here. If you don’t, don’t click this link.

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