Obsidian and Blood (Omnibus) by Aliette de Bodard

“Amid the mud and maize of the Mexica empire, Aliette de Bodard
has composed a riveting story of murder, magic and sibling rivalry.”
Elizabeth Bear, author of the Eternal Sky and Promethean Age series

“I haven’t enjoyed a proper detective story this much in ages,
and the rich setting, monsters and magic just added an extra layer of delight.”
David Devereux, author of Hunter’s Moon and Eagle Rising

Obsidian & Blood by Aliette de Bodard, omnibus edition A massive fantasy omnibus containing all three Acatl novels in the Obsidian and Blood series.

Includes the three novels:

1. Servant of the Underworld
2. Harbinger of the Storm
3. Master of the House of Darts

File Under: Fantasy [ Magical Murder | Aztec Mystery | Human Sacrifice | The Gods Walk ]

Book Info:

UK Print
Date: 5th July 2012
ISBN: 9780857662354
Format: Medium (B-Format) Paperback
R.R.P.: £8.99

North American Print
Date: 26th June 2012
ISBN: 9780857662361
Format: Large (Trade) Paperback
R.R.P.: US$15.99 CAN$18.99

Date: 26th June 2012
ISBN: 9780857662378
Format: Epub & Mobi
R.R.P.: £7.99/ US$9.99

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Praise and Reviews for the Obsidian and Blood series:

“A vivid portrayal of an interesting culture in a truly fresh fantasy novel.”
Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Winds of Dune

“A gripping mystery steeped in blood and ancient Aztec magic. I was enthralled.”
Sean Williams, author of the Fixers and Troubletwisters series

“The world-building is exquisite and we *believe* we are transported to the 15th century Tenotichtlan and together with the superb voice they formed the main reason I enjoyed this book so much… Highly recommended… Ms. de Bodard is a writer to watch.”
Fantasy Book Critic

Servant of the Underworld is an incredibly strong and promising debut, showing her talents at full effect – she can create amazing, believable worlds; her characters are solid and relatable, and she knows how to do interesting magic, great action and creepiness in spades.”
Fantasy and SciFi Weblog

Servant of the Underworld is a highly original debut novel. Thanks to a solid mystery plot and Aliette de Bodard’s extensive research into pre-Conquest Meso-America, this novel should strike a chord with more than just fantasy readers.”

“de Bodard weaves a substantial air of magic and wonder into her narrative.”

“Part murder mystery, part well-researched historical novel and part fantasy… The fantasy element blends neatly with the other parts. 4****”
SFX Magazine

“The book starts out a slow, steady pace and builds momentum from there. It’s not some huge action scene that hooks you. It’s the atmosphere. The blood spilled to gain favor from the gods. The cultural details Bodard infuses in each moment.”

“From page one I was drawn into Acatl’s world… a remarkable historically-based fantasy, using the myths and legends of the Aztec people as a background to a twisting murder mystery.”
Speculative Book Review

“de Bodard’s writing is polished and striking, as she convincingly fills in the colorful elements of the Aztec culture–even if those colors tend to be of blood and bile as well as flowers and hummingbirds… beautiful, grimy, breathtaking, and morbid. 5 *****”

“The [Aztec] setting of these books is wonderful, and de Bodard creates a really immersive sense of place that draws you in and encourages you to find out more for yourself.”
– The Saint, Halos and Anvils

“This is one of the greatest stories ever told. Aliette de Bodard has brought Noir, Aztec and Fantasy together for an explosive and engaging mix worthy of being called a new trend in the genre. If you have ever wanted to experiment with your reading, then you’ll be hard-pressed to do better than read the story of Acatl, High Priest of the Dead.”
– Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields

“This is top notch fantasy with moments of horror and lots of action. A must have for fantasy fans, and a bargain to boot!”
– Theresa Derwin, Terror Tree

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