The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig

“The most fun I’ve had reading a novel in a long fucking time.”
Matt Wallace, author of The Failed Cities

“Chuck Wendig is one of those rare authors with such masterful use of language,
and such a good ear for dialogue, that he engages the reader from
the first page and never lets go.”
David Brzeski, British Fantasy Society

The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, Art by Joey Hi-FiMeet Mookie Pearl.

Criminal underworld? He runs in it.

Supernatural underworld? He hunts in it.

Nothing stops Mookie when he’s on the job.

But when his daughter takes up arms and opposes him, something’s gotta give…

File Under: Urban Fantasy [ Family Matters | When Underworlds Collide | Thrill of the Hunt | Chips and Old Blocks ]

Cover Art: Joey Hi-Fi
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Book Info:
The First Mookie Pearl book

UK Print
Date: 6th June 2013
ISBN: 9780857663344
Format: Medium (B-Format) Paperback
R.R.P.: £8.99

US/CAN Print
Date: 28th May 2013
ISBN: 97808576633518
Format: Small (Mass-Market) Paperback
R.R.P.: US$7.99 CAN$8.99

Date: 28th May 2013
ISBN: 9780857663368
Format: Epub & Mobi
R.R.P.: £5.49 / US$6.99

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Praise and Reviews:

“There’s more action and goo that you can shake a stick at in The Blue Blazes, but at its core is the story of a father’s love for his daughter and the lengths he’ll go to in order to save her… As brutish as Mookie is, I kinda fell for the big guy, and hope you will too. The Blue Blazes is something very different, very twisted and very, very good.”
My Bookish Ways

“Chuck has a writing voice all his own: it is sincere but uncompromising, exotic but familiar, and even at its most absurd, will still pull your heart strings with its honesty. Story, plot, character, action, worldbuilding, all of them blend together for a delicious story smoothie. A passionate writer produces powerful work and that’s exactly what Chuck has done in The Blue Blazes.
Craft Books

“Wendig is like a mad scientist when it comes to crafting these hard-bitten, hard-livin’ characters that practically leap off the page and throttle you. If you’re a fan of Wendig already, this book will merely preach to the converted. If you’re not a fan yet, this book will likely fix that.”
Wagging the Fox

“There are gangsters, and gobbos, and shadow demons, and nagas, and half-breeds, and drugs, and violence, and gore, and guns, and grit grit grit. This is urban fantasy gone noir. Just when you think you understand who is behind everything and what is going on, Chuck Wendig pulls back another layer and throws you for a loop. I loved this story and am so happy that it is planned to be a series. 4 skulls.”
Badass Book Reviews

“The whole novel has everything that you would expect from such an excellent writer as Wendig…”

“The Blue Blazes is another brilliant and original novel from Chuck Wendig, more Mookie Pearl please Mr Wendig.”
-Darkphoenix1701, at Geek Syndicate

My first foray into Chuck Wendig’s writing has been a success and I thought it was a completely new type of urban fantasy. I liked his writing style and enjoyed following the characters through their dark days. Following him on twitter I get the impression that Chuck Wendig is currently working on a new Mookie Pearl novel and I’d certainly sign up to read it when it comes out.” – VinxBooks

“Mookie’s world is a violent one, and prettying up the dirty side of it wouldn’t have worked. There’s death and fights and more death and more fights, and fights with the undead. It’s a brilliantly imagined world, as ick-inducing as it is, and it’s easy to see Mookie’s place in it.” – Vampire Book Club

The Blue Blazes is a book where you will first say WOW what the hell is going and will secondly make your mouth drop and gape in awe with how powerful a story Chuck Wendig wrote. And thirdly you will wonder “Did he really just do that!?”. It’s great stuff guys if you are into reading Urban Fantasy this is definitely not a book that you want to miss out.” – The Book Plank

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