The Science of Nexus & Crux: Ramez Naam at TEDxRainier

Ever wondered about the science behind Ramez Naam‘s Nexus and Crux? This video’s definitely for you: Ramez giving his TedxRainier talk on the science of linking human minds.

Ramez also has a brief post on this talk over on his site, and here’s your handy link.

(Hanky alert: just wait until you see the baby’s face when he hears for the first time…)


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  1. Mk:

    I love Nexus and Crux not just because they’re good, classic sci-fi but because it’s clear when reading them that Ramez Naam has done his research.

    This Ted talk is a great illustration of that research and I really thank you for sharing it with us! It’s amazing to think where this all could lead!

  2. Caroline:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Mk, and thanks for the feedback!

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