The Robot Commanders

Marc Gascoigne

The Managing Director & Publisher; the words and plots and characters and themes, the ethos, the packaging and cover designs and typography. Attn: Can be mouthy. Previously known for The Black Library, Solaris Books, and a bunch of well-dodgy Sonic the Hedgehog books, some of them not even written under a pseudonym. Track him down on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or listen to his top pop selections on This Is My Jam. Marc won the World Fantasy Special Award (Professional) in 2011 for his work with Angry Robot.

Lee Harris

Angry Robot’s Senior Editor. Helps Marco decide what an Angry Robot author looks like, and does more than his fair share of marketing and making the tea. [NB, we don't drink tea.] Nice guy – politer than him, that’s for sure. Also publishes a well-known weekly fiction eZine -Hub, reviewed TV shows for the¬†excellent (now sadly defunct)DeathRay Magazine, blogs, reviews and otherwise writes for SFX and occasionally updates his own blog at He’s also a Twitter bod, and the current Chair of the British Fantasy Society.

Amanda Rutter

Editor at our sister imprint, Strange Chemistry. Until recently a tireless blogger at Floor to Ceiling Books, and a freelance editor with Morrigan, Amanda has the YA chops and the insane levels of passion needed to land her one of the most desirable jobs in genre publishing (it says here). Stalk her on Twitter or on the actual, official Strange Chemistry blog and website. Lovely.

Bryon Quertermous

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