Remic’s Wolf Pack (grr)

Reviewers: Get Your FREE Wolf Pack!

The Wolf Pack (grr) is now ready to (run with the pack/howl at the moon/scratch at the fleas etc). If you’re a blogger or reviewer who has reviewed Andy Remic‘s brand new fantasy novel, The Iron Wolves, you are eligible for a FREE Wolf Pack (grr) which comprises a t-shirt* (sizes L and XL), five bookmarks, a signed photograph of the author and a lollypop. There are limited stocks of t-shirts though, so please email Andy ASAP at andyremic [at]¬†¬†linking to your review.

*Model not included.**

** Well, he might be, for the right price (he likes bananas).***

*** We stress the word “model” is used in its broadest possible sense.

Wolf Pack Promo

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  2. David DeSantis:

    Andy you’ve hooked me again with the Iron Wolves. Can’t wait for book two. Would love the bookmarks and X LARGE tshirt

  3. clark johnstone .:

    You arse . Loved the iron wolfs . How long do i need to wait for THE WHITE TOWERS .
    no happy
    Clark :-)

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