The tides of publishing are changing rapidly and Angry Robot remains right at the forefront, surfing through the storms on an insulated circuit board. Another wave is coming down the pipe, this time of our own creation. That’s right, it’s time for another Open Door period! (Brief pause for cannons, confetti, random cheap fireworks…)

As you may have noticed, we normally only accept submissions for new Angry Robot books from literary agents or people known to us. But for a couple of months every year we are delighted to open our doors wide and encourage proposals from one and all.

In fact, several of our most notable novels over the years have come to us through our Open Door periods. If you know Angry Robot, you surely know Wesley Chu’s award-winning Tao series – The Lives of Tao, The Deaths of Tao, The Rebirths of Tao. Wesley’s debut came to us as an Open Door discovery, as did Philip K Dick Award-nominated Cassandra Rose Clarke, Lee Collins, Lee Battersby, and the upcoming Drake by Peter McLean. Why not join them?

When when when?!?

The Open Door period will last from 1 December 15 to 31 January 2016. Yes, that does coincidentally mean that you could take advantage of this year’s NaNoWriMo to finish that manuscript in time to get it in to us. You clever thing.

Never mind that – take me straight to the full guidelines!!

What are you looking for?

A book that will fit with the Angry Robot range – which as you surely know includes SF, F and a little pinch of WTF. Note that we are looking for full-length novels, not short stories, novellas, epic poems, comic book scripts, etc etc. Angry Robot books are aimed at adults, so no middle grade or young adult themes this time.


Who are you looking for?

Anyone who has written a thoroughly entertaining, full-length science fiction or fantasy novel. Our Open Door is open to all.

We did want to say the following though. We appreciate diversity at Angry Robot. Our track record at AR speaks for itself, but we can do even better. We also know that writers from diverse backgrounds are sometimes hesitant to submit. So we’re saying this in big letters:

We want to explicitly invite writers from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences to submit to this Open Door.

Several of our most commercially and critically-successful books have come from writers speaking from diverse backgrounds and/or about diverse characters.

This genre belongs to everyone, and we at Angry Robot want to be a part of making that maxim true in practice by championing diverse voices and helping them reach a wide audience.

So everyone, send us your best work. Show us worlds real and imagined with all their glorious complexity and diversity, that reflects the reality of today’s culture. We can’t wait to see what stories you all have to share.

Tell us more!

Patience, padawan. More detailed notes are coming soon, before the end of the month. We love you all, but please don’t send us intricate questions until we post those details, as they should answer your queries. For now, the message is simple:

  • • The next Angry Robot Open Door opens December 1st 2015
  • • It will close on January 31st 2016
  • • It will be open to full-length science fiction and fantasy novels
  • • We want to buy and publish the best of these books on the Angry Robot list
  • • Angry Robot have found a notable clutch of fabulous writers from Open Door in past – this time, it could be you

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I couldn’t be happier to hear this. Definitely giving it a shot in December. If you allow the submission of self-published works, that is. (doesn’t say they’re not allowed, but we’ll see)


Always good to hear – I know our writing community is already getting excited about it. 🙂


You guys have my heart a-thumping. See you in December!


Thank you, Angry Robot for having another on door, I’ll probably be submitting two novels to you, both the first of planned trilogies, can’t wait,


What splendid news! My novel may not be finished yet, but at the very least I should have a serious chunk to submit to you for this…


I almost ran out of work just now! Always give things one more once-over before submitting. Can’t wait for December, consider this my RSVP!


I spent 5 years working on my trilogy. I’ve been eager to find a publisher that looks for off-the-wall material. I look forward to submitting and even more to hearing back. Maybe I’ll finally get to complete books four and five, if things work out. Thanks for the open door!


Hmm I don’t see anything to say if you’re open for planned novels or only finished ones? Can anyone clear this up for me as I’d love to take part but am nowhere near finished at this stage in time.


Emma – see the full guidelines laid in our post of October 19th here. Finished books only, alas.


Finished books is fair. I am sure there are other publishers like Watt Pad that will allow a build in process,,, also blog spaces and specialists of the build as you go,, online sites.

Sparking my inner literary robot to enter this open door opportunity. Angry is overrated but love the handle. Works.


Are you expecting a query letter? (And even if you aren’t, would you recommend including one?) I haven’t seen it mentioned in the guidelines, but I want to make sure I don’t overlook something important.


None is needed as you are submitting to an automated system that will ask for your name and contact details, but include the background material we asked for (synopsis, basic intro to you as an author, etc) at the start of your manuscript. – MG


I’m assuming that you don’t want resubs from 2013, even if revised?


That would be correct, alas. – MG


Quick question:

I have a story that I wrote (75,000 words), which I have been working with a freelance artist to draw into a comic. If I sent in the story and by some means you guys wanted it, would it still be alright to pursue the comic/graphic novel choice of the story, if we worked with AR, and said it was based off the novel?


Yes. Might be a few extra contractual terms to clarify, but this is not a concern at this stage. – MG


Are these fairly regular? I’m revising my novel at this time, and I’ll try to have it polished by the end of January. In the event that I can’t quite get it where it needs to be; would I be better off waiting for the next one, or would you be interested in seeing the novel even though it might still need a little bit of editing?


We hold one of these approximately every 18 months or so, so no, not regularly.

It’s a real judgement call. In your shoes, if I was confident it was just minor revisions that were needed, I would submit it. If it really isn’t ready, I think you’ll know. – MG


Hi – can I ask: does fantasy include the modern/urban fantasy genre?
Thanks in advance.


We are looking to acquire some superior urban and modern fantasy novels, yes. When you come to submit, you will need to indicate (broadly) SF, fantasy or modern/urban fantasy.




Would you be willing to look at the opening of a novel which is currently 60% complete–and climbing!–in third draft form? The first two drafts exist in complete form. Your former editor, Lee Harris, took a look at a sample from the first draft several years ago, and told me that he’d be keen to see the finished novel in due course.


Alas, 60% doesn’t sound much like “finished”. – MG


Thanks for replying, Marc. Hopefully there’ll be another opportunity in due course.

Robert Mitchell
May 13th, 2016 at 7:30 am

when will there be another open submission?


Our best guess right now, since we’ve haven’t finished reading and replying to all 1,118 submissions from this year, is “towards the end of 2017… maybe”.


Hi at Angry Robot. I have a completed novel, that is PART 1 of 2. It would appear that I have missed out on your open door policy period. This is unfortunate but not the end of the world. Do I now NEED an agent or can I still forward my completed (PART 1) work using your traditional submission methods. My work is approx. 95,000 words consisting of 15 chapters loaded with diverse characters in a diverse fantasy world. Please clue me what to do.


As no Open Door is currently running, alas, we will follow our standard procedure and only review submissions from a literary agent.

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