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Robots vs. Aliens

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Hi, Robot Legions. Sales-and-Marketing-9000 Mike here.

Alien invasions are having a resurgence. But we at Angry Robot want the earth all to ourselves. So we’ve assembled a crack squadron of Angry Robot protagonists to strike back at the alien invaders.

So why not make a contest of it?


Study this screenshot from my game of X-Com 2:


Screenshot 2016-02-09 09.23.38 Read More→

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Earlier this month we published Angry Robot’s 100th book (Adam Christopher’s Hang Wire), and we’ve had lots of special offers and competitions with various online and offline partners. Today we’re running our last competition.

photo (19)

This competition is not open to residents of the US and Canada (though residents of Quebec may enter)*, but if you live anywhere else in the world you may enter.

The prize? Each of the first 100 Angry Robot ebooks on a shiny robot USB stick (click here for the full list).

How To Enter

Simply leave your favourite joke in the comments section, below, and once you’ve done it copy and Tweet the following:

Happy 100th Book to Angry Robot. Read my favourite joke at #AR100

You get one entry for leaving your joke, and one extra entry for Tweeting. If you don’t have a Twitter account, don’t worry, you can still enter – you just get one name in the hat, instead of two.

Competition is open until we get into the office around 8.00am GMT on Monday 3rd March. We’ll announce the winner soon after.

*The magnificent folk at the equally magnificent ran a similar competition (with the same prize) for residents of the US and Canada (excluding Quebec), so we thought it fair to let everyone else have a turn.

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Robot Round Up 24/01/14

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Hey everyone,

Round up time again, and this week we’re taking a look at our 100th book(!), Adam Christopher’s Hang Wire. We’ve been getting some great reviews, and there are also some cool competitions running to celebrate 100 Angry Robot books!


Hang Wire by Adam Christopher

We’ve had such a great response to Hang Wire, but before we dive into what you guys have been saying about it, let’s take a look at some of things Adam has been up to.

Hang Wire by Adam ChristopherAdam talks superheroes on the Reader/Writer podcast, and over at BRSBKBLOG, Peter Sutton asks him a few questions about Hang Wire and his writing. Hang Wire also gets a mention in SF Signal’s Mind Meld: Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2014!

Meanwhile, we’re running a giveaway for Hang Wire  over on Goodreads, with ten copies to send to lucky winners! Adam is also running his own fantastic pre-order competition on his site, with plenty of goodies to be won.

But that’s not all! Want to win all 100 Angry Robot books? To celebrate the release of Hang Wire, our 100th book, readers of in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) can win a flash USB drive containing all 100 of our books (plus a few extra surprises). Enter over on here. And for readers everywhere else, don’t worry – we have something coming for you very soon!

And don’t forget, Adam will be signing copies of Hang Wire (with special limited editions available at the event) at Forbidden Planet’s London Megastore at the launch party on Thursday 6th March, from 6 – 7pm!

Phew! On to the reviews…

“The sheer volume of ideas is dizzying… an enjoyably fast-paced read.”
– SFX Magazine.

“Christopher fulfils our expectations and more: just when we think the story couldn’t get any weirder, he adds a whole new layer of weird, bouncing from one unexpected moment of goofiness to another, keeping us stuck to our chairs until we think it’ll take an industrial-strength solvent to pry us loose. Days after finishing the book, you’ll still have a grin on your face.”
– Booklist Starred Review

“To put it simply, this is one of the best sci-fi novels in years. Try this one out, it’s a worthwhile experience and one that beats any number of Hollywood blockbusters for pure originality and panache. A fantastic read.”
– Kafka’s Cage

“There’s only so much praise you can heap on a book, and I’m going to lay it on thick here. HANG WIRE is a damn cool book. It’s the perfect example of deep and well thought-out characterisation, diversification, multi dimensional plotting, and clever (and at times poetic) writing. ”
– Just A Guy That Likes To Read

“The plot within Hang Wire is just as original as his previous work and like before, he loads it up on characters and ideas … it’s a fun novel with a hell of an interesting cast.”
– EveryReadThing

“[Hang Wire] feels like an old story, but one told in a fresh and relevant way. Which to me means it is excellent storytelling. It could be read as almost anti-science or anti-science fiction even (anti- as in opposite, not against), reflecting past-times when horrors such as earthquakes and comets were explained by supernatural events … So, what is Hang Wire? A very good piece of storytelling. A damn fine read.”
– Geek Syndicate

“Hang Wire tells a number of tales all at once. It’s a detective story, a horror, a little bit of science fiction and a lot of urban fantasy. It’s a heady mix and throwing all these elements together means Adam Christopher is able to keep things rolling along at a hell of a pace.”
– The Taichung Bookworm

“An excellent read, Adam Christopher once again reminds us why he is your go-to writer for awesome urban fantasy as he crafts an unputdownable tale that makes Angry Robot’s 100th Novel an excellent read!”
– Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields

“It kept me on my toes and kept me wondering who it and they were. I also enjoyed the dash of mythology thrown into it and the sense of the mystical that the circus theme always brings.”
– BookCharmed

“It’s an absorbing read … The pacing is really good: there was never a point where I could put it down and not wonder what was coming up next.”
– The Bibliophibian

“The worldbuilding is light but effective and the plot runs along at a fair pace with some great imagery … Overall – being an Angry Robot book you expect it’ to be pacy and intelligent with good plotting and Christopher really delivers. Recommended.”

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Our 100th Book Sweepstakes!

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Hang Wire by Adam ChristopherTo celebrate the publication of our 100th book in a week or so (Hang Wire by Adam Christopher), readers of in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) can win a flash USB drive containing all 100 books (plus a few extra surprises).

For readers everywhere else who are not eligible to enter, we’ll have something for you very soon. Oh, yes.

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To celebrate his starred review from Booklist for Hang Wire, Adam Christopher, author of Empire State, Seven Wonders, The Age Atomic and upcoming Hang Wire, is running an amazing contest over on his site. Simply pre-order (or buy when it’s released) a copy of Hang Wire or The Burning Dark to be in with a chance of winning this truly fantastic pile of loot:

Hang Wire by Adam Christopher– The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes (South African paperback, *signed*)
– London Falling by Paul Cornell (UK trade paperback, *signed*)
– The Shambling Guide to New York City by Mur Lafferty (US trade paperback, *signed*)
– The Split Worlds Trilogy: Between Two Thorns, Any Other Name, All is Fair by Emma Newman (UK paperbacks, *signed*)
– Fiddlehead by Cherie Priest (US trade paperback, *signed*)
– Vicious by VE Schwab (US hardcover, *signed*)
– Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh (US hardcover, *signed*)
– Bandette: Volume One: Presto! by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover (US hardcover, *signed*)
– The Kick-Ass Writer by Chuck Wendig (US trade paperback, *signed*)
– The Copper Promise by Jen Williams (UK trade paperback, *signed*)

WOW! That’s TWELVE signed books, including Angry Robot author Chuck Wendig and our very own Split Worlds trilogy by Emma Newman! Find out more about the contest and the rules on Adam’s site, here.

Want to enter? Here’s the buying info for Hang WireRead More→

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Festive Competition: The Winners

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Happy Monday, one and all!

Last week we ran a competition asking you to change our titles into something a bit more festive, and this was no challenge for you lot! We had quite the range of answers, some made us laugh and others groan with the cheese factor, but we did enjoy reading them. It was no easy decision but there must be a winner…but before that, here’s a reminder of the prize:


And for closer inspection…for those of you who think it’s the tree you’re winning…

Read More→

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Want to smell like an Elizabethan? Have you seen the fabulous giveaway running over on author Anne Lyle’s blog?

Anne’s friend Naomi Clarke has created two scents based on the characters in the Night’s Masque series, one for Mal and one for Coby! To celebrate the launch of the two new fragrances, Anne is running a competition to win two sampler sets of a 1ml vial of each fragrance to try.

Head on over to enter and to find out more about the scents, and check out the fragrances on Naomi’s Etsy page here. Read More→

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Festive Competition

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Hey everyone!

Amanda, Vicky and I have just decorated the office, and as the silly season hits the AR HQ, we’d like to offer you the change to share in our festive excitement. We’ve got a great competition for you…and the prizes are here, in our tree:


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Book Cover Fun – the winners!

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About 4 weeks ago we ran a competition to recreate one of our book covers using toys, people, posts of custard – whatever.

The reason we’ve waited until now to publish the winners is not because we forgot to check the email account that the entries were sent into, oh no! The reason is far more interesting than that, we’re sure – and when we’ve worked out what the reason actually is, we might post it here. Read More→

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Book Cover Fun – A Competition

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We love our authors, dearly. Especially when they do weird and wonderful things like this:

The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle


(And no, we’re not sure why the covers are staggered like that – let’s just pretend it’s a deliberate design choice, and forget all about it).

Anne has recreated all three of her Night’s Masque books using Playmobil toys. See the full set here.

So we’ve decided to steal the idea honour her genius and run a competition.

What we’d like you to do:

Choose any Angry Robot book cover (they’re all there – over to the right and down a bit) and make your own version of it in the same way as Anne. You can use toys, people, masks, animals, trees, fish fingers – whatever you like. We’ll feature the winners on this page.

Stuff you need to know:
1) The cover should be a recognisable recreation of one of our covers.
2) Send your cover to us on a CD at the following address: Yeah, right! Email your image as a .jpg or .gif (RGB, not CMYK, please. If you don’t know what that means, just send it – it’ll be fine) to: INCOMING @ ANGRYROBOTBOOKS.COM
3) Closing date for entries: Midnight (wherever you are) on Wednesday, 30th October.
4) Q: “Do you mean midnight going into Wednesday, or midnight at the other end?”
A: Ah, you, know – whatevs.
5) Q: “No, I really need to know…”
A: {insert big, dramatic sigh} “OK, then – you can have until midnight coming out of Wednesday, and into Thursday.”
6) Anyone can enter, from anywhere in the world. Even if you’re a member of the Angry Robot team, or if you’re an Angry Robot author (though you probably won’t win), or if you’re a badger.

The Prizes.
Dunno, yet – we only just thought of the competition. Stuff from around the office, probably (books, audiobooks, stuff like that). The prize is hardly the point, is it? I mean, come on! Some people – sheesh!


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WIN STUFF: Friday 13th Giveaway

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Not that I am in anyway superstitious (only when it comes to the order of which I put on my football gear. Oh, and magpies. And not putting new shoes on a table. And fairy forts, or single trees in fields, and it just makes sense to cross a river if you’re being chased by evil spirits – of course they can’t reach you then) BUT IF I WAS, Friday 13th might not be my favourite day.

So how’s about Angry Robot make Friday 13th a lucky day? To win 13 of our titles, all you have to do is like our Facebook page and share it with your friends – couldn’t really be any easier, could it?  If you already have liked our page, you can enter by posting on our Facebook wall telling us why you love Angry Robot!

Deadline is 10pm BST today, and I’ll get in touch with the winner afterwards to arrange delivery of 13 amazing, angry, books! The winner will be picked randomly, as will the 13 titles*. Lucky dip making Friday 13th even luckier. Sorted.

Now, where’d I put my four-leaf clover?

*If you’re really lucky, I may even add some rare, brand spanking new, ARCs. But, only if you’re really lucky.

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Robot For A Day – Meet the Winners!

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robotthumbsmLast month we held our Robot For A Day competition, and now we can reveal the names of the winners!

Mark Nuhfer is our overseas winner, and wins a choice of 12 Angry Robot books – either physical, or pre-loaded onto a Nook ebook reader.

Congratulations, Mark!

And in the UK, Nikki Walters is the lucky recipient of the main prize: as well as the same prize as Mark, Nikki gets to come to Angry Robot Towers in Nottingham, and spend the day with us,working as part of the Angry Robot team, helping choose some books for us to buy and publish, and generally being one of the gang (oh, and having a long, luxurious pub lunch, of course).

Congratulations, Nikki – we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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Robot For A Day – The Winners

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robotworldLast month we held our favourite competition so far – Robot For A Day.

The prize was the best we could think of – we announced we would have 2 winners – a UK-based winner and an overseas winner.

Both winners will get their choice of a selection of Angry Robot Books (any 12) or a Nook ebook reader loaded with a selection of titles (any 12).

The UK-based winner will also get the chance to be a Robot For A Day.

We will pay travel expenses for the winner to travel from wherever they live in mainland UK to the Angry Robot offices in Nottingham at a mutually convenient time.

The winner gets to work as part of the Angry Robot team for the day, to include:

  • • Meeting the editors and Publishing Director
  • • Wrangling book data for a selection of titles to be uploaded to major online book retailers
  • • To come up with some sample book cover blurbs for a title or two
  • • Some proofreading
  • • Pub lunch (an essential part of any publisher’s day!)
  • • Take part in an acquisitions meeting, and help to choose some books to buy for publication (how cool is that!)
  • • To get their thoughts on potential cover designs for the books in the acquisitions

Yeah, that’s pretty good.

Well, the winners have been chosen, and will be contacted over the next few days, and announced on this site once they’ve been contacted. So, if you entered the competition (and there were a lot of you!) keep an eye on your inbox and on this site, just in case.

If you didn’t win, thank you for entering. We’ll publish the results of the competition next week.

We also ran a preview competition (details here). The winner was Pete, who wins a selection of Angry Robot goodies. Check your inbox, Pete – there’s an email form me in there…

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Angry Robot Competition – preview

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robotworldMonday 1st July marks the 4-year anniversary of the publication of our first books – Moxyland by Lauren Beaukes and Slights by Kaaron Warren. Our books were kicking arse from day 1!

To mark the occasion, we’re going to hold a competition. Anyone can enter (and we hope that you do) and there will be prizes – of course!

In fact, the main prize is, we think, the best prize we’ve ever given! No, it’s not a date with our Publishing Director Marc Gascoigne, nor is it 5 minutes in a locked room with a baseball bat and the politician of your choice*. It’s (dare I type it?) even better than that!

The competition will be published on this site on Monday, but until then, here’s a clue: The initials of the competition are: RFAD.

Guesses in the comments section below, and the first correct guess** will win a prize of our choosing. Probably a book – we have lots of books.


*Insert general line about not condoning violence, even against politicians, here.

**We won’t confirm the winner of the correct guess – if there is one – until the main competition goes live.

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The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, Art by Joey Hi-FiSo much love around for Chuck Wendig‘s The Blue Blazes (published May 28 in the US and Canada, June 6 in the UK).

Buzzy Mag says of it: “Seamlessly blending urban fantasy, crime noir and artisanal butchery, The Blue Blazes is one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time… Fun, fast,deep and superb.”

According to 52 Reviews: “You’re left with a story that will resonate beyond the close of the final page.”, and it’s listed as one of the best books of 2013, so far. Quite right, too!

(Oh, and here’s an awesome interview with Chuck at that very same site).

“Oh how good it is to be back in Wendig’s realm!” says Bite My Book. “I will not hesitate to wander down the next journey… 9/10”


So, that nice Mr Adam Christopher has been busy! He had a great interview with Veronica and Tom at Sword and Laser last week (the video below is how it was streamed on YouTube, and the podcast proper will be shown at Sword and Laser this week).

Sword and Laser are also running a competition in which you can win a signed, limited edition hardcover of Empire State and The Age Atomic. Enter the (extremely cool contest) here.


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